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Matching finding on balance setting

OP Lightning lashX

Just wondering is anyone finding it hard to find games on balance in standard war zone and most arenas play lists not including the play list of the week witch most of the time of can find balance games.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem because I lag on expanded and it makes games just crap. And what I mean by this us I search in till it tell me that there not enough player or whatever it says. I'm mainly asking Australia players would like to her from everyone anyway thanks
It's a lot easier and faster to find games on 'balanced' setting than 'focused' (here it's pretty much impossible and still no difference in match quality)...
It may be your region, not enough people playing near you.

- Palmer
OK thank you
I haven't had much trouble finding a game on balanced settings in war zone but with it I also seem to be joining more games in progress instead of starting a new one which can be frustrating sometimes