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New Magnum skins, new maps coming soon?

OP Kristo Rails

Open discussion :
It will probably take one or two more years until we get to play Halo Infinite (maybe one year until we get to play the beta). Today 343i "released a new update" for Halo 5. They added new skins for the Magnum which can be unlocked by completing the new commendation they added.

Is it safe to say there might be a chance that in the near future they could release new maps (not forged ones)?
What do you guys think?
I don't think its safe to say they will release new maps in the future for FREE.
If anything they could possibly do some DLC. But then it would split the community and defeat the purpose for the free content drops post launch. So I highly doubt they will put time and resources into Halo 5 while the "main crew" is working on Infinite.
Skins take barely any time to implement because they are purely cosmetic. Maps are cosmetic AND have to function well (which I believe IIRC requires months of testing). So I doubt it.
The textures are the easy part. Designing, testing, and implementing is a different story. I wish the community could be involved in making greyboxes, textures and other stuff for the game.

I don't think we'll get much more
Very doubtful.
Everything takes time and people, even implementing textures takes multiple people. Its possible we might see a map or two, kind of just depends on whose still on halo 5 over there really.
I think they are more focused on infinite right now
Can't see any future updates for this game tbh
Question what commendations are they linked to?
pugwash1 wrote:
Question what commendations are they linked to?
A brand new one under the 'game mode' area.