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[Locked] KD this, KD that

OP HaloKid

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I long ago gave up the idea that I could have any material effect on winning, and now that I play warzone exclusively, a game type where my personal contribution means less than ever before, winning is even less important. So yes, my prime motivation for playing is my own personal performance and k/d and kda play a pretty significant role in that.

That said, if I ever heard anybody crap all over some kid for having a bad k/d then I'd do exactly what you did. I have done exactly what you did. My spartan company does not demand to see your Halo resume before we accept you into the fold. You don't have to be good, you only have to have fun. We lose a lot. Big deal. Who cares? To the guy who said, "Halo is about winning and winning only," you have my pity, sir. That's a long, hard, lonely path you've chosen. In the end, this game will crush you if you can't find any other reason to play.
I play a little arena every now and then, and while I like to have a good KD, it's not the end of the world.
The point of video games is to win, K/D is a good measurement (however sometimes inaccurate) of someones level of skill in the game, playing with players that have a higher K/D and W/L generally means that the player is a competent player that can consistently HELP the team win, and will result in yourself winning more often.

I don't play with low K/D and/or W/L players simply because i do not play this game to lose and it is clear they don't care about winning or have the intellect or motivation to understand and learn how to win in this game.
Someone's true k/d matters. By true k/d I mean actual slayer game types(team slayer, ) is the only playlist I count. Anyone can pad their k/d by going into BTB or Arena and only focusing on kills, not the objective. So when I look at someone's stats I ignore every playlist excepts slayer. After all the whole point of a FPS is too shot people. If you can't do that, then there is really no point in playing the game.

Oh and I ignore swat k/d also. Anyone can snap shot 1 head shot that's why COD is so popular. It takes good control and aiming to4 shot or 5 shot people regularly.
No it doesn't matter really weapon kill times are to fast and it's like impossible to evade br shots or shots from a needler grenades are overpowered the blast radius is to large and grenades are overused so I gave up on a good k.d especially the fact that little kids team to much quadruple team specifically so I said screw kd I don't care if I die in the game anymore you kill me you kill me this game doesn't require any skill kd doesn't matter anymore I usually die by little kids with rocket launchers and snipers anyways so the heck with kd
"People who teamshot, control power weapons, and pretty much play the game the way it's meant to be played are little kids and I die constantly only because everything is overpowered and the game takes no skill, so K/D doesn't matter at all. Obviously it's the game's fault and not my own.".

There's really no nice way for me to respond to that. That attitude is exactly why scenarios similar to the one the OP mentioned occur.
I got laughed at on Xbl for being Diamond 6 and 1.1 KD
A 1.1 at Diamond 6 is a lot more impressive than a 1.75 at Bronze.
It depends on your mindset.

A party that is looking to be competitive, win, rank up etc will only invite people that improve their chances. Also ingame you don't see KD, you see KDA and a KDA of 1.0 is equal to a very bad player, and is actually a negative KD.

It means they are a player who will either get 1:1 Kills + Assists : Deaths (so their KD will be negative) or will go barely positive. That is not a player that will help you win in say...slayer.

Kudos to you for being a nice guy and playing with him, but after all this is a game, don't judge people for wanting players that will give them the best chance of winning.

I have a 1.3 KD and a 4.0 KDA ingame (and I'm Diamond 6 in slayer so I play with Onyx most of the time - so fairly competitive and good players), and I tend not to play with people who are much below that, because it generally means I'll be carrying them. As far as I've noticed, anything under 2.5 - 3.0 KDA is generally a preety bad player.
It's just a bragging right.
I usually finish top of the base captures in stronghold. I don't care if there is a full team in there I'll still charge in guns blazing and weaken a few for my team. K/D not important. All about having fun.
I think KD does matter in each match, but not overall as much. It is always important to get lots of kills and few deaths in slayer. It's also important to stop the enemy and contain them in objective game types, while also prevent them from containing your team. I think the game type where KD does not matter is actually free-for all. It's actually possible to have a negative KD in free for all and still win. In fact, I've seen it happen before!
Of course with everyone who has a positive KD, there will be people with negative kd's. It's alright if you don't have a good KD, just keep playing and you'll get better. There are pros who have negative kd's, and they are better than a lot of other players. The reason for this is that ther just has to be negative KD players for FPS's to work.
K/D is only important in Slayer and even then it's not necessarily a perfect representation of someone's competency. Someone who gets a ton of distractions and assists is still helping their team and won't necessarily go positive.
As far as refusing to play with someone, unless you're in a tournament or something you should try to encourage and help those people rather than ostracizing them for not being as good as yourself.
I think all players are responsible for not becoming a liability for their team but outcasting someone cos they aren't as good as you at pressing buttons in response to visual stimulus is -Yoink-.
I did at the beginning for bragging matters with a buddy but then he kinda labor interest so I moved on from kd to winning. that became to frustrating so I moved my focus to ranking up one level a day. That's become unattainable so now i just set a daily goal of 3 gold packs a day. Maybe my motivation will change in a week month who knows
I myself care about my K/D but will not stop me from playing with others. Game is team based.
Kd is a good indicator for individual skill for slayer.
i wouldn't play with someone that has a .5 kd if I wanted to play slayer.

However, I've met some guys online that can't slay worth a dang, but they can cap objectives like a boss. So if I'm playing objective I don't mind all that much.
omarlotrc wrote:
I'm gonna be honest, I care a lot about my K/D when I play competitively, but only because it impacts my rank. I don't like it when I play badly, but I don't make another person feel bad about him or herself just because he or she isn't doing too well. Like you said, we all have good games and bad games. I don't, however, care about my K/D if I'm playing a social playlist, because they're there for people to just have fun.
I agree with this, this is how I am.

Bonappy wrote:
I got laughed at on Xbl for being Diamond 6 and 1.1 KD
really? wow, lol i guess i'm trash then haha
I was thinking the same, LOL
K/D only matters for Slayer, because, obviously it means something in slayer. Objective games, it helps to have a good K/D ONLY if you are actually contributing to the objective. Saying back and getting kills instead of capping the flag or taking a stronghold, however, it just lame teamwork.

And warzone, same thing. Each kill slows down the opposition for at least another 8 seconds, though its not what really matters.

I play for fun now, not as competitive as I was back in Halo 2.
Actually this forum is not bad at all when it comes to k/d bashing. You should check out the Battlefield forums. Funny, you'd think it would be the cod forums, but BF has the worst of it, and it's strange because that game is arguably the 'least-reliant on personal performance' FPS out there, it's all about teamwork and vehicle control in that game (which is great, I'll take BF > cod any day).
The problem with focusing on k/d is that the game cranks up the difficulty so you need to take the league that the person is in into account.
Those who don't care about KD usually suck at playing. Most of the games are slayer where wins are based on the first team to the most kills. If you regularly go negative then you're a liability to your team.
Well if your competitive yes the higher the better
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