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Legendary difficulty problems

OP CosmicVoltZ 1

So the other day I was playing halo 5 with 2 of my friends in the campaign on legendary difficulty and we managed to get far and found that battle rifle is pretty good for head shots but we ran into a problem that there is no cover at all on some parts of the campaign and it’s suicidial being out in the open does anyone have any tips?
What level are you on?
tuhin94 wrote:
What level are you on?
It was the one where you had to fight warden for the first time and the level after that.Im sorry I can’t remember the level names on the top of my head.
Even the more open levels have at least some cover. The first half of the level after the first Warden fight is a vehicle level, so if you were trying to do it on foot (there is a achievement for that), that might explain the lack of cover. The latter part of the level has tons of cover.

But the general tip for any Halo game on Legendary has always been: be patient. No matter what level you are on or what weapons you have, don't rush forward. Take your time clearing out the enemies.
343 please put the enemies not as bullet sponges but well what can I say.
The only thing I don't like is the respawn time on H5, it's not like the other Halo games where you can retreat back to respawn friends.