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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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As a huge halo fan if like to put my input on the Warzone Firefight Beta.

It was a huge amount of fun!

Now to the problems :(

  • Playing a game with random players and coming across the Defend the garage objective is fairly tough mostly because theirs no communication. When I play with even a fireteam of just 4 people we are able to complete the round in about 3min. The objective isn't hard unless the team can completly comunicate to complete it.
  • The other rounds in the gamemode don't really feel like a challenge. A lot of the time the rounds are finished in less than 3min (including the mythic round).
I think a huge solution to this problem would be to just make the matchs tie in to were if you enter the gamemode with a larger fireteam you face harder rounds VS the rounds being as generic as they are.

Now I totally understand that this is just a beta but, it won't hurt to think about it...

Also let me know what you guys think community!

Also my gamertag is: JAFARZADEH (incase you guys/gals wanted to team up on some Warzone!)
It is fun to play. I am only really having one problem the map never changes. It gets old after a few rounds. Should add more maps
Warzone FF is great and an amazing addition to warzone that changes the same bland game type

do feel like the respawn is a little bit annoying at times say for example when the bosses are at one end of the map and the game spawns you at the other end and by the time you trek all the way back your teammates have already killed the boss, bit of a more specific example, when you play the round 3 defend garage round the game will often if not all the time span you in one of the two caves and sometimes (a lot of times) there will be a knight or a phaeton waiting to almost instantly mow you down

great way to farm ai, boss, and legendary kills but kinda cheapens it for those who worked hard enough to get the commendation through normal warzone

also feel its too short for a survival type game with each round lasting 5 mins and 5 rounds per game it means the max amount of time a game can be is 25 mins. i often find myself having to play at least 2 or 3 games (not including games that end early) just to get a proper fill, this also allows the rounds to get more and more hard as the game progresses, currently only round 5 and maybe 4 provide that thrill of a survival game
speaking of the games length i also feel that the only cool reqs become available at around round 4 or 5 if its slow making the whole warzone aspect kinda mute unless you have a massive arsenal

still a great game type only minor complaints, cant wait to see more maps bosses and wave patterns
The "Defend the Garage" task just sux.
Impossible to survive inside the small space with so many warping in. If they materialized outside the garage, and we had to actually defend and stop them from entering would be better...
I would try to make the rounds go higher instead of completing 5 rounds bump it up to 10-15 rounds maybe add the classic firefight of endless enemies coming in the battle zone and see how far you and the other players can make it? Either way I love the new idea you guys are making with this game !
I've tried to play a few different ways to test this new game mode works:
  • solo
  • with a few (2/3) friends
  • with a full party of 8
  • Bringing out lost of vehicles
  • Bringing out lots of power weapons
  • no REQs (just loadouts)
I'm happy to say that it's been a fun experience no matter how I went in. I won more often than I've lost and usually only lost in the defend the garage round if the team was mostly randoms without mics. Even when I lost though it didn't feel like a waste of time because I was having plenty of fun.

I feel more comfortable spawning in my power weapons and vehicles in this mode because I feel I get to play with them more. I love being able to spawn a tank and have it last for more than a minute or two.

It's definitely a change of pace from the other game modes Halo 5 has to offer. I can't wait to see how this plays on other maps!
meecca wrote:
Please do not give weapon commendations from FF, they would lose their whole point as it would be so easy to farm them. I like to earn them. I agree with getting a kill medal for killing the warden so you'll know if it was you who got the last shot.
They're not given out in FF, I checked my Commendations on my Suppressor to see if the numbers changed after the game and it was the same as before.

Enemy commendations for aliens are.
This version is fun... gets repetitive but fun. I suck through slow ping/ High latency.
There is lots to fix before this becomes really enjoyable. Last round my Bullets wouldn't register hits (connection speed? or something different) . I got 0 points in one round of 23 kills and a player that didn't make a single kill got 7,000 points...That Garage round is just stupid to hard to fast.
the competition on points makes it less a team game and one of back stabbing and greed. me with a slower connection has no hope as the others get hi req levels fast and then get bigger weapons fast.. and i am left with my you-know-what in my hands.
is there any reason why we must use fricken american servers for gaming??? the lag is horrendous 256ms.... impossible!
Its fun and all, But it needs the revive feature from the campaign.
Almost there, but missing something.

I enjoy the gametype, however right now it feels just like Warzone. The thing that made "classic" Firefight so addictive (especially in ODST, also in Reach) was the element of peril. If a member of the squad died, he or she was out until the end of the round. Introduction of an elimination element, or at least a revive a la Destiny will help limit the tactic of run, gun, die, wait 10 sec, respawn, repeat. A larger penalty for reckless behavior will go a long way in keeping the tension and teamwork up while the rogue team members punish themselves for reckless behavior. Firefight is a place for teamwork and tactics, not stat buffing.

If someone wants to brag about being best in the game, they can go to Arena.

I look forward to the final iteration!
I really enjoyed the Beta! My only feedback is that the defending the garage is just way too hard.... couple of possible or maybe combine a few of these solutions:

1. Save it till round 4 so we can use some better REQs. It was fun the one time I was doing good enough to call in a SPKNR EX. I had 44 kills that game and we still couldn't defend it.

2. Make it 80 kills instead of 100.

3. Make the garage loss decrease 10% more slowly.

4. Don't allow to spawn right on top of you. Seems like every time a whole group spawn literally right on me as I'm trying to make my way back into garage.

One more note: on the destroy phaeton stage, have boarding phaeton count as destroying. One time one teammate boarded and flew off where no one could shoot him like a d-bag and the match ended because we didn't technically destroy it I guess.
First, I gotta say that I love this mode & as much as I love Halo, I haven't had this much fun on Halo since Halo CE multiplayer. Can't wait til it fully comes out & experience it in different maps.

