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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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Awesome beta. Thanks 343 for keeping the content rolling.

Firefight specific maps would be great.
Had fun playing firefight but there are 3 things I would like to see if possible 1)More rounds 2)16 players if possible and 3)Spawn closer to the action instead of on the other side of the map in time based rounds that sucks your eating up most of your time getting there. Then there was 1 glitch I noticed to where my load outs after selecting them defaulted back to the starting load out but it's a beta and I know you guys are still working out the bugs other than that it was AWSOME, can't wait to see the final product!!!
I never had an issue logging in. I had maybe 2 or 3 instances where the connection was lost. I for one loved this! I preferred it to the original warzone. I hope it becomes a permanent thing.
Please let us set our loadouts for each req level ONCE and be done with it. The average warzone player spends 2.5 years of their life in the req menu. 86% of that time is spent updating their loadout for each req level.
It would be better if you introduce more kinds of legendary enemies, firefight could be better. Besides, maybe a posibility is enemies don´t stop comming for a different mode inside Firefight
Thanks for putting the Warzone Fire Fight beta up, I really enjoyed it and so I have a few suggestions I would like to put forward.

I think 5 rounds was a bit short especially since the first round is always the "warm up" round, so maybe extend it to 6 or 7 rounds? I found the AI to be just about challenging enough and was fun to fight against but the mythic level bosses seemed to behave almost identical to the legendary versions (except with more health). So to switch it up a bit, would it be fun for them to hunt us (with their minions) instead of standing in the same area when everyone is just sniping them?

My favourite objective type has to be defend the garage. That was more challenging than the others and felt different - can this be done for the other bases as well? So instead of always being the garage, how about defend the west armoury? The other objectives were basically kill 'x' type of enemy and those do feel repetitive very quickly. How about do like a 'strong hold' hybrid where there are two areas on the map and you have to secure both of them to score points. 50 points in 5mins? Dunno the best value, I guess you guys can test that. (The areas can be stationary, or changed to another spot after some time?)

Another game type could be like arming a bomb in different locations on the map? So there are 3 or 4 heavily guarded areas on the map, and you have a time limit to arm devices in 3 of the 4 secured areas to win the round?

From the above I think you can tell I like the stronghold/assault game types in Arena :) I hope my ideas can be considered.

Thank you,

KivaV2 wrote:
i lov. Warzon firefight but dear god nerf the defend the garage mission way to hard! Also here is an idea make it 7 rounds instead of 5 7 is halos lucky number and add more survival missions just survive the waves type of thing would be really cool over all love it though
You just need better strategy for the garage defense mission. Get to level 5 and wait in the garage for the start of round and spawn a Wraith (spawn it at the garage so the vehicle enters the battlefield close to the objective.) Then take a hard left and back up into the red tunnel. From there you can blast away at the troops in the ground level of the garage. Remember to stay INSIDE the tunnel so when you get targeted by phatons you can back up and avoid fire. You will also encounter 2 mob spawns to the left and right of the tunnel entrance (you get 1 knight spawn each side.)

If you do this right you should end up on level 8 or 9 at the end of the round and easy mode garage has been completed

Enjoy :)
Way too easy. That's my main request. Make it harder, mythic bosses are easy. I went a match with load out only and won. Perhaps also consider a lives system. Once all lives run out the player is open for revives. Give us even more mythic bosses at a time, make it harder. I feel we should have more mythic hunters, more mythic warden eternals to fight at a time. My final request is, give us bosses in every round that don't have to be defeated to win the round, just make them get in the players way- speaking of which the phaeton a are easy to bypass while defending Garage, so fix that too. That's all my requests for now
All in all it was a good experience, with just one issue; the round 3 defense mission with the Prometheans. That is just way to difficult, even for a team working together. The only way to win is to hold the base, but that is easier said than done when the Prometheans spawn right inside in! They either have to reduce the difficulty of the enemy units during that round, or they have to stop letting the Prometheans spawn in the base.
I think the firefight beta was OK the only problem I had was when the enemies were in the middle and we had to take it back was a little bit harder than I thought should add more players and add more time
Warzone Firefight was the only game type that I played since they releases the beta. When they releases the full game type am going to be playing this game all day. I Would love to see 343 add some new maps to all the warzone maps and some new game types add to Warzone Firefight and a bonus round for completing the match within the time frame and had skull to the Firefight you can't have that game type with out skull that's what makes Firefight more challenging come on 343 make it happen. Thank you for letting us paly the Firefight Beta.
Overall I can say that Warzone firefight is a great game type. But there are a couple things i noticed that need some adjustments.

