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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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I enjoy the game type, difficulty and types of toughest enemies to defeat, just two things.

the first: I think a smaller group of players would be better, at times 8 players are too many for the number of enemies, and I think limiting the number of players to 4 or 5 will be great, or increase the amount of weak enemies as grunts, that would make epic.

Second: I believe the map that was used in the beta in some moments felt very long, and when you get the shooting this, was about to end, I think they could use some maps of Arena or limit the space of a few maps war zone.

Overall, was awesome and see your Spartan with your own colors is something cool, like extra i think it would be good that at some point in the game, appeared on the map a legendary weapon to help a little with the legendary bosses, and the requisition of yourself desapear not so fast after your dead.
IzzyTH I51 wrote:
okay, so i read a few comments.

now i just have to emphasize. Marine wave would be really cool, especially if marines could fight Spartans. and i know you guys can rework AI, your doing it for campaign.

making the Marines more dangerous for firefight and making them an insurrectionist wave would be awesome. like: Rebel Colonel is in a scorpion take him out to win, while you have other rebels shooting at you with snipers and rockets. maybe a worthog also. that would just blow my -BLAM-ing mind. besides marines are best at running players over with worthogs, it would be perfect.

also wanted to just say a couple waves that i thought I'd really enjoy.
(W1) = Wave 1, etc.

  1. 100 grunt kills (25+ what it is now) grunts get fuel rods.
  2. Kill insurrectionist marines (50-75) marines stick in teams like jackels and focus fire on you with AR's and BR's, some marines hold back like higher rank marines with DMR's. much like the crawler(Magnum, AR) with a small number of soldiers(BR, DMR).
  3. Survival round, at least one player must survive for the 5 minute timer to run out, if all die, its over, if one survives they all respawn, now i doubt you guys would have difficulty making the game end at a failed objective rather than end when the time runs out. so i think you could do this. also, AI should hunt you try very hard to kill you, and you should watch for hiding spots that the AI can't get to while applying soft kill barriers where appropriate.
  1. Jackel kills add snipers and carbines
  2. Soldier kills add snipers
  3. insurrectionist kills (Add snipers)
  4. Survival round

  1. Elite kills (50-75) add elite commanders with energy swords, rangers with snipers, spec ops with camo. all in the same round, sounds like it might be hard, but elites are still pretty easy to headshot.
  2. Eliminate insurrectionist bases, a boss marine spawns in each of the 3 bases all 3 bases immediately transfer to their side, the players have to eliminate and recapture all the bases.
  3. Survival round

  1. Hunter kills (24 or so, 12 pairs) though that sounds pretty difficult for 5 minutes.
  2. Tank master is awesome, maybe add one elite sniper if you balance the banshees, but i think its great right now. and move tank master to wave 4, for its difficulty.
  3. Defend the garage(such a W4 objective) this should include different enemies, covenant, insurrectionists. though the covenant should definitely not get a ton of hunters.
  4. Tank master insurrectionist, should include a beefed up tank, a worthog and heavily equipped marines, maybe some turret emplacements. or a mantis.
  5. Survival round

  1. now considering i doubt the covenant would send in 4 hunters after a tank master and not before it, i feel there should be a different wave 5 for covenant, i like the one there is, but there should be something, more invasion like. I'm not really sure, but maybe mythic tank bosses, arbiter mythic boss, mythic elites, I'm not sure.
  2. Now, i don't see why you can't add a new AI enemy, you can update the AI code, you can add new vehicles as DLC, so I'm gonna assume you've made it possible to do whatever you want with the game... given you'd have to be able to too make the insurrectionists, Now I'm thinking eliminate insurrectionist spartans, something that has happened way more often than it should with spartan 4's, mythic enemy spartans running off the marine AI, wielding any super weapon that seems lore correct. such as Scruggs and The Answer.
  3. Survival round
Okay, thats all i can think of at this point...
if anything I want to see insurrectionist stuff, even if you can't do traitor spartans, fighting insurrectionists would be amazing. ... at least the way I'm imagining it.

