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[Locked] List all your Problems with Halo 5 Here!

OP SpartanMattII7

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I dont really care for the whole REQ system. I have some armor I REALLY want and I haven't gotten one piece of it and I am rank 19. It's just getting old unlocking Gold packs just to get a bunch of tanks and guns that I have plenty of
I don't know how to kill people. It seems I always die first even if I started shooting first and even if I land all my shots. I am new to halo and I am not enjoying it. What am I missing?
Git gud.

Lol, I'm kidding. This is a common problem a lot of new players have with Halo. Kills take time and a substantial amount of effort in this franchise. That's the appeal.

Where are you aiming on the enemy? Which weapon are you usually using? At what range do you fight at, mostly? Have you considered alternate methods of dropping their shield? (Hitting them with a grenade before they reach you, meleeing when they get close, hogging a Power Weapon...)
1. Only way to unlock armor is through packs and it's random. I like working towards somethings I want/like. This eliminates that.
2. No BTB. Who in the hell wants to buy vehicles? What happened to classic halo mayhem? Now I have to wait on dumb packs to get into a hog with my bros.

other than that I love the feel of the game and didn't mind the story. Though a little easy...
I'll agree with #1 and add that they should let you buy pieces with REQ points (similar to Halo Reach) but it will be a high amount of course to off-set the pack costs.

2. They're adding BTB later, Warzone isn't BTB.

As far as my own gripes:

1. The radar needs to expanded just a tad bit because it is way too small as of now.
2. The needler could use a slight tweak. Other than that, all the weapons are pretty solid and fit into their own niche (and aren't worthless either).
3. Why can't we see people's ranks/GTs before a match? I know this is a small gripe but it was nice to know beforehand.

Nothing too big, I'm loving this game so far. Campaign and Arena are amazing experiences. Warzone, I haven't delved into as much yet but it is fun for what it is.
Only Campaign problems.

1. Story was Destiny-level.
2. New characters were barely fleshed out.
3. Arbiter played such a minor role.
4. The whole thing with Cortana didn't make ANY sense. We'll have to wait THREE years for an explanation.
5. Barely anything changed after the Campaign. It was almost pointless.
6. Kraken battle was SUPER anti-climactic.
7. Ending was just plain bad.
SWAT spawns are bad, seriously if I can get a triple kill only killing 1 person 3 times there is an issue.

The lack of info in the carnage report eg medals, top medals, tools of destruction, killed most, killed most by, MVP
343i had a rough go over the past year. They have gone ABOVE & BEYOND in terms of making up for the MCC (free ODST) and then... They deliver this gem.

Well done 343i. You have made a believer out of me. Bonnie Ross, Josh Holmes & crew. You guys are awesome!

thank you for delivering a title that shows & demonstrates a passion that rivals the same dedication shared by each one of us day one diehard Halo fans.

(I cant wait to see what you guys deliver next!)
So far the only thing I have come across is audio of skipping speach during cut scenes, nothing other than that so far.
For Slayer, map variety is horrendous. I played plaza like 5 times in a row. They definitely need to put veto back
Spawn Killing in swat is a big one at the moment for me and the whole trying play with overseas friends and latency issues is annoying because we can play custom games just fine but it wont let us go into match making
explosives have a smaller blast radius
Pegasus on FFA....just no. And the campaign ending being confusing as hell....other than that...great game :D
Spawning is my only problem, getting spawn near the base and I automatically die and sometimes (not sure if anyone happen to them too) but I spawned under the map and died
Spawn Killing in swat is a big one at the moment for me and the whole trying play with overseas friends and latency issues is annoying because we can play custom games just fine but it wont let us go into match making
Spawn killing has always been apart of swat. I kill someone and run to where I think they will spawn based on where my teammates are on the map. If we have one side covered just wait for them to appear and shoot again.
Long list of praise cuts short. The game itself is solid and has a fun/ challenging campaign as well as a great online co-op experience. However there are a few, in my mind, easily fixable problems with the multiplayer that must be addressed.