1. In the objective to kill phaetons, it is possible to hijack them. I don't know if this is supposed to be this way seeing as how you can't hijack banshees. but if a teammate hijacks a phaeton during this objective the phaeton is still considered alive and the round won't end until it is destroyed. I had one game were a teammate would not get out of the phaeton and we couldn't kill him so the objective would not end. We would've lost the round had he not splattered me and I booted him. I don't think they're meant to be hijacked. But if they are than at least fix how the objective works.

2. weapon despawn time seems to be back to the way it was before. Way too short. There were plenty of times where id spawn a weapon, walk outside, and a random banshee bomb flying towards a teammate would hit me instead. I would die without having that weapon for more than 3 seconds. Respawn, sprint to where I died and there was nothing there. A wasted req. maybe a teammate picked it up? But it seems to disappear every single time so I doubt it.

3. Not getting credit for a boss takedown even though i was doing damage the entire time. Plenty of times where our team would clear out all the enemies until only the boss was left. All fire was focused on the boss. Id be shooting them until they die but i didn't get any credit for the kill. This upsets me because I strive to get the highest score. But when I'm not getting credit for kills like I should be and everyone else is and they pass me in score, its kinda unfair.

4. The post game carnage is all messed up. It's almost like its mixing everyones scores up. Id finish a game with a perfect 30,000 points and when I looks in the post game report it would say have have way lower, and someone with very few kills and takedowns would have 30,000.

5. Something that I noticed right away in my first or second game was that I would spawn in a vehicle from the spawn menu and it would spawn me across the map from the objective. The objective would be in one of the home bases, I'd spawn a scorpion or mantis and it would spawn me in the opposite home base. Then id have drive the thing all the way across the map. And because the scorpion and mantis are so slow, id miss out on the objective completely. I think it needs to be fixed so it spawns you in whichever base is closest to the current objective. The one way i got around it was to go to the base i wanted to spawn at and order it from that req station. Then it would spawn me at that specific base.

6. The phantoms are crazy and you can't do anything about it. With the combination of the cannons on the front and the turrets on the side, plus the fact that they stay for so long makes it really annoying. Even more annoying if they continue to shoot you long after they have left. I tried shooting the gunners off the turrets but i didn't get any hitmarkers so i assumed I wasn't doing any damage. I never actually tried shooting the cannon off the front so I don't know if you can or not. But i think you should at least be able to shoot the gunners off. Its not like they're grunts and can be shot off super easy. They're elites for crying out loud. And they'll kill you before you can get into cover.

I don't want this to be completely negative. Im sure 343i has plenty of people bagging on them for all the things they need to fix. So I'm gonna include some positive points.

1. The defend the garage objective is amazing. It really gives you that old firefight feeling. Its chaotic and fun. and very balanced I've had plenty of games where we passed and plenty of games were we didn't. Its all about teamwork. The best strategy I found is when the whole team is out, they need to focus fire all on the bottom and clear it as fast as they can. Then move in to prevent the capture, then move to the upper floor and clear that.

2. Good job balancing the game. Its very easy to win if the team is working together. However if they aren't, its very easy to lose as well.

3. Before I thought that there wasn't even variety and that it got kinda stale. But then I remembered that there will be plenty of maps to play on when it releases. I can't wait to see how this plays on other maps. As long as they aren't the same objectives.

Overall I think this is a great game type and i can't wait for it to be officially released. It really brings back that old firefight feel. Its not the classic firefight i wanted. but i do think it is a good addition to the game.
jose1824 wrote:
It would be better if you introduce more kinds of legendary enemies, firefight could be better. Besides, maybe a posibility is enemies don´t stop comming for a different mode inside Firefight.
More legendary bosses would be great. Waves of enemies would be cool too, but don't know if they can swing that. Hope they come up with some good stuff after the beta and all the feedback.
i truly had a amazing time in the firefight beta on halo 5. i love how no matter what you got great players in games and i also love how the bosses and enemy kills increase the commendations cause right now i need 6 more hunter kills to get all covenant kills and get my warden up to teir 5 and finish that up and then i got all enemy kills for both forerunner and covenant.