... though what I'm imagining needs New AI, new models, making marines a real enemy in the first place, and making it so a number of marines can't be headshotted, along with making them very aggressive with weapons and vehicles, i mean, i don't think a marine can drive anything in halo 5... i mean, can they? its a lot i know... and i really doubt you guys would do it, it sounds like a big undertaking to me, more art and programming is really a pain.

also as a side note... that warzone hyper thing you guys did, so your req level is maxed immediately at game start... would it be best to make that permanent, i mean you guys make money from us using and buying req's, so... being to use the ones we want immediately makes us use them more often because we get them longer... this sounds like more money on your part... just saying, sell req's and make halo 5 into windows 10. (update forever)
Fighting marines would be awesome! This is the best idea, love it! Actually lets get all of these ideas in the game!
It's fun, a bit easy now after learning the waves and what's coming, but still fun.
Along with precious suggestions concerning survival game play, adding lives, strength of enemy bosses etc., I think Warzone Firefight needs to feel more like a distinct feature of Halo 5 as apposed to an addition. What I mean by this is that it shouldn't feel like you're playing something that came as an afterthought. For example, the introductory cut-scenes are the same ones used for regular Warzone. Warzone Firefight should have its own cut scenes; it feels less cheep and more like a fully realized feature that adds to the game and doesn't simply recycle current assets within the game.

Just my two cents.
A few tweaks and suggestions for WZF:
  1. Decrease AI spawn rate on base defense
  2. Increase REQ energy recharge speed
  3. Increase time limit on Round 5 from 5 Minutes to 8-10 Minutes
  4. Add Revival mechanic (From Campaign)
  5. Add a suicide grunt wave (Objective: survive the onslaught, only one life)
  6. Add back Heretic Elites (Elites w/ human weapons)
  7. Give us a round with 343 Crawlers
Its fun to play, i love it.

Maybe add some more rounds.
So there was a big glitch in the Warzone with the Banshee Raiders. They flew out of the boundary, got inside the shuttle launch platform and couldn't get out so the match failed.
Well unless there are some huge changes firefight is a waste of time and very disappointing. I was expecting great things from firefight given that you guys already have seen odst firefight and reach firefight. I didn't know you wanted to go backwards and make it suck. You have all the means to make this thing awesome and from the looks of it failed royally unless changed before you officially bring it out. Enemies a way too week and bosses don't chase you. Your only giving us 5 waves which is stupid, firefight was about the endless rounds and waves to see how far you could get with your friends. You've put it in warzone and not allowed it to be optional to play with only players you want, should not have to play with randoms and should be allowed to play with up to 8 people but if you only have say 5 or 6 you can jump into a firefight with only your party. The time limit is dumb but has been force to be a part of it cause the enemies do not pursue you so you force the players to attack or fail because of a stupid time limit.
Maybe it's bec we got spoiled by odst but this firefight is depressing and boring. You want people to not play this game your def going In the right direction. My friends and company were looking forward to the firefight, now we don't even care very disappointing 343 could have been awesome but you drop the ball on this one.
Sqrrk wrote:
WORST PROBLEM: You are taking the beta away from me on Tuesday!!!

More end game REQ points. Gameplay is not = to regular WZ. I use more REQ cards in FF compared to normal WZ, so minimum 3000 rp per winning match

Update: Req energy should reset to your max every end round

Update 2: To end a round, you must clean the whole battlefield of enemies. Killing bosses only is too easy

Update3: "Kill X amount of enemy" spawns should be less predictable. Make us move to areas where maybe we can't spatter them. I can do circles in the main area and easily rack kills.

- Final round boost! Extend time to 10 minutes and throw more enemies! Example for Warden final round..
Start like it has with the 4 mini bosses -> Have the 3 wardens spawn in. Mythic is the back and let the other two roam and challenge players. Have those annoying crawlers/watchers everywhere while adding a few Phaetons. Make the end round go out in a boom!

-Please add kill X amount suicide grunts! :^)

-Hunters aren't that tough in the area they are in, our teams fly by the final round

-let us pick spawn areas instead of being forced into one

-reward teams that have super good rounds. Maybe vehicles or weapons spawn in?

