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[Locked] Need help with the new ranking.

OP iiTz Logicc

I’m perplexed how the new ranking works. After my placement I received D3 and won my next 19 games and barely got D5. The previous season I was low onyx. I faced the same two guys twice who was high champ previous seeason and now I’m barely D4, a. Sneeze away from D3 again.

How does the system work? I’ve had the win streak but barely went up at all. Positive KDA and faced previous season top onyx and champ. Yet I drop so much. It makes me feel like rank means nothing at this point.
Perhaps you can read the thread on the new matchmaking system that'll likely be posted by comedicshermit?

If you're playing in a full fireteam, prepare to hardly change rank. Especially if you're playing against solo players.

Pretty sure you're also awarded csr based on your personal performance too. I noticed i wasn't punished as harshly last season when my team lost but i performed well.
Feel free to review the matchmaking threads by zaedynfel to gain a better understanding of the system.