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Max SR, total XP needed, and it's rewards

OP SeroGoddess

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Getting there... 4 more to go.
4 more..... Those 4 ranks will take atleast till june.
hvip wrote:
141 now will be 142 by this evening ... first game online in halo 5 was last week end in November so in 3 months i have earned 6.500.000 million xp
I think I can make it to 152 by labor day. the higher your rank the more you bonus cards get you in xp.... so if the amount of xp you get from bonus cards follows the same increase. by level 152 a warzone xp legendary bost would be worth 100,000xp...
my gf is only a level 10 used a legendary xp boost she got 3000
i used the same one at leveal 139 or 140 and got over 20000,,,,

the rp boost might have gotten a bit bigger but the increase in rp is nothing like the increase in xp you get from the cards

I have spent over 25% of the entier time the game has been out playing it.

yes i have a full time job... if i didn't i would be at 152 by now. I am not a great or even good player i am avg... never better then a platinum 2... in free for all and team

but i love this game as much as i loved halo 2 on line. they don't play the same but just as fun....

I was so happy for GrifBall.... then played it was ok by 2nd day every one wanted to copy what they saw on you tube. then i hated it. what was the hammer lunge. glad its fixed...( in wz when i used my hammer for a kill it said sword kill on the screen but the call out was nice hammer).

now fix the warzone assault trick about getting in side the walls of the armory

have had teams using this trick to hold the base .... and have not found a way to kill that person.

and things that would be fun....

5 types of all warzone ...
1St is all rec can be used. (thats what we have)
2nd all recs no vehicles
3rd no vechicals no power weapons.
4th just pistol and assault and battle rifle armor mods and boots still work just no weapons..
and we have all played 5th version when rec are not working at all....just what you start with...

did you know to kill the wardon with just pistols and assault rifle is a time consuming task. but fun also.

would like ffa grifball

and a ffa warzone with 24 people rec can be used but no base to capture.... this could be in assault or in full warzone but ffa...

and 3 team warzone .. red vs -blue-vs live bosses not ai.... you could play as the warden...

and one last thought. and i have talked about this in games and people think it would be funny but only for a day...

April 1st team damage is turned on in warzone and a notice to everyone that its the new game style going forward. settings to warzone.
There is a 17 000xp difference for 130 ranks (10-140) and you think that at rank 151-152 we will get 100 000 xp for a boost? Bro.... Please. I saw a rank 148 put a leg AI kill and he got like 16k... In warzone
I was just hopeful that the increase that came with the rec cards that happens in the lower leaves would continue.

WZ legendary card in full WZ at level 7 = around 2000-3000 bonus 4-5 boss kills 10-20 spartan kills win or loss
WZ legendary card in full WZ at level 130 something, 144 and 145*. 9000-18500 bonus 4-8 boss kills 7-23 spartan kills win or loss
on a legendary AI KILLS BOOST i got over 14000 bonus when i had only 2 boss kill and 5 or 6 Spartans and a few Promethean Soldier soldiers grunts and elites
but we got our -Yoinks!- handed to us by a like 225 to 1000

so unless someone else has seen more bonus points award for a legendary rec in WZ and i mean like double that amount of points..

I would have to bet the reason for the increase in the bonus on rec cards at the lower level would just to keep some one from jumping 3 or 4 levels ... it would have been nice for that to have kept going up.. :(

but one thing is you will get xp a lot faster because when you buy a gold pack you get 6000 rp points back if you have every thing unlocked. i can get a gold pack after 2 games of WZA . I have been getting a lot more rare ultra rare and legendary xp and rp cards.

going to need a lot of more Legendary xp cards to get me to 146. only 1.2 million xp points away.

I would only need 66 legendary xp boosts...full wz avg about 18000 xp points a game = 1,200,000 xp

with out xp boosts cards avg 2500-5000 WZA xp per game 250-500 games to get 1,200,000 xp

I would say i get one LEGENDARY XP BOOSTS EVERY 5-8 GOLD PACKS....
so doing the math i would think i need about 200 games of wz and wza to make level 146.

then its almost double that to get to 147..... it looks so far away.. :(

but getting to 145 last night made me happy :)
Level 84 long way to go
What a challenge I wonder how many people have actually reached the max rank
I didn't realize I was playing Reach
Lmao right? Only ultra-tryhard no-lifes are going to get to the max rank.
in halo 4 everybody was complaining "ohhh i reach max level in 1 week, pls raise it!!!" now this? :s
This. This warms my heart and fills me with a thunderous joy.
Why 152? Did they just pick out a number and agree on it? Or does it mean anything besides a number?
I didn't realize I was playing Reach
Lmao right? Only ultra-tryhard no-lifes are going to get to the max rank.
Or people that just like the game..
By the time I reach max level, a new game will already be out
Someone just sent me a message after a game accusing me of cheating because I'm at 142 and don't have enough arena kills lol.
You have got more games and kills than me. It's not saying much since I have only 1 working eye but arena is a lot harder for me to focus. So who cares what they say.
Bionicled wrote:
You have got more games and kills than me. It's not saying much since I have only 1 working eye but arena is a lot harder for me to focus. So who cares what they say.
Looking at your stats you would most likely be unstoppable if you had 2 working eyes lol.
Ohhhhhh my lord, I've got 101 levels to go?? XD
These numbers seem to be off....

60,000 XP to get from 80 to 81 but 25,000 XP to get from 85 to 86?
Tbh that's right cause when I hit 85 it got really easy for like 5 levels
ive bene playing since day one but I slowed down really hard but I'm SR100.
Regice554 wrote:
152? What a weird number! Whats your source?
He copied it from Reddit lol
Well, I just got rank 140...It looks that for my next emblem I have to get other 725000 XP...well damn...
Not bad for a 15 year old...
Thanks man
149 now... getting there
I'm level 111. Still got a distance
At my step, I will get 152 in 3-4 months...damn
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