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Mythic Warzone, Is it fair?


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Yes it's fair to players with extremely good REQ's. Players who don't have good Req's are going to have to rely on one anther to focus almost all their attention to the objective at hand. Now on the other hand if you have team with amazing REQ's than the game won't be as difficult those who don't have these high damage weapons will see Mythic firefight as extremely difficult and unfair hell I find myself still getting mad at the game from time to time. My advice would be to just work on getting better REQ's by playing heroic or legendary firefight and when the weekend come's around try and get your team to coordinate better to get a higher chance of a successful game.
Get a squad of 8 if you can't do it solo. Becomes a breeze when you got 8 players on the same page. Problem solved.
I agree that the point of it is to be super difficult, that's fair enough. But I've got to say, I always get annoyed by people saying get a squad, for many of us, it's just not that easy, particularly if none of your friends actually play Halo.
It's fine if you get annoyed by people saying get a squad together, but that's just a simple truth that makes life a whole lot easier in this game. If you can't put a squad together for [insert reason here], then you just can't and it's a problem you have to deal with if you so choose. But for those who can get a squad of 8 together, be they friends or otherwise, then Mythic WZFF becomes a little less of a pain.
Fair enough. I suppose one fix would be to encourage more players to use their mic in game.
Mythic isn't supposed to be fair, and it really isn't. The timer is the real problem across every difficulty.
same. i have about 1 minutes to fight the last boss but even if i loss then i normally get a ton of exp.
Mythic isn't supposed to be fair, and it really isn't. The timer is the real problem across every difficulty.
Yeh can't stand the timer. I prefer to kill all the enemies but the despawning just bugs me when the timer kills them all, it generally causes more problems.
Honestly i stopped playing Mythic Warzone after getting matched up with players that wasn't so great. Times it can be great but other times it can just be really unfair. Keep in mind i mostly play solo.
I don't think it is so difficult.

Because more than 50% of player can passed it.
but the second Skull It’s too big effect for the whole game.
Change it to half ammo is batter.
Yeah i agree with that ^. Would be a good change
GCFCFan45 wrote:
Look, it might just be me or maybe those of you out there are able to relate to this. But I feel as if Mythic Warzone is sometimes so difficult it’s to the point it’s just not even fair, you can have be in a team which absolutely power through the first four rounds of the game.
Then the fifth round begins..
After defeating around 2 - 4 bosses that take around 3 - 4 minutes in a five minute round, you are only given 2 minutes at best to defeat the final boss, which is usually a Warden Eternal.
5 minutes for the fifth round just does not seem to be enough time, the difficulty is just insane! And if one of the five rounds involve you needing to protect the base, it’s pretty much a game over depending what round your on.
What I’m trying to say is that the game mode seems to be a bit to extreme, in my opinion. That it needs an increased amount of time, especially for that last round.
Mythic is both fair and terrible. Frankly, depends on how the group is organized and the players have to develop strategies with the team. I’m more concerned about the lack of reward the player earns after successfully completing a match.
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