343 i wish to truly thank you all for working so had on making the beta so much fun for us halo fans and i hope you continue this.

ps. i was hoping you guys could maybe make it so we players can also play as elites if it not too much to ask.
sincerely. Spawnkill3r89
it was good, there is one spot upstairs in a corner by the req station wich made defend the base alot easier
Warzone maps should not be played in Firefight. It needs maps that are designed for Firefight. Also, count hijack as a kill.
The Warzone Firefight Beta has arrived, and we want to hear your feedback! Be sure to let us know what you think in this official thread.

The Warzone Firefight Beta is available until April 18, don't wait to jump in!

The Warzone Firefight Beta is all systems go. To thank you for your patience, we're extending the Beta an extra day (until Tuesday the 19th)!
I think it would be nice to have this be timeless, It gets harder and harder as it goes. Then create a ranking system for top score as a team and individually. More competitive, the more Reqs will be used, the more money will be made. Everyone is happy. Casual gamers can just ignore the ranking. Note: ranking would be a list of top 100 wins/ top 100 players.

Maybe add lives as well as the revive mechanic from campaign (doesnt waste lives).

Right now, its far too easy. To clarify, me and my friends were able to do this with using few to no Req's. While reqs should not be a requirement, it goes to show you that its easy. Just pick up grunts plasma pistols to destroy vehicles.

Make a map that has to do with the scarab. This would involve more air vehicles, as well as add more diversity.

Increase player count to 12. or even 16, but no more. Make this an EPIC battle, not just an 8 player campaign.
Firefight Beta was really awsome I actually enjoyed it... Cant wait for the full released 10 out of 10 👍😁👏
Over all loved it! However things to consider trying to change I believe would be ammo, especially for power weapons. I spent a ton of time running to a req center cause I wouldn't even have enough ammo with both guns for one round. (And I'm a dang good shot) and only used a few power weapons till I realized how worthless they are with so little ammo. Mostly I just stuck to Vic's powerful unlimited ammo. Complaining without a solution is my pet peeve. So how do we fix it? I'd say more ammo for standard weapons. Also some system should be put in to acquire more ammo for power weapons, without having to use all your weapon reqs cards. So either more ammo to start with or even make it so we can "buy" them. By using x amount of your req progress you can refill ammo. Kinda the same way of using power weapon or Vic's you have to be that req level, but instead you can use it for more ammo without using another card. Just food for thought.
Warzone Firefight is really fun, and the map works surprisingly well. I think there are still quite a few areas that could be improved. Spawning for one. For the Eliminate Knights objective, the crane pit spawn point is simply ridiculous. I've been killed twice in one match by spawning right in the middle of three Knights. Other times (such as when the Wardens are near the home base) the spawns are too far away, especially considering how down to the wire things can get.

In general I think there are a few other ways it can be improved, that would help bring back some of the magic from ODST, Reach and even Halo 4 to a certain extent.

1) On map vehicles. They don't have to be particularly fancy. Just a couple that could take quite a while to respawn. It wouldn't stop people using Reqs, but it could keep things interesting.

2) Enable vehicle hijacking on non-boss vehicles. It was always fun to take the enemy's equipment and use it against them.

3) Reduce the minimum to one player. We could play alone in Spartan Ops but can't in WF? It was always a fun mode to sit back and relax with but like much of Halo 5, it seems to be taking those options away from us.

4) Custom games options. Give us some control over how we play alone or with friends. It was one of the best parts of Reach, and it would be a shame not to have it back.

I feel all of these additions would take something fun and make it amazing.
In addition to this, successfully clearing all rounds and finishing the game in matchmaking should award players with a Warzone Daily Win pack.
One final thing. For the purposes of objectives, hijacking an enemy vehicle needs to either count as destroying it or trigger another one to spawn. It currently breaks the destroy all Phaetons objective and blocking hijacking isn't the answer.
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