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legend achievement


So just beat all campaigns on legendary on master chief collection but it didn't give me the achievement but all my missions say I completed them on legendary is there any way I can fix this, I really want the helioskrill armor, I used the bandana skull for halo 1 but it was my understanding I could still get the achievement
Halo CE shows you only completed 2 missions. All of the missions need to show completed in H1 -4 in order to get the armor.
What matador said, you need to complete Halo CE.
No you can not use any skulls. So you'll have to redo ce. At least it was halo ce instead of halo 2...
Complete Halo: CE.
oh man, good luck to you with library on legendary
I9n1te wrote:
oh man, good luck to you with library on legendary
"Gravemind" and "Truth and Reconciliation" are WAY worse.
I hate when this happens to me as well.... so annoying
I am doing the entire saga on legendary currently as well, however I am curious, am I able tof still get the armor doing this on coop, I like using my brother as a distraction so I can take out the enemies xD. That and is anyone else having a problem with unlocking the Halo 5 achievement "Legend" I've finished every mission on it in legendary and it even says so on my service record, however I still haven't unlocked the achievement, how can I fix this without having to redo a run through of the campaign. (too time consuming)
I've been waiting for my "Legend" achievement to unlock for a couple of weeks now. It was suggested I keep waiting.