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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

OP Forum Team

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I think Warzone firefight should be more organized too. Make it 7 rounds. you find urself always going around the map, instead of being that survival type of gameplay Firefight is known for. Make 3 of the rounds a defend type of round. ( defending all 3 bases ), 4 of the rounds objectives/boss takedowns. Players should find their selves on the other side of the map.. that would be so epic.
LolBrazlol wrote:
It's really fun, but in my opinion, just not difficult enough, and ends way too fast. I would add in more rounds, at least 10, and add in more difficult enemies throughout, maybe some legendary bosses in the earlier stages, and a larger quantity of legendaries at the end.

This is tough to do since FF in the past has traditionally only had 4 max teammates working together, but I think above suggestions would help with 8 players, but maybe allow for infinite rounds as another variant to see how far you can go with say, 10 lives. This is what made FF so great when it was introduced in ODST.

Another suggestion: skulls introduced for each round.
Halo reach round system would be good too ;). YES skull modifications every 5th round would make the game more dynamic especially incorporated with the random enemy spawns.
Its very obnoxious running around trying to find the watchers every game...
Warzone Firefight is fun and mostly good. There are a couple problems, though. The round 3 objective to defend the garage from attackers is waaay too hard. It is, by far, the most difficult objective (out of all five rounds), and the only objective I fail more often than I succeed. There are too many knights and too many enemies in general. It is very common to have the garage captured with under 10 kills left needed to succeed. The phaetons are also gratuitous, but not too big a deal. The triple warden combo is a bit difficult but doable most of the time (btw, the wardens are easy to kill with plasma casters). The mythic hunters are problematic. They are too difficult to kill without a scorpion (near impossible given their enclosed environment and surrounding hordes of enemies) and too easy to kill with a scorpion. Seriously, the covenant round 5 is a cakewalk with a scorpion. The amount of time that dropped weapons and empty vehicles remain before disappearing needs to be extended in WZ FF. It's impossible to recover a dropped weapon or a vehicle that one was shot out of given the random spawn locations and large map. I also think that there need to be more req stations (or some other way to refill ammo) throughout the map. Often times, I will run out of ammo with my magnum or dmr while in the tunnels and need to run back to the garage or an armory just to get an ammo refill, which is annoying. This isn't a matter of strategic ammo preservation or anything like that since there are no enemy players. Running out of ammo far from a req station is nothing but an annoyance, especially when it forces one to miss out on killing a boss. Another problem is that sometimes when the team fails, the "winning" player won't be the player with the most points. At least once I got third place even though I had the most points. This doesn't make any sense, and I assume it's a result of some problem or bug in WZ FF. Another bug I have encountered is that when I am put into an ongoing game that is still in round one, I will not have any req energy. I will still be at req level 1 (which makes sense, since it's round one), but I will not be able to spawn any power weapons or vehicles with that one req energy (that I should, but don't have and can't regenerate) until my req level increases to 2, at which point the problem goes away. Overall, I have a lot of fun with the beta, and it seems well put together for the most part. It's very enjoyable to mow down tons of enemies, and to get a bunch of boss/legendary/mythic kills. I just thought I'd list some problems I've encountered so that they can be fixed for the full version of WZ FF when it comes out.
I would like to see more enemy types for the actual release such as brutes, flood and maybe some heretic covenant for the issue of having to run all the way to a req station for ammo, another thing I think the difficulty could be kicked up a notch with the adding pf skulls or even lives you could keep it the way it is and just add the skulls or lives into game types of wff during match making just a thought
I feel like staying alive isn't really a forte in this mode like it was in ODST. Add lives in to make the situations feel more tense.
Watchers need to not immediately heal Warden. Im ok with a slow heal but when he is at 1/3 his health and a watcher flies by, he heals to 100% instantly.
It's great!! I enjoy it very much! There was a glitch i experienced of when everybody was trying to spawn a vehicle at the same time, i was stuck in the under the base where the vehicle comes up.....missed the entire final round and couldn't get out. It only happened once tho.
In general, Warzone Firefight is too easy.

  • Only one round type (defend the garage) was actually challenging and felt like firefight. Most rounds felt like target practice.
  • Mythic Warden Eternal was even more frustrating to fight thanks usual thanks to the 1000s of Watchers regenerating his health.
  • Most rounds and the intermission lack direction. Many players were just roaming the map during any kill X objective.
  • Make Warzone Firefight more challenging in general. I would like to feel I'm against overwhelming odds.
  • Round 1 should be "clear enemies from our home base" like regular Warzone. Epic music followed by nothing feels disjointed.
  • Remaining enemy counts should reflect actual enemies on the ground.
  • Defend the objective rounds should run down to the timer (i.e. all five minutes).
  • More defend the objective rounds.
  • Add an attack the objective round.
  • Add a death count objective round (i.e. avoid dying 8 times to succeed).
  • Add a destroy the enemy core round as the final round.
  • Kill X rounds need more structure, it's quiet boring searching the whole map for jackals.
  • More structure and flow in general.
I've highlighted in bold the suggestions I think should be added.

P.S. You should also add some of these elements to regular Warzone. Such as AI enemies taking over captured bases.
Defending the garage is super hard so you guys should lower the difficulty on that round just a tad. BUT if you dont,there should be an exclusive armor unlock for beating all 5 waves without any teamates dying 😎
NeeGroEh wrote:
I think Warzone firefight should be more organized too. Make it 7 rounds. you find urself always going around the map, instead of being that survival type of gameplay Firefight is known for. Make 3 of the rounds a defend type of round. ( defending all 3 bases ), 4 of the rounds objectives/boss takedowns. Players should find their selves on the other side of the map.. that would be so epic.
I love that idea of spawning on other sides of the map,then surviving and regrouping at another part of the map and then it being a survival type of firefight.
Its really annoying having to run to a req station for ammo every 2 minutes. So at the end of each round,ammo should automatically refill. (But not on power weapons,of course)
The gameplay seems almost too easy at times. Maybe you could do a difficulty system where higher difficulties grant more req points.
Great mode I will start playing halo more because of it.
I feel that the matches are too short honestly!! Just a little bit longer with more progressive waves of enemies, 343 you want to make it feel like an all out war is taking place!! Oh, one more thing randomise the spawn point of the enemies thy always spawns in the exact same place each time. Overall great game!!
Too short:( otherwise its good.. but we could use bit more survival in it and less hunting
defend the garage to many knights, more unigue bosses and on the phaeton destruction if someone high jacks one they can choose for the round to never end, but please keep jacking in thanks it is fun
For the love of God please fix the glitch where the mythic warden keeps getting his health back....
It's funny how the community has driven this into a routine now. Played three games today and they all went like this:

Round 1-4: Use loadouts, win round.
Round 5: Spawn Scorpion. Win match.

There are so many Scoprions and Wraiths in the final Warden fight that you can't get an angle.
Dear 343,
Warzone firefight is being fun to play since the start, but there is some ideas (that you can disagree or agree ) that could be useful
-Add Firefight classic mode (no bosses and objectives )
-Add Firefight in custom game (but no rewards )
-Add an objective that involve the covenant and prometheans
-Add prometheans snipers* in an objective
-Add drop pods with weapons (just like halo reach )

Thank you for listen it :)
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