-I'm going to hate myself for saying this but position final bosses better so vehicles can fully sit back and snipe

-Weapon despawn too fast. Haven't been able to run back to my body in time

Update 4: Used a Ultra rare RP boost and didn't receive any boost

-Would personally like to see a different intro/outro to the game in the full release

-Still echoing from what I said earlier, you must kill all enemies including bosses to move on. Maybe killing bosses stop the clock while killing everything else could result in a boost?

-When enemies are capturing mid base, the colouring makes it hard to see how much they captured

-Gambit challenges can be earned in FF

-Kill X amount of watchers can be worked a little. They freeze up in areas which can lead to super easy round

-Can't surpass 30,000 score (Thanks David Ellis :P)

-a couple times I barely made it to high REQ energy which sucks on round 5

-More enemy types. Skirmish type enemies :)

-More objectives. Maybe idea like Assult type idea to carry a bomb across the map.

Update 5: Let us destroy dropships

-Let the music from intermissions roll into the next round!

-Kill Phaetons round, they can be hijacked (which is awesome) but need to be destroyed to continue. People use this to troll and intentionally lose the round.

-Warden final round (the one when he spawns with two Knights) is really hard with watchers spawning super fast. Good challenge but the amount that spawn in make it almost too hard.

-More enemy vehicles that we can hijack and use for our battle!

-Adding to what I've said before, final bosses can be easy if using a Phaeton, add flying enemies to counter?

-Final round, add crawlers/grunts behind us to keep us on our toes. Little ankle biters :)

-Dropships turret is hardcore, needs to atleast be destroyable ****I ended up destroying one by two plasmas!!

-Love the defend objective. Maybe do other variants too? Grunts only, Covvy only, Grab bag (all types of enemies)

-Count down that starts every round should make the countdown sound. *beep beep beeeeeeep* :P

-Alternative for final round: Get to home base, 5/10 minutes of intense unlimited enemy waves while waiting for your pelican to arrive. 3 life each?
(Like L4D on the level called Mercy Hospital I believe)

-Put people's deaths into killfeed? Gives us a idea what's happening and we can laugh at people who die by grunts. ;)

-Kill the banshees round: they fly to the back areas and are easily snipeable with vehicles without being put in danger

-Make a bonus round! When we complete a round and say 3:43 or 1:17 remain, give us no clip and infinit ammo for the next round! :D

-Objective idea: splatter 100 enemies

Update 6: When killing Soldiers round: when its that last amount, they always pile up in one area.

-Also I find it funny when the announcer says "Only a few enemies left!" But there is red dots everywhere xD

Update 7: Do RP boost work?? Daily wins don't count in FFZ (cri cri)

-vehicle despawns quick as well

-making a case for more RP post game. FF is a lot of fun with using REQ weapons and vehicles. Having a team of tanks for round 5 is epic but in the long run, we will start running dry. I think it should take 3 FF (wins) games to reach 10k REQ points. This way we can still healthly use our favourite REQs without too much worry. Please please please consider!

-I haven't stated this... FF is so much fun so far. I lose track of time when playing and have to literally close Halo 5 to stop playing!

-Future idea: Please find a way that would push us to use different REQs. Make us go outside our comfort zone!

-Future idea: Balance fun vs work hard rounds. (Kill 200 grunts VS Defend a base from Hunters/Sucide grunts)

Update 8: Mythic Warden and his EMP beams. Closes vehicles seems to be kicked when it's already down over and over. I like the idea of him being upgraded but when he's triggered onto you, it's hard to get away :(

-Killing Crawlers round: why are there soldiers spawning too? If grunt round only gets grunts, why are crawlers holding hands with a soldier?

-Using End Game laser against Recon Phaetons and wasn't getting proper hits. Was shooting underneath too

-BIP BAP BAM: pls bring the silenced pistol back ;^)

-this isn't only FF but Banshees normal gun is OP. 4 shots and I'm down D;

-Sometimes I don't hit 3 REQ by the 2nd round which can dull gameplay a lot!

-Too many bosses I can sit back and snipe with any weapon and vehicle. Lazy gameplay that doesn't require a lot from me. Especially in final rounds.

