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Master Control REQs are worth it?

OP Skywalker935

I have never bought that type of REQ because it is very expensive, I have seen that some things come up to customize your Spartan and your weapons, but are they really worth spending my REQS points on them?
No, the Master Control REQs are NOT worth the 100K+ REQ points. They aren't even that great in terms of looks anyway.
For the most part a lot of the REQ Pack bundles such as Master Control or the Osiris Pack generally aren’t really worth it.

Anything in there you may already have and is obtainable through gold or silver packs anyway. If you want specific items that are related to those packs it’s definitely a shortcut to get those pieces.
The other general REQS inside are pretty mediocre, you’d get more bang for you buck from buying standard gold packs.
Most of the special req packs aren't worth the cost as they do usually not provide anything that can't be obtained from the standard Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs. In terms of the Master Control Pack, it provides the Master Control Weapon skin for your Assault Rifle, Magnum, Battle Rifle, SMG and DMR. However, you can also obtain these weapon skins from the standard Silver and Gold Packs.