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Leveling up in Halo 5

OP bottledwaltr

I literally just got Halo 5 with intent on getting to max rank.
How long do you think it'll take to get to SR152? Any methods or ideas?
It takes roughly 50 to 60 days of in game time. It took me over 7,000 matches to get there, and 51 days of playtime. My advice is to just enjoy the game and don’t worry about getting to 152
Yeah im currently at 146 which is significantly under the halfway mark to max rank (just to give you an idea). I will be lucky if I get max rank in the next four-five months at my current rate of playing everyday (with legendary boosts). Not trying to discourage you, but if you have just started just know there is a long, brutal grind ahead.
Keep at it and it will come. It's not that bad of a grind really. Play featured playlists and firefight also use XP boosts whenever you can. If the thing your playing isn't loading games quickly swap to something else. 👍 Good luck.
Taking search times into account due to the population not being at its highest, you only being level 2, and assuming you don't just have free time 24/7, the 152 grind can take you a pretty long time. Not trying to discourage you, but you've got some odds stacked against you.

If your goal is to hit 152 before Infinite drops, you've got quite the challenge ahead of you. Firefight definitely helps, as it rewards tons of Gold Req Packs pretty early on. Gold XP packs were a godsend too, but they don't really hand those out often, and cost real money to always have.
Thanks everyone! This information is really helping me so far, I appreciate it.