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[Locked] Matchmaking - Am I broke, er what?

OP Ryker L32

Alright, so I was once ONYX is Swat, 1600+, played with Champions and all. Go to play next season, can't get past platinum. (I got to ONYX solo queue). For some reason, when I got ONYX I was playing against ONYX people when still unranked, now somehow I play with gold, occasionally platinum in SWAT and I get such crappy teammates that go like 5-10 or even worse. Why does this happen? If I win my unranked game, put me against harder people please.
Did you get Onyx in the "Preseason? Because if you did they changed the algorithms to make it harder.
YouthNAsia wrote:
Did you get Onyx in the "Preseason? Because if you did they changed the algorithms to make it harder.
Most likely. Still, when I play against ONYX players, I still do well but I don't rank up because my crappy teammates drag me down.
They've been changing up the algorithm each season if I'm not mistaken. Plus, losses still de-rank you but if you play well, I noticed you won't lost as much as someone who did worse. It still counts your performance into the equation.
Mate you just need to play more games. Says the last time you played arena was April season where the only playlist you ranked in is Arena.

Youre not gonna fly up levels, and your matched players will be influenced by your previous ranks. So if you were unranked in the previous season of course they will put you against low level players. It is pretty rare to be thrown directly into Onyx unless you already were a high ranked onyx or champion in the previous season. The rule of thumb I use is what ever your previous rank was in that playlist expect to be placed a full tier down.

But Yeah. You just need to play more, if youre good. You will rank up. Only way to rank up is to play games.
14 year old me was blaming teammates. Iconic. I ended up getting it back after not playing for 2 years straight out of placements. What's weird is I lost 70% of my games, but my KD was positive so the game still put me in onyx? Whatever, I don't understand the ranking system in halo 5
Please don't revive old topics thanks. Quite a bit has changed in the last 4 years of Halo
If you want to find out more about how things work in current matchmaking, you can read over the FAQ here:

If you're looking to find out why you're ranking where you are, feel free to ask Dr. Menke to look up your details: