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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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Enemies takeover the base when you're inside it they for sure need to change that.
Skulls should be added to the gametype. This would increase the difficulty and give it a classic firefight feeling. The combination of skulls activated should be random every time you play. (I also agree with the people saying there should be an increase in the number of rounds)
My first play thoughts, Was too easy and too short, and i think too many players comparing with the numbers of AIs
Lots of fun. Only issue I ran into was Warden kills will show a medal onscreen and in game history on waypoint, but no commendation credit (happens in regular warzone sometimes also).
5 rounds is way too short, there needs to be a better reward to the players, people are using some very powerful reqs without much reward.
This game mode is pure laziness on 343's parts. Its simply warzone without an enemy team so its boring and stupid. So many things need to be changed here:

1. Life limit. - Simply not firefight and not fun without this.

2. Need unlimited levels with increasing difficulty.

3. Custom matches - so if you and another person want to try and tackle it on your own, you can at least try.

4. If your going to keep this stupid objective system, have at lease one objective which has your back up against a wall (like in a base).

5. Less players. more strategy. - In the original firefight you would actually have to use teamwork. Now its just a bunch of idiots running around aimlessly.

6. You won't do this because you guys are lazy, but the mode needs its own maps. If you keep the mode on the warzone maps, It needs to more focused. If you simply held up one of the bases it would be so much better.

Overall this just isn't firefight, and needs drastic fixes. I do like how they included reqs, but its just too easy and too quick. Firefight was all about defeating the odds and seeing how long you could last. These changes that I outlined would help bring back something else 343 has ruined, like the half -Yoinked!- story they put in this game. STOP CUTTING CORNERS. Just because you want to take a "new direction" on something doesn't mean it's going to be good. The mediocrity that the people in this community accept because something is shiny and new is just unbelievable.

Its important to note that all of the items on this list were in the old firefight, and need to be implemented here.

In my opinion, they really blew this one. Very disappointed and their mistake needs to be fixed.
(TLDR In spoiler) (pardon if im bad at reviewing..i haven't really done it before cx)
Warzone Firefight (in its current state) is an amazing spectical of action,risk,intense battles,powerful bosses,and the stress of being timed.

The flow is pretty nice. Its fast paced but its still slow enough to really stratigize and the intermission makes it perfect to get your power weapons and vehicles ready

The bosses are extremely powerful. No this is not negative at all. It makes the game much more challenging,but it doesn't make it impossible. it is perfect.

The only think i 'dislike' about Warzone Firefight is i feel like it should have its own maps (or variants like warzone assault)
//things that would be nice//
Custom games would be awesome as well (limit the RP earned though to prevent farming)

Possibly longer rounds? and maybe have a separate playlist for unlimited rounds?

skulls should come back if possible ^-^ and possibly more A.I or less players?

//Side Note// Please make warzone turbo a thing...and maybe even firefight turbo? as a placeholder for arcadefight?

Overall i think it is a solid game mode and worthy of Halo ^-^ I love it <3
There was a glitch or some kind of instance where when Mythic Warden would appear with a bunch of watchers. We would clear out the watchers, because if we did, they would instantaneously heal the warden back to full health. The problem is that the watchers were spawning way faster than we could take them down, and kept healing him almost instantly.
Every game I've played I've been dropped part way thru saying I've lost connection to the server. The last time resulted in a Warzone ban. My NAT is open, I ran network, & multiplayer tests. It's all good there. Any suggestions on how I can not be dropped from Firefight games or is this a server issue?
I love how this game mode is based off communication yet I have yet to play a single game where more than one person is talking, lol

Regardless, I love the beta, I know a lot of people have commented on the length of the matches, but I think they're fine as is, especially for people who won't be able to play for hours on end. Now then, I do have some ideas/suggestions to help appease some of the complaints I've seen. Firstly, I think replacing the timer with a life counter would be nice, or alternate between the two for different objective types, letting people be rash for some bosses, and more strategic for others. Also, people have been saying they want limitless rounds, and for that, I suggest a type of week-long playlist rotation, where the difficulty of the objectives are completely random from round to round. Like how turbo was implemented, but for a whole week. Obviously, starting the team off with easier objectives would be ideal, then after a certain number of rounds is when the difficulty starts to randomize. Adding an Action Sack playlist to arena, then alternating between having a social playlist one week on a specific game type in arena to a turbo/limitless ff/unlimited req mode in warzone, so as to not cause too much strain on the servers. This setup would be perfect for more casual players of all kinds. Another suggestion would be having bosses carry weapons other than the normal variants of the ones the usually have. Like throw in Endurance of Will with his River of Light, or a special elite with a cool plasma caster, maybe even add in the Arbiter, and adding in UNSC bosses would be cool, too. Like having to go up against a mythic hanibal mantis or tank, using marines as infantry, making specialized classes of marines with different weapons, and adding in blue team/Osiris as mythics would be dope, too. One last thing would be to add more vehicle variants as bosses, like a mythic wraith ultra or banshee ultra, or maybe even a new kind of phaeton???? Idk, the possibilities are endless. I'm really excited as to where this game has been going, and we're still not done yet. Keep up the great work, guys!
I've only played a couple of rounds but I like it a lot already!

I think this is nicely balanced in terms of difficulty: if you're well coordinated, it's a breeze but if you're with a bunch of lone-wolves it becomes more difficult.

Like a lot of people here, I'm sure that we'll have lots of ideas once we play more but at this stage the only constructive feedback I could offer would be in regards to the spawning locations/system. Buddy spawns (maybe)?
General first impressions:

-It's too short.
I'm going to assume that I'm correct in thinking that the 5 round limit is just a technical test. For the official release, I really do think firefight needs to be longer, and of course, req point rewards increased.
-The rounds aren't diverse enough.
There could definitely be some more variability in the types of objectives. I understand that Warzone firefight is primarily a boss rush, but I believe it's possible to keep it fresh.
-Rounds should be tougher, but reqs should also be more readily available.
Every game, I find myself just sticking to loadout weapons and then cashing in the level 8-9 reqs to take out the mythic bosses. You should make the preliminary rounds more challenging, and then to compensate, increase the rewards so we can utilize the power weapons.
I wish that they bring back the old fire fight to survive waves but now this is Spartan ops to hunt down bosses but on a time limit.
Here's my thoughts.

One, it's awesome. It's very awesome. Most fun I've had in ages.

The 100 Crawlers wave tends to be a touch tedious, Not difficult, just tedious. Perhaps reducing count to 75 or moving it up to Round 2...?

The Banshee Raiders wave seems very uncommon. Also, four a Round 4 wave they tend to not do much other than award free points. Like their Raid on Apex 7 counterparts, they just fly in circles a bunch and get shot at. The banshees that accompany Tankmaster Rok are VERY aggressive and often do a lot of damage. The Banshee Raiders? Every time their wave comes up, they fly in a straight line across the battlefield, and only once they reach the other end do they actually begin doing anything. Usually there's only one left by that point.

Defend the Garage is also fairly uncommon, and it appears to be the toughest. That's good. Tough waves are good, but it comes up so infrequently...

The triple Warden fight and other Round 5 waves are... Fairly underwhelming usually. It isn't the bosses or the wave composition, not at all. It's the fact that by that round everyone is at REQ level 7 ~ 9, and are fielding multiple heavy vehicles. The last Triple Warden round there was no less than four tanks - one of them a Hannibal Tank - and two banshees swarming them. All the tanks survived, and only one of the banshees got shot down.
The fifth round often has a lot of vehicles get called in, and I usually see the round finished before it hits the One Minute Left mark. Usually.

Other than some Waves being less common than others, and the Fifth Round generally being a breeze, this has been absolutely amazing and I truly look forward to seeing more. New wave types, new boss variants, the rest of the Warzone maps... It'll be great.
That is actually one thing I'd love to see - is more wave variation. Like the Darkstar prometheans that pull in vehicles against you, that was unique.

As a minor note, Palmer sounds almost bored when announcing the intro. Certainly a lot less enthusiastic than standard Warzone. I hope that intro isn't final since the way its introduced just doesn't suit the excitement of Firefight!
Lose connection to server after match
-Warzone firefight is fun. I think the the first 3 rounds should be a little harder ( besides base defense).
-Mythic Hunter boss battle is too easy. (add jackel snipers to help?)
-For the final round add more stronger enemy's and reduce enemys that are easy to kill , like the grunts and prowlers.
-Add gravity hammer enemies if you havn't already.
-more unique mini bosses with weapons such as , hydra and laser or in a mantis and tanks.

Suggestion/ Idea
-To make early rounds harder , make the kill limit for some of the rounds higher. For example instead of kill 100 grunts make it 125 or 150 etc.
-Add a grunt boss or a horde of grunts with a void tear plasma pistol

I think in the future, Warzone firefight should have a weekend playlist (a special event) that is more like the traditional firefight ( Fight wave after wave with limited lives). You can use this to reward people ( A req pack with exclusive weapon skin or armor) for completing a wave 10 or something that is challenging like in halo odst.
Few things to say - was fun for a bit but once again the D bags of the gaming world started pouring in firefight got old fast. unless 343 changes it to where you can go in with however many people you want up to 8 but doesn't need the full 8 to start the firefight it's gonna suck and a waste of time. Hoping they make it where if you have say 5 friends you want to play FF with you can start a firefight with only your party. 5/6 FF I played in there was always 3-4 D bags that were trolling the game you'd try and get reqs they'd shoulder slam you off the req point or run you over with a vehicle or sit there in a corner and do nothing. I really hope 343 doesnt F up firefight it was a really fun thing to play with friends and you could do endless rounds of it not just 5 waves. Make it fun like it use to be don't limit us to a certain amount of waves or limit us to having to play with these D bags that have no purpose in life but to be rude and ruin the fun of the gaming world.
Its very fun, i do love it. The one things that kills the fun is how the plasma turret gunners on the Phantoms are invulnerable to any weapon. Their turrets are incredibly powerful too, which wouldn't be too big of a problem if the gunners were vulnerable to attacks like all other AI.

I think the length is fine, its only challenging when the AI bunches up in the Garage. Skulls would be a great addition for when players want a crazy challenge!
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I feel enemies have too many homing projectile weapons like boltshots. These weapons make strafing less useful and force you to hide behind cover too much. Hiding in a corner slows gameplay.

Dillon B.
Iowa, USA
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