1. Gun Balancing.

Unlike Destiny which is still failing to balance their weapons, this game has come very close to perfect weapon balance (I'm dead serious). However certain weapons are either unusable due to the map layouts or are underperforming in their respective fields. The shotgun is probably the worst it has ever been and must receive a range buff in order for it to be viable outside of corner camping.
The primary weapons (mag, DMR, BR, AR, SMG) beat every other weapon in the same category. These weapons should not be nerfed because that would make them un-viable in some peoples eyes like in Halo-4 with the DMR and the boltshot (Trust me I remember) but the others should be buffed. The carbine should receive a damage/fire rate increase. The boltshot should have some reason outside of homing shots to be used like maybe severe damage to health when shields break instead of people just using the mag. Adding onto that the suppressor should have its homing range increased to combat the mid ranged AR. The storm rifle is not viable compared to the AR due to the speed of which it overheats and its lack of pinpoint accuracy which makes it stuck as an ambush weapon. The way to fix that is to simply decrease the amount of heat it produces per shot so it stops being a poor glass cannon and more like the mainline rifle it Is meant to be. Also noting this the mag needs to be weakened slightly due to it beating the DMR which is in my mind unacceptable.
Lastly comes the power weapons which I think is hard to say what should be balanced considering they are not meant to be balanced, however there is some problems with them. The hydra is seriously underperforming due to its lack of range on its lock-on feature and the hit-box on the sniper rifles is absurd right now at least in the headshot department. That is about all I can see here.

2. Gun variance.
(This applies solely to the warzone game type)

I am well aware of the lore of the multiplayer in which it is a combat simulation. However the biggest issue I can see right now is a lack of variety in the weapons due to the requisition system. The system is fine and I love it however some weapons are unfairly categorized as power weapons for no reason whatsoever outside of their factions. Unless the price of requisitions becomes 1 for certain weapons like the Storm rifle, the plasma pistol, the boltshot, the suppressor, and the carbine (light rifle is rightfully a power weapon due to its 4 shot kill capabilities) then no one will ever use them over the consistent UNSC arsenal. The simple fix to this is a reduction in their price per usage to 1 or 2 at the max, or make them part of the permanent loadout system like the standard UNSC weapons like the DMR, AR, and BR. Even though I understand that there is a legendary weapon system in the game there is no legendary weapon for most of the weapons posted and there is one for the magnum labeled as a power weapon so in my eyes there is no reason that the racial weapons should not be included in our permanent load outs. (Think of the strategies that players could pull off with the new freedom of weapons)

3. The radar

This radar is the only true issue that I have with this game as a whole and that is saying something. This radar is completely useless in its primary job. You will never see anyone on it until they are beating you down or in your face shooting. The radar is used basically as a heads-up system to make you aware of immanent danger from a good range. The radar does show height and depth which is wonderful but its range is so abysmal that you will literally not see someone on it who is right next to you and by then it too late. Also I have on record experience showing that by my radars indication a player was a good distance behind me when in reality he was in assassination range. Easy fix up the range to about 25 meters in all game types or whatever it was in the campaign (I do not recall nor cared due to it working perfectly). This is a must in this game because, no offense, if Destiny's radar is more functional than Halos legendary radar something is horribly wrong.

Outside of these fixes I can find no other glaring issues with this game. Like and reply so that 343 can become aware and make this game more perfect than it already is and or add to the list in case I missed (which I know I did) certain details.

Knight Zeligus

P.s: Keep up the good work 343 this game is a gem in the Xbox One's library.
I keep getting a second-long black screen playing campaign, the entire picture just goes black, seemingly at random.

I've also managed to spawn behind the shield doors where vehicles come from in Warzone, no way out, had to suicide.
No problems here
Knight Zeligus, I am using the radar expand perk and I am seeing red dots almost too early. It might be a perk for you to look at getting.
Balance the multiplayer ASAP. Change it to be more like Destinys pvp system where the matches are built based on players skill levels, not just randoms. I'm tired of getting into games on warzone and having my entire team be completely incompetent and unable to do anything. Not to mention if the enemy kills the first and second Legendary boss theres literally no way of coming back from that unless you destroy the enemy core which requires an actual team of intelligent people to realize "hey we need to cap the enemy bases so we can destroy the core and not lose"
i feel like the heavy weapons spawn too often
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