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New announcers?

OP Pit Viper XP

How and where do I find and buy the new announcers req pack?
I don't believe it is available yet. You purchase it in the Req store. It should be here in the next 15 - 20 min. That is if there hasn't been a glitch. Right now people are able to purchase the new REQ's but the cards are showing blank. I recommend checking the Store lobby every so often as well as the forums.
They did say around 2:00pm PST.
Take a look again. The Voices of War pack is now showing up in my REQ store.
Speaking of, does anybody know if you are able to set Arena and Warzone announcers separately? I would like to keep Jeff Steitzer for Arena, but I want to use Exuberant for Warzone.
It is in the store now. Just restart your xbox.
Thanks all I'm simply at work and couldn't get verification from my own console. thank you.