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[Locked] It's time. Warzone Turbo & Warlords!

OP Unyshek

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Hey everyone! We've heard your feedback and we're excited to be bringing both Warzone Turbo and Warzone Warlords back this month!


Finally, Warzone Turbo is returning! It's been a while since we played this chaotic game mode. For those of you who don't know what it is, Warzone Turbo is Warzone... turbo-charged. Right off the bat, you advance to REQ Level 9 after clearing out your home base. On top of this, the recharge rate on your REQ Energy is drastically sped up, ensuring that you can continuously call in your favorite weapons, vehicles and powerups to deal as much damage as possible. If you'd like to read more about the mode, here's the original announcement from last year! As a note, to avoid any unfortunate beginnings, we've disable matchmaking JIP in this playlist.


As you may have expected, Warzone Warlords is going to be making it's return on April 14! We wanted to give you a heads up so you can start coordinating with your Spartan Companies and friends. I'm just excited as you are for this playlist to be coming back, and I can't wait to play with (and against) a lot of you. As a reminder, Warlords will only allow fireteams of 12 or 6 to begin searching, so make sure you coordinate your gaming sessions with your friends. If you'd like to find people to party up with, and dominate with, you can use the Halo Club on Xbox Live to find teammates!


We plan on having official Community Playdates for each of these Warzone playlists, and hope you can join us!
We look forward to playing you on the battlefield,
hell yeah, i thought turbo was gone forever
Time to spend some reqs!
Inner child screams happily
Yassss 343 Yassss 💕💕
Good luck everyone!:)
Will Warzone Turbo be 6 man Fireteams or 12 man???
How possible is if you'll be implement:

Firefight TURBO Mythic

Thank God Turbo is coming back.
No jip that sucks. So I have to put up with quitting team mates.

i might try and see if I can find a squad to join.
TURBOTASTIC! lol it's just something from that Wreck It Ralph movie that is stuck in my mind. Can't wait to play this!
Tanks, with shield & damage boosts . . . or the Answer with the same . . . MADNESS !!!

the halo masters are real
Still waiting on my Mythic Warzone Firefight Warlords Turbo.
I'm glad that they are bringing back Warzone Trubo and disabled join in progress for the game mode.
Sounds like fun for the weekend.
Lets the farming begin.... Oh man
Great I can laser down some phaetons to finish off that commendation
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