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Nighttimers vs daytimerz?

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Say u wuz a halo payer but are u a daytimer or nighttimer?
Say next level was even infinent.
Like for me.. its coffee, cig halo, daytimer all day.
I work at night and sleep during the day so nighttimer all the way.
I'm a night timer, its overall easier than days when there's no squads. It's particularly easier doing breakout commendations at night and early mornings.
If you mean Night v. Day in the lens of American time, I’m a nighttimer. But when it’s night in America, it’s day with me, so by my perspective I’m a daytimer.
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Occasionally both, schedule permitting, but I'm leaning more towards nighttimer.
I play more at night because my kids are asleep. Occasionally I get a chance to play while there is daylight out, but those times are rare and even then, I usually have something more important I should be doing
Night always, day job obviously, put I think the best players are on at night in my time zone.
I'm a night owl, definitely helps me focus until I have to grab a snack or sleep gets the better of me.
Definitely a night person as I have my son during the days and my girlfriend lives in South Carolina so she is 5 hours behind me.
I do shift work so my schedule is constantly changing so both for me.
When do I have the chance the play it's often on weekend mornings when everyone is still asleep. That way I get the tv all to myself :D
I'd consider myself a nighttime player, but I usually start playing in the evening, before the sun goes down. I kinda just play whenever I have free time, so it could be either day or night, but leans more towards night on a regular basis.
99% of my Halo 5 shots are taken at night. So I don't get to cash in on the Summer Boys. I did get to play on a Sunday during the day once and it seemed WAY easier. But I do realize I am a Diamond or low Onyx guy. If I was a high Onyx or Champion I would somewhat fear the daytimers since most of the professionals play and stream during the day.
I've always been a night owl.
The times are usually at random, but a lot of it is spent at night. Playing in the morning can sometimes be really refreshing for some reason.