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"Left Fireteam" Post Update

OP JamesF1etc

So the update has been out for a couple of days now, but ever since the update came out I've found myself getting booted from over half of the Warzone/Firefight games with the message "Left Fireteam". It seems to happen near on everytime I try and play with mates from the States (I'm in UK). Anyone else noticed a vast increase in disconnects since the update?
I have had the "left fireteam" happen to me it was usually cause I was appearing offline or my account glitched where I would be online but it would say that I was last online like 5m ago.
I literally never had it happen to me before the update, now I can't even play a full game without it happening. I did check the status and that and all is fine, even after hard resetting the problem still persists. Whenever I'm in a fireteam with people from the US it won't find a game until I get booted and then they find one straight away xD Hopefully whatever it is can get hotfixed or something soon :')