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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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How on Earth do you people get into multiplayer?
IMPORTANT: Significantly increasing the despawn time for dropped power weapons and vehicles is a must.
to easy
Its great but it needs to be unlimited rounds with lives,and the longer you last the more rp and exp points you get and 1 to 3rd plase in kills gets bonus
Am I the only one upset that there are no custom options or score attack?

What if I don't want to play with seven other people who are strangers to me and better than me?

We need an option for single player or invite only but don't take away the ability to earn REQ points and XP from those modes. Not everyone is a MP nerd to the core.
In my opinion:
• The difficulty of the enemies is fine, they are between Heroic and Legendary I think, so I'm okay. The point is make the rounds longer, because sometimes you can beat the two or three first rounds in 1 minute each one.
• New enemies, please bring the Brutes. Fighting just Prometheans or Covenant can be easily repetitive.
• The Firefight mode is supposed to be a situation where Spartans have to fight for their lives. Indeed in Halo ODST and Halo Reach, that was it. But in Warzone Firefight, it seems like the Covies or the Protheans are trying to survive to the Spartans.
The enemies should more overhelming, situations like go a stronhold and hold on the enemies.
• More strategy in enemies. I know they are just AI's, but in Warzone Firefight, like in the Campaign, we seem to be fighting enemies just like in Spartan Ops, enemies with no clear paths.
The enemies should organizate themselves a bit more, I haven't seen Sniper Soldiers yet. We could have an amount of enemies, yeah, but organizated in different groups with differents functions. Example: Covenant, a group of 5 Elites with camo and energy Sword. Some suicide Grunts, Snipers Jackals. All at the same time.
• Maps from the Campaing. Or at least cut some parts of the Warzone maps. They are simply too big and sometimes you have to look for the enemy, and that's no the Firefight essence.
• Something new. It could be cool to have back ups, I mean, at certain level of Req, have the chance to call AI Marines or Spartans. Why not have the chance to call the Noble Team/Osiris/Blue Team/Sword of Sanghelios to help us? That would be definitely a nice addition.
• Fix servers please, many times the game is so laggy, overall when there are many enemies shooting at the same time
Definitely an Customizable-Offline mode would be AWESOME, but if there's no possibility, please, try to add it to next Halo game
Overall this is very entertaining, but I do think there needs to be some tweaks to it.

  • I think the level of difficulty as a whole is pretty easy. One way to improve might be to make this a 6 person playlist instead of 8, or increase the difficulty
  • The objective of defending the base is the best one in the game and other rounds need to be more like this. The objectives where you have to search to find grunts, knights, etc seem a little stale to me. The whole point of firefight is that it is wave after wave of non stop action. Searching a big WZ map for grunts falls short of that premise.
  • I think the regular WZ map is too big. Seems like firefight could easily be done on WZ assault maps.
  • I think a bonus round is a great idea but only if the difficulty is increased, otherwise every game will have a bonus and at that point the bonus doesn't mean as much.
  • I think the bosses need to be more dynamic. They seem to be more of a bullet sponge than need any sort of actual strategy.
  • Have a custom setup so you can create your own firefight experience.
ODST firefight is literally what brought me to Halo, so I have a special place reserved for Firefight. I like the old school method of having to survive other than just complete an objective, but I know with it being incorporated into Warzone that is pretty much impossible. Bottom line though, it is a very fun gametype. Keep up the great work!
I agree with DrknHaloPodcast. I am thinking maybe the possibility of adding a lives pool would also increase the difficulty, I feel like it would further entice the spartan to try to stay alive longer. With unlimited lives there is no penalty if you die, other than to wait 5-10 seconds (which agreeably puts a hamper on securing positions).

An option to create our own custom lobby for Firefight would be AMAZING as well, especially if there are players committed to longer games. This could be a platform where you can re-introduce the old Firefight rules where you simply last as long as you can, with increased difficulty.

The possibilities are endless with what 343 industries created in Halo 5, and introducing Firefight is a really exciting gametype, especially for new first time joiners and older players who were introduced to Halo through ODST Firefight like DrknHaloPodcast respectively..
343 should hire me i have some good ideas for halo eg. In warzone everytime ya get killed by a marine the marines start teabaging, just some sugestions
Firefight mode is pretty fun for me, I wonder how it will play on other maps in the full release. Having played a lot of matches I would like to point some problems I encountered:

1. At the beginning of the match the kind of objectives like "find and kill this number of enemies" feels at times more like a hide and seek game, usually you won't find every enemy on your way from the main base through the garage. I understand the "find and kill" objective but it just doesn't feel right, maybe you could make it more straightforward but with added enemies to compensate for or mark the spawn locations of enemies from the first round.

2. As many in this thread have said, respawn timer could be shortened. And respawn locations are off many times in respect with the general location of the current wave of enemies, especially when using vehicle REQs, instead of spawning at the garage I usually spawn at the main base, when the horde is at the enemy main base at the other side of the map.

3. The defend the garage objective feels more like capture the garage. Spawning 20 enemies inside the base often makes it difficult to accomplish the objective. In my opinion it could be addressed if the spawning of enemies was just outside the base.

4. Finally I think the difficulty of the enemies is just right at the beginning of the game session, but as rounds are completed and REQs are unlocking it becomes exponentially easier, especially at the end even with the appearance of mythic bosses. You could scale bit by bit the difficulty (damage taken and enemy HP) as objectives are being completed. If the difficulty at the beginning is heroic maybe near the end it could be scaled up to legendary or you could introduce some skull mods like firefight in ODST and Reach.

