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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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So, if you spend your match as a driver; you get next to no assists, wheelmen should be implemented in to Warzone Firefight for AI kills. Nothing worse than using an Assist Boost, and it going nowhere despite you assisting your team mate on the back of your Warthog.
While Warzone Firefight is quite impressive already, I think we can all agree that adding more diverse AI enemies would enrich the overall experience. As much as we would like drones, skirmishers, brutes, engineers, flood, rebel UNSC (ODST, spartans, marines), or even hardlight energy form AI's (such as Cortana) as enemies, this might be impractical to implement. Therefore, here are some suggestions for more diverse AIs (that wouldn't require too much time to implement):

  • Suicide grunts that carry plasma grenades on both hands
  • Suicide elites with Ravening Silvers that attempt to sprint and spartan charge at you
  • Specops Ultra Elite with a Vorpal Talon as a boss
  • More invisible enemies (grunts and/or elites) around the map, not just in the armory
  • Promethean Soldier Snipers (like in campaign), who wield lightrifles or binary rifles, but easy to headshot and kill
  • Soldiers that wield Hydra Launchers (like in Battle of Noctus)
  • More Promethean controlled vehicles (mantis, warthog, gungoose, banshees, wraiths, such as in Skirmish at Darkstar)
  • More Covenant vehicles such as regular ghosts, regular wraiths (which are not bosses)
  • Regular hunters (not bosses), which are much easier to kill
  • More beam jackals (like Halo 2), but some should carry carbines (the light on their head makes them easy to headshot)
  • Grunts that carry fuel rod guns
  • Jetpack Elites that dual-wield brute plasma rifles
  • Some crawlers that carry binary rifles (sniper crawlers, similar to campaign)
Any other ideas are welcome :)
Finish the game you get a win. Thats all I think needs to be changed.
Certain mobs will attempt to attack you through thin walls, and may cluster and simply stare at you from the other side of a thin wall. For example, if you hide in the corner of the upstairs req room in the garage, crawlers coming up the stairs may simply stop and attempt to attack you through the wall (to no avail).

Also mob animations are shoddy so far; many will skip. Possibly due to the lag? Good thing there's a beta!
FireFight is amazing I've literally played matches today. 343 Consider adding more covenant enemies and I know this may sound out of place but since infection is coming out soon could you make a bonus round where literally hordes of flood swarm the map and players have to defend it?
I am enjoying firefight but I am feeling a little bit uninterested, it isnt difficult and so far we have one every round with at least 2 minutes remaining. I think a good way to make it interesting would be to make enemies get more difficult (like the skulls of ODST and Reach firefight). I think making some of the rounds based on survival would be a good addition, such as "stay alive for all 5 minutes but you only respawn once" or something.

I think adding a set, round, wave mode like ODST would go a long way to make the gameplay more interesting as well. I have thought of a way to make it work well within the matchmaking system.
Actual games are seperated into sets, so at first the only set you have available to search for and play is "Set 1". After winning a match on that set, you are given access to search for "Set 2" games, which is more difficult. As long as you win each match consecutively, you will be able to play the next set. When you lose however, you will be forced to restart to only being able to play Set 1. This separates the mode into games of regular length instead of one continuous game, and would be able to easily adjust difficulty for higher progression.

I hope that makes sense.
Just a few ideas to toss into the objectives discussion: Why not have asymmetric objectives? Randomly assign some objectives to a few players while other players have a different one. Make them have to go to different parts of the map to complete them. Hopefully we have more varied objectives in the full version. Some ideas:
-Loved the suggestion above of naming one or two players a VIP and making the others have to protect them (maybe those VIPs have different stats or something to go with it?)
-Item/NPC procurement and extraction
-King of the Hill type objectives where you have to secure areas around the map and/or move through checkpoints around a map

I understand why they wanted to include the REQ system, but I feel that it severely limits the ways the game can challenge players as well as the types of objectives you can have. I mean, how cool would it be to have to break into an armory to get some good weapons? Or have a round with pistols only? Or make it so there's one or two spawns of a weapon you have to use to remove shields on an enemy before the others can damage them?

Also, I said it previously on here and my comment still stands: CUSTOMS and PRIVATE MATCHES--I know both are unlikely given their choice of Warzone and REQs being "integral" to the setup... but one can dream.
This is firefight, not VIP bro. The req system works just fine in this game mode. It plays great. Not sure why every Tom, -Yoink-, and Harry who all just came out of the woodwork to put their .02 cents in think 343 is gonna add all their crazy requests in. It's downright comical a lot of these posts I've read. Hey while we're at it, can we get a scarab that shoots out rainbow beams 343? lololololololol
First of all, thanks for providing a beta to spend some extra time to get some feedback here, there are a few things I'd like to note for considerations and a few "issues" to report.

