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Lobby management

OP EchoGecko23

There's two things from Halo Reach that I miss in Halo 5 that I think should be added in an update.

First thing is the option to bring your lobby with you when you are the lobby leader and you accept an invite or join someone else's lobby.

The second is being able to put a cap on how many people can join the lobby, or close it all together. I know you can set it to invite only, but sometimes in big lobbies too many invites get sent out and then the lobby leader has to sometimes boot people to start a game.
Really, the entire lobbying and UI system of Halo 5 was a horrific letdown, and the developers really need to look at Reach for inspiration, as you said. It was easy to access and use, it looked good and it worked well.
I am fairly certain you can set a cap of how many players, at least for customs. The UI is pretty damn clunky, and not very simple either.
The whole game goes wonky if one person joins or leaves which is very bad server management.
Agreed. They need to learn from Halo 3 and Reach.

BEST Halo games in my opinion.

Also, the carnagereport could use some more stats, like Avg. LIFE.