I agree that a limited number of lives for each member of the fireteam could work as well. It should make it more thrilling and would encourage playing more carefully.

With that out of the way I appreciate the effort and commitment 343i is showing to make this fan requested feature be implemented into an already complete game. It is a fun mode to spend time with in order to relax from the usual competitive PvP mode. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Mexico.
great mode ! it will be fun with all the maps !
to easy
yes i agree...
The worst part about playing firefight is the way other players act. Trying to get your req from the req station and people are knocking you off, so you can't obtain your req. Traveling to a hot zone and the guy in the wraith behind your tank won't stop shooting you. You pull over to let him pass and all he wants to do is shoot you. This is why you should be able to play lone wolf or private session. Multiplayer is overrated, nobody wants to play a game with people who act like this in every game.
1.) This is not Firefight. This is Spartan Ops v2. Why do I feel this way? Because in Firefight, there was a sense of survival, a sense of worrying about controlling places on the maps and trying not to run out of ammo. In Spartan Ops, all you did was run from 1 objective to the other, doing mindless running and gunning. What do you experience in this beta? Mindless running and gunning.

2.) If they want to make this firefight, make it so players have to hold their ground against waves of enemies and worry about not dying, rather than getting the most points. Either implement a lives system, or a score multiplier system that decreases every time you die. (Ex. Player starts with 3x Score multiplier. Player dies once. It reduces to 2.5x Score multiplier) This way when players actually gain tons of points, they know they are surviving longer than other players. This creates a challenge that is fun because you are worrying about surviving. The player who earns the most points can get a REQ pack while getting REQ points and other players just gain REQ points.

3.) I like how there are different bosses. What I don't like is that any attempt at close range combat with these bosses (unless you have an OV) you are going to die. I believe this is just how Halo 5 is built. Players die so quickly... I notice myself dying in 1 second when a banshee starts shooting at me. 1 SECOND!.... I'm not even talking about their Fuel Rod Cannon either. Just their rapid fire plasma cannons. Just small things like that fustrate me and ruin my experience.

As this beta stands right now, it gets very repetitive and boring. Once you complete your enemy commendations... you don't see any real point to play this because you're not having fun playing it. Just mindless running and gunning with a few frustrating deaths.
I still dont get why the phaton can get EMPed when promethian amour cant, they should make a mythic variant of the phaton that cant get emped can do to evades per cooldown extra amour and fires more explosive shots in one shot,and the rapid fireing shots have a stronger homing behavior,and its colour should be black being its primary and orange being its secondary.
i find that enemies are far too difficult to kill solo. I really don't like when a group of enemies spawn behind me and their drop ship kills me before i know what's happening.
Damn, defending that garage is impossible!
When you release the finished gametype in a few months it should follow the same game play as the original Firefight from ODST & Reach.

If you make it a "Backs To The Wall' experience (quoting the official Bungie description of ODST's Firefight) then you will please all of the loyal & hardcore fans of the franchise when having to operate from a single base to fend off the enemy threat.

Following this simple rule once again will allow for some intense gameplay.

^ Remember 343. It's warzone and chill. not warzone and MLG speedrun in 8-15 min. However... i am enjoying these short games. perhaps you can make a "warzone firefight hardcore" playlist for long 25-55min games of only defending a garage or core which might bring back that spirit of the original FF were looking for. I got this idea from the differences between warzone and warzone assault.
Now, i can already think of a dozen ways to make this crazy fun with your main loss conditions being the captured garage and depleted cores and randomly rotating between these three bases all throughout the game to give a cinematic feel of being under SIEGE! maybe even if your squad wipes you also lose (keep one alive at all times inbetween spartan respawns).
I do believe this is what alot of people are looking for, not just a Firefight blitz thats over very quicky. Again i hope you keep short FF games an option but add the much needed longer games of strictly defending an onslaught!
I've noticed that the Warden Eternal that spawn in the Garage area are way harder to kill than the ones in the tunnels. I believe this is due to the fact that 3 or 4 Watchers keep spawning and they heal Warden Etermal and the Knight Dignitaries to full health, the Knight Dignitaries are less of a problem as a tank can deal with them before more Watchers spawn. The problem with the Watchers spawning is the fact that a Mythic Boss takes so much damage that when Watchers start healing it, it may as well have infinite health. Even when we stay on top of new Watchers spawning. because of how many that spawn, they manage to heal the Mythic Warden Eternal to full health before we cler them out
I believe that firefight should have unlimited waves to complete objectives instead of having the 5 round cap.i think the game should continue until the group is unable to complete an objective and each round the group is able to survive would read 400-500 req points. In the time you play 1 war zone firefight game and complete the 5 rounds is roughly 25 minutes, you could potentially play 3-4 war zone assault games in that time frame and accumulate a lot more req point without using any req cards. There should also be an option to change the team size from any number between 4-8 and that could affect spawn count of enemies because its just hard to find 8 friends to play with. This mode lacks the use of team work and i think that is what makes ODST firefight and other horde modes like call of duty zombies so much fun, the cooperative aspect.

just my issues with the mode and i hope 343 put out the beta and actually take feedback and make changes. Im afraid what we have now with firefight is what we are gonna have in a couple of months. Ill be upset if they just make minor tweaks instead of making the changes the community wants.
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