The 2 main problems I have are spawning points where I'm spawned on the complete opposite side. Also the round where you gotta capture the Garage from all the Prometheans... It always ends in incomplete before the timer stops. Sometimes the defending the garage part starts off with Prometheans spawning on the outside & charging in & that gives a better chance, though I played 4 games in a row ending in incomplete in that same spot before the timer ends.

Also to help with the spawn situation... Maybe we can include reviving teammates like in the campaign mode. At least for Firefight.
343i consider bringing in the revive mechanic from the campaign. That could definitely be fun! Adjust the difficulty of enemies as necessary
Yea I agree with this. The wave system seems to ramp up a bit around round 3. It goes from extremely easy in the first 2 rounds but ramps up significantly. I would wish round 2 would be a bit harder too. But otherwise I love the challenge especially having to deal with the mythic warden and its constant regeneration from the swarm of watchers.

All in all i Really loved the warzone beta and I cannot wait for it to full release (with hopefully more objectives and more maps)
Warzone Firefight is really fun, and the map works surprisingly well. I think there are still quite a few areas that could be improved. Spawning for one. For the Eliminate Knights objective, the crane pit spawn point is simply ridiculous. I've been killed twice in one match by spawning right in the middle of three Knights. Other times (such as when the Wardens are near the home base) the spawns are too far away, especially considering how down to the wire things can get.

In general I think there are a few other ways it can be improved, that would help bring back some of the magic from ODST, Reach and even Halo 4 to a certain extent.

1) On map vehicles. They don't have to be particularly fancy. Just a couple that could take quite a while to respawn. It wouldn't stop people using Reqs, but it could keep things interesting.

2) Enable vehicle hijacking on non-boss vehicles. It was always fun to take the enemy's equipment and use it against them.

3) Reduce the minimum to one player. We could play alone in Spartan Ops but can't in WF? It was always a fun mode to sit back and relax with but like much of Halo 5, it seems to be taking those options away from us.

4) Custom games options. Give us some control over how we play alone or with friends. It was one of the best parts of Reach, and it would be a shame not to have it back.

I feel all of these additions would take something fun and make it amazing.
In addition to this, successfully clearing all rounds and finishing the game in matchmaking should award players with a Warzone Daily Win pack.
So I just got done with a match and experienced a glitch I hadn't seen before. We were on round 3 and had to destroy enemy Phaetons however my teammates spawned 2 of their own Phaetons as well. We were almost done with the round and had two more enemy Phaetons to eliminate but we didn't see any, then we realized at the last minute that the game mistakenly saw my teammate's own Phaetons as the last two enemies we had to eliminate. Ultimately we lost the entire match because of this.

I hope this issue gets fixed.
I highly doubt that two of your teammates managed to reach REQ level 8 and spawn their own phaetons before round 3. Also If I remember correctly, the phaetons spawn in round 4. Perhaps they also spawn in round 3 and I haven't seen it yet? Anyway, what likely happened was those 2 teammates got plasma pistols and hijacked the enemy phaetons. I ran into a random that purposefully hijacked a phaeton so he could fly away and not let us destroy the last phaeton, which ended up causing us to lose. It'll definitely get fixed, but in the meantime all you have to do is destroy that phaeton. Whether it's operated by a teammate, an enemy, or nobody at all, you have to destroy it to move past the round.
It was round 3 however now that you mentioned it I agree that it's much more likely that my teammates hijacked the enemy's phaetons. I probably wasn't paying attention when that happened and assumed my teammates spawned their own.
Again I'd love to see this make it into the final version: Everyone who patrticpates in a boss kill gets said kill added to their commendation progress. I feel like I'm fighting my teammates and the AI because I want to finish Warden Kills (It's my last commendation for AI kills ty WZFF) it is kind of messed up that it takes a wholeteam of eight to kill the Warden or Wardens and only one person gets the kill counted ? Tonight I had someone yoink a Hunter kill from me which happens. However I had taken it from full hp to about 5-10% hp and was about to kill it when my teammate took the kill and I got no commendation progress from that which is messed up. As it stands now Firefight seems to play out like FFA with a facade of team work and I believe if you were to add in the feature I describe that it'd help this situation, thanks to anyone who reads this.

Oh and we should totally get medals in FF (Running riot, Killionare etc.) And they should be announced :D
I just wanted to toss my whopping $.02 into this topic.

I LOVE the Warzone Firefight gametype.
I LIKE the randomization... but even with that it has become a bit routine. I've played it a bunch, and so maybe part of it is because the BETA only had Escape from A.R.C. Hopefully there will be more randomization amongst the rounds.
I ENJOY the oddities of things that go on... like the Jackals with Beam Rifles.
I DON'T enjoy constantly facing Warden Eternal as a Mythic... so I was happy to see the Knights when I finally did see them.

Overall, this is a GREAT gametype and I hope it becomes a permanent playlist SOON!!!
Thanks for the great time!!!
Redfoxie06 wrote:
The "Defend the Garage" task just sux.
Impossible to survive inside the small space with so many warping in. If they materialized outside the garage, and we had to actually defend and stop them from entering would be better...
iv'e only completed it three times
This would be great if i was not in the pay to win part of the multiplayer :(
Need to nerf some of the magnetism on enemies too... Like once a charged incineration cannon shot brushed past my ghost and just that was enough to blow it up somehow. Also you can actually see plasma shots literally curving to go and home onto a spartan and thats a bit too excessive. link of incineration cannon blowing me up :(
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