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New season placement matching

OP AlvinLC

Is it just me or does it seem like people are smurfing accounts to help other rank up? I just played a match and in his supposed 1sr game ever he had 25+ kills. It might not mater since he won't use it later, but it does matter to everyone else who is just looking to place well.

First game teammate quit, rest of us wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I spectated the next, and minutes in two on the other side left and 1 maybe 2 own his own. We get killed for ranking if we leave a match and the same happens if we get annihilated.

I know it's just a game, but there has to be an easy way to detect and block or suspend the user. I might have went like -10, but I enjoyed ruining his perfect game and telling him after.
if you make a new account and play at your normal skill level that's fine. If you make a new account and it's purpose is to derank and then join a friends lobby and they basically go from plat to onyx, or daimond to champ just from skewing the matchmaking down due to 1 or more fake low ranked accounts, thats a bannable offense for the entire squad if reported through waypoint support.

There exists no auto detection though. The only automatic bans are from leaving matches consistently or betrayals and suicides.