-Please give us a weapon skin for our Beta testing. I know a emblem is using the normal but we need more weapon skins that are funny! :P Also give more weapon skins depending on say how many mythic bosses you've killed. Just an idea :)

-Idea: using campaign levels as playing areas? Kinda far stretched but would be cool.
Campaign levels as maps? I'm already thinking of a few good ones
My only complaint is that it's too short five rounds isn't enough I think ten rounds would be better then round ten could have two mythic wardens and 3 normal wardens or 10 hunters
I am not a fan of the defend the garage objective. My team will do fine until around 2:30 in, aaannd then the place is sqarming with difficult to kill knights. Just... No.
I encountered an issue with the objective "Kill 15 Phaetons" where me and a friend both disabled and boarded a Phaeton each but we found out that because we boarded them and did not destroy them, they did not count towards the objective. The solution to this would either be than any boarded vehicles count towards the kill counter or that you cannot board them.
The biggest problem in Warzone Firefight is that when one of my teammates hijacked a phaton on round 3 while my teammates and, I were killing the other photons, it said that there was one left and the only one in the sky was our teamate and at one point he came close to the ground I jumped on him and tebaged him and then he rose up into the sky with me on board and I jump of and ground pounded to break my fall and then later at the ground he splattered me and it gave me an option to boot him and I had to say yes because I knew that he would not get out of the phaton, ( Sorry dude. ) then it all the sudden fell to the ground and then we destroyed it and it worked. On the phaton round pull out a spartan laser and aim for the engine and its a one shot kill. Please fix this bug it's probably the #1 mistake in Warzone Firefight. The second biggest bug that I also mentioned I one of my other post is that the mythic bosses have to much health at least make the final round have extra time. Please like my description.
There is a bug, when you kill Warden Eternal with ~5 seconds left, his death animation continues for few more seconds and lost us the game.
I like the idea. But I would much prefer a traditional firefight. None of the matches I played had the difficulty often attributed to classic firefight. I know most developers nowadays think Bullet-sponge enemies are difficult, but there's a big difference between challenging and time consuming. I'd just prefer enemy quantity increased over their resilience. Not to say that I want enemies to be easy, but pouring magazine after magazine of ammo into an enemy with little to no effect isn't fun. Also the way scoring works out, there's hardly any incentive to work together as a team and the "winner" usually winds up being the person with the best REQs. I like the larger scale, but I don't like that it's the only option. I'd like an option to play it with a smaller fireteam instead of matchmaking for a full 8 people. The bigger matches are cool, but you don't get as much of a feeling of accomplishment when someone you don't know calls in a Phaeton and polishes off the last wave nearly single-handedly. I know you likely think that the warzone maps are too big for a 2-4 player fireteam, but it would be just like playing campaign. I know you guys want to reinvent the wheel, but you really could have just given us firefight like we had in Reach and people would be more than happy. I think the inclusion of REQs is neat, but if we're going to feel good about spending our really nice REQs on NPCs, we need some better RP payouts.

I'll finish with some of the things I did like so as not to leave a negative aftertaste on this post. I like the increased scale. The random waves are really cool. being able to use REQs is pretty great and leads to pretty interesting encounters. Having any kind of PvE aside from campaign is refreshing.
Hey 343, I love the new WZFF, it's a great mode, but it doesn't seem like true firefight to me. I was hoping for the classic, wave survival mode (with limited lives) that we had back in Reach and ODST, and although I like the new one, it's not the same. I would love if you put it in, but under a new name, and brought back the old firefight as well.
Thanks for reading this!
I know most developers nowadays think Bullet-sponge enemies are difficult, but there's a big difference between challenging and time consuming.
Thank you. This is an important point. I would much rather bosses be dynamic in battle tactics and abilities than just having an obscene amount of health. Shooting a red Warden for 60+ seconds with everything you've got is not really fun. It would be more fun if he kept trying to run from you, or if he summoned reinforcements to take your focus off of him, or even if he went berserk and rushed players in a surprise move. Anything other than having him stand there, occasionally move side to side, and fire his tri-beam.
So far it's good but I want to see spree metals and MultiKill metals and the Announcer to stay them too and also please add more rounds too
Oh. And can we please have the ability to board and hijack enemy vehicles please?
Yeah that will be more fun and that we do not have to use our REQs packs.

