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[Locked] Not sure why I am banned...

OP Freezone1995

I've looked through my match history and this week I've left 2 games total and before Monday the last time I played was October of last year. But it looks like I rage quit my last game and uninstalled it. But like I said, I had to ask for one game and I think I'm permanently banned. And not my account. My IP has been banned I think because no one else can play halo here now. Please help. I just want to know what I did....
You have nothing in your messages about it?
You have nothing in your messages about it?
No I have no email, so I made the account here to see if I had one here and nothing. And I wasn't watching my Xbox so I didn't see why..
Hey OP, please use the dedicated thread for matchmaking bans that is pinned at the top of the Halo 5 support forums