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Lets Have NEW Bosses - Any Suggestions?

OP ExalteDragon360

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Seeing as its a simulation:

Jul 'Mdama and a squad of his finest elites (probably with high tier req weapons)

The Arbiter and a squad of his finest, as some sort of just in case he turns we'll be ready thing

Master Chief and the rest of Blue Team, he was considered rogue and maybe they needed a training sim in case Osiris failed

Fireteam Osiris, why not train against the supposed second best?

Recoloured Meridian Militia (or even new models) as Insurrectionists with stolen ONI vehicles
Oh, and a rampant monitor with a laser face!
StuftRock1 wrote:
Brute Chieftain, Gravemind, Enforcer Sentinel, a Prophet, an Arbiter (NOT Thel 'Vadam, a different Arbiter), Monitor of Shield World 001 (Requiem), and the Didact.
Surprised it took so long to mention, but yes the Didact would be good
How about 3 Warden Eternals? Because obviously the 2 in Noctus isn't enough
Scarab, also fighting 3 wardens at the same time.
  • Tartarus: Runs around the battlefield with the Fist of Rukt. Has a stronger than normal overshield that will refill if no damage is dealt after x-amount of time. Will jump/charge at nearby players!
  • Ripa 'Moramee (Halo Wars Arbiter): Dual-Wields Energy Swords, taller than common Elites. Will charge at players. Will use Active Camouflage at certain health increments to relocate on the map. Regenerative Shields(?) Will assassinate players while using Active Camo.
  • Prophet of Regret: An homage to Halo 2 players. No shields but HP similar to Warden Eternal. Can be boarded to deal damage. Fires Spartan Laser-like beams from chair. Will slowly heal if not damaged for x-amount of time.
  • 343 Guilty Spark: Fires Spartan Laser charges at players. Moves across map. Increased damage box due to size. Low health, but moves quickly. Hums while moving/has an act for screaming the words "Unacceptable!" <-- Not to be confused with Lemongrab
  • UNKNOWN NAME (Halo Wars 2 Brute): Would probably act similar to Tartarsauce- but not indefinitely. We'll have to wait and see how he works in Halo Wars 2. But it would be a good idea to impliment him into the game to push sales on Halo Wars 2.
That's all I can think of right now. Thoughts?
I would love to see blue team or Osiris. Even better would be if Palmer jumped in to get smacked around.
'Ripa Moramee
Flood Juggernauht
Enforcer Sentinel
Phantom Gunship
Flood Juggernaut, yes,yes,yes! give us something we've never fought before in unmodded versions! I've heard that guy can be really tough.
i have an idea... ok hear me out... how about... 5 warderns... hear me out... all at once.
How about some Boss fights with humans? Remember warzones are simulations not real life so no court martials. How about some brutes?
-Marines, ODSTs, Spartans,Tanks and warthogs, Mantises, Choppers, Prowlers, hammers and what not.
I would love to see blue team or Osiris. Even better would be if Palmer jumped in to get smacked around.
That would be awesome! Finally getting my revenge on her for making my ears bleed. *Evil laughter*
I mentioned this before in another post but Tartarus, a boss called Scarab Patrol, Jul M'dama, The Arbiter, No marine bosses please, Phantoms, Spirits, Sentinels for sure, THE DIDACT, Flood inspired map with gravemind in the center which activates after certain amount of time. an infected warden eternal, a new forerunner tank, the spectrae, and last but not least the KRAKEN.
Didact?? But I don't know how that'd work exactly lol.
Prometheans in UNSC vehicles.
Brutes would be to much programming, but they should be able to give an elite a hammer. (I'm sure there would be some story explanation)
A "legendary" Spartan might be interesting as well.
Jackal Snipers
Elite Honour Guards
Scorpion Soldier
Rocket Soldiers
Elite Heretics
Double the bosses on every map.
Last time they added two wardens instead of one how about we have THREE WARDENS NOW
Ooh, about 300 suicide grunts. That would make a nice boom, I mean boss.
A -Yoinking!- dragon.
A locust from halo wars or a prowler full of brutes.
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