My two cents on the warzone firefight gameplay:

AI damage
  • Banshee's nearly kill you by an instant, talking about the one's that spawn near tankmaster rock (and the raiders barely do anything but if they do it's an instant death)
  • Ghost marauders and normal ghosts (not only do they easily kill all infantry they also spawn on rounds where barely anyone has anything else than a regular br...)
  • Soldier's from close proximity insane accuracy and damage, kills you in an instant like they go on a rampage and eliminate you
  • Phantom's, Phantom turrets, Phantom frequency, Phantom accuracy, Phantom's invincibility, Phantom's gunners, in my opinion they are ment to supress not to slay everyone on the battlefield, yes they have a job to protect the covenant infantry but not to such an extend where it just get's obnoxious, the gunners literally kill you in an instant and don't seem to be animated when shot at (if even possible to kill at all), I think the phantom's should be kill-able and the gunners need to be less accurate, less damage or a killable AI like a grunt as a gunner. Also the big concussion turret should also be kill-able.
  • Recon pilot's have too much health, and they seem to have a permanent target lock on vehicles, even if you go all the way inside the tunnels they can still reach you
  • Mythic warden eternal get's healed to full health in an instant on the plat behind garage, he will hide behind one of the big pillars out of everyone line of sight...
  • Mythic hunter elders are due to their position extremely easy to kill, without them even being able to inflict any damage upon targets when you hit them from the outside with a vehicle, splash damage kills targets around the bosses aswell. Probably the easiest mythic boss ever.
  • Promethean waves seem to be harder than covenant waves, this is usually because promethean splinter nades are thrown very frequently and have an emp effect, plus the soldiers ability to hijack vehicles. Also I haven't seen any high rank elites in firefight either. The elites in firefight are similiar to fighting a spartan but these guys are far more accurate.
  • The defend the garage wave is really fun I like it, but I do think it needs some tweaks. I think the enemies shouldn't be spawning inside the garage, people that are by foot just get destroyed and it just get's nearly impossible to survive that. The amount of knights is insane, for people with low skill killing so many big targets can be a very though job, for others it's easy when targeted by vehicles.
  • Another thing I noticed the jackals shields aren't animated when getting weaker...
  • Encourage players to use vehicles more often or reward players with vehicles for completing certain tasks in the battlefield (adding mini quests inside firefight would be hella fun)
  • Encourage players to use power weapons more often or reward players with power weapons for completing certain tasks in the battlefield
  • Make a choice between warzone firefight being something totally new or the old school variant we know from Halo ODST, is it going to be hunting down enemies (competetiveness to get the highest score?) or surviving rounds (individual lives per spartan?), right now it's a mixture between the two and it just looks like there isn't much of a goal other than completing all the waves.
  • Make it more challenging for experienced players, maybe let people pick a difficulty? Higher difficulties should obviously be more rewarding!
  • Where are the firefight skulls? It was so much fun with those skulls.
  • Add in-game and post-game medals for warzone firefight, everyone likes the thrill to see those fun medals when killing waves of huge enemies or getting multi-kills on them!
  • Distuinguish the KDA, and medals from warzone firefight with the normal warzone variants, some people may object about the fact that if you were to add medals to firefight you can get killionaires and unfrigs way too easy.
  • Add some of the epic music we know from halo to make it feel like you're actually playing halo, not just an arcade variant of halo...
  • Put the new pinging system to use, give players an option to ping the enemies location aswell as their own location and give players feedback when they are actually pinging (sound or visually)
Neglected enemies
  • I really hate them, but I have barely seen any jackal snipers (yes they do appear on the round with the banshee raiders)
  • Higher ranked elites
  • Normal hunter pacts
  • Shade turrets (pre-placed)
  • Suicide grunts :(
  • Sword elites
  • Fuel rod elites
  • Fuel rod grunts
  • Binary crawlers
  • I like the randomized objectives and waves, makes it less repetetive even on the same map
  • I like the fact that we get plenty of req points even on loss
  • I like the amount of enemies there's plenty to kill, although with teams obviously it gets alot harder to get kills
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