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Level 8-9 REQ Lv

OP Arctic Terra

I've seen on muliple occasions that people say that they get level 8-9 REQ Lv most every game. I legit don't see how that's possible. I mean, I don't play Warzone nonstop, and am a platinum-level player, but I honestly don't understand how you're supposed to get there that often. I've gotten to Lv 8 probably a total of five times, with most of them being 50 points before victory.

Cap bases, kill bosses. Spartan kills give you jack -Yoink- towards req level.
Doing objectices and getting kills helps. You can get to 3 quick if you kill lots of AI and cap the first base.
I'm normally around level 6-7 in most matches. If there are 50 points left I don't count getting to level 8 as it would be almost pointless to use it. If it's a bad match or being farmed I barely get to level 4. As of lately I've been getting between the 7-9 level range with 200-500 points left to win. I favor the Needler for a power weapon once I hit level 3, it tends to speed up the process for me.
I got to level 8 once in 6 minutes on the arc. I did use an exploit that I won't share on these webs =P
I always go for the boss takedowns, and unless i'm having a terrible game or getting ravaged by a clan, I'll get to 7 Reqs minimum every Warzone game. Some games I'll finish 1st or 2nd with like 5 spartan kills lol, but it just depends on how I want to play the game.
Yea I get to 8 all the time, and 9 often. But like the others said, I cap bases and kill bosses a lot. I think base defense/offense kills also do it for you a bit but not 100% sure on that.
I just don't understand what the purpose of level 9 is. As far as my knowledge, there are no level 9 req's to spawn in. The highest it goes is 8...
I see you have not met someone with 3 speed boosts and an overshield/shotty yet...
I'm a long-time Halo player and and I definitely wouldn't claim to be amazing or anything - just an average casual - but I get to level 8/9 every game, easily. Don't forget they just increased the speed at which REQ levels go up in the last update!
Play the objective instead of going after kills
Base Caps, Legendary Boss kills, Ghost Ultras, Railguns, Sniper rifle= Lvl 9!Reqs
I just don't understand what the purpose of level 9 is. As far as my knowledge, there are no level 9 req's to spawn in. The highest it goes is 8...
Level 9 REQs are used to combine multiple REQs (a weapon with a powerup).
No, no, don't get me wrong, I definitely go sfter objectives, but I never seem to reach anything past 7 on average.
Jeez I do wish it was easier to get to REQ level 8-9, i only reached it like twice... i want to try out a DMR when i get it, i get all this amazing stuff but i have never recieved a DMR, not a single one!
Level 8 is easy, and I'm mediocre. Just play the objectives.
I go for kills much more than i do bosses, but i almost always get to req level 8. Most of the time 9 aswell, not sure whats happening for you.
Yep, always get to req llv9 by end of game (usually 3/4 of the way through), with last months update they made it even easier to get req lvls faster lol I rarely go for boss kills just spartans and always triple cap.