Issues / Bugs
  • Sometimes when respawning, you respawn right next to enemy AI to be greeted with almost an instantaneous death right after respawn. This seems to be most notorious during a "Knight Hunt" round.
  • If you Skyjack a Phaeton during a Phaeton Hunt round, you cannot proceed until you exit / remove the vehicle.
  • Why are REQ Point gains capped at 2100, when you can get through half of round 3 and get to 2000? The cap should be removed for WZ FF and be directly tied to your performance. You should also remove the "Score Limit" of 30000 in this case. If you're not going to do this, then see below section for "Battlegrounds", "Legendary", "Onslaught", and "Endless" modes.
  • (?) AI can capture the garage even when players are present inside to contest.
  • One of the cloaked elites had a scattershot in an earlier match, not sure if this was intentional or not, but it definitely caught me by surprise.
  • Killing Warden Eternal with less than 7 seconds on the clock will still result in a failure due to his prolonged death animation.
  • Garage Defense needs to be toned down a little bit in terms of difficulty (Reduce # of Knights, or enemy kill count), or move it to Round 4. I'm also noticing this one occurs quite frequently compared to other encounters.
  • Loosen the damage requirements for "assists", I've had quite a few kills swiped under me and not even getting an assist for it.
  • Add some REQs for base fortifications (Turret Mounts, AI Turrets, Etc)
  • Core Defense Objective, Perhaps throw a boss in the mix of that too.
  • Mixed Objective Rounds: Kill 'x' boss while defending the Garage / Core, would be a great Round 5 objective and would lead to some intense finishes.
  • Optional Round Objectives that provide bonus Req Level gains, weapons, power ups, or even bonus REQ Points upon match completion.
  • Add Kill Spree medals to WZ FF (That was always hilarious in Reach to watch Killionaire after Killionaire pop)
  • Custom Games variant of FF that will work on Forged Maps (Add special forge objects that mark spawn locations, etc)
Additional WZ FF Mode Ideas (Playlists)
  • Warzone Firefight Battlegrounds: A longer duration of the current game that goes to Round 7 - 10. To compensate, you can reduce the amount of REQ levels you gain per round. This mode will need to have higher REQ point gains to compensate for longer duration.
  • Warzone Firefight Legendary: 5 Round Game mode with harder encounters and a round life cap for the team. Double rewards and faster REQ level gains.
  • Warzone Firefight Onslaught: Unlimited time mode where continually spawning enemies that get tougher as time progresses march on a base to destroy your core. Hold out as long as possible. REQ Points gains are unlimited and based on team performance. (*1)
  • Warzone Firefight Endless: Continual Firefight Mode with limited team life cap that can be pooled on by team members earning points (IE: 10000 = +1 Respawn for Team Pool). REQ Point gain based on individual performance with no limits to how high you can go. (*1)
*1: Since these modes have no victory conditions, you'll need to create some kind of an "average measure": How well do "most" teams do, and did your team hit this average marker. If you reached it, then you've met the "victory" condition.
1.) VIP Rounds
It would be interesting if there was a protect the VIP round. One (or multiple) player(s) at random are selected as the VIP and all the enemies mainly go after the VIP. The rest of the team has to protect the VIP for the round. If it is too hard, perhaps the VIP can have an overshield.

2.) Surviving a Round=Bonus Points
Now, there is no incentive to live throughout a round. Many times I ran out of ammo and died on purpose so I could get more grenades and ammo without having to walk all the way back to a REQ station. If you survive a round, you should get more points at the least.

3.) Colonist Insurgent Enemies
It would be awesome if humans were another faction to fight. At the very least, having UNSC vehicle bosses (taken over by other factions) like warthogs, scorpions, and mantises (manti?) would be fun.

4.) It's too easy... (Limited number of lives per round?)
Because we have infinite lives, it doesn't feel like "Firefight". It's not stressful. I think it would be better if we had a limited number of lives per round. Say I had X lives per round and died X times for the round. If my team survives, then I can come back for the next round similar to breakout. Give people a reason to help each other. Perhaps implement the revive mechanic from campaign.

Also, thanks for the rounds where you can steal a phaeton. I'm level 99 and still haven't unlocked the thing so I never get to fly it.
Probably seeing this a lot, but fix the "defend the base" objective. Enemies spawning INSIDE the base is just too much to handle.
Needs to have more agressive ai
Protect the Garage is WAY too difficult! I haven't made it through that part once. It either needs less enemies charging at once, or for them to capture the base slower. The closest I've gotten is 88/100 enemies. This is the only part of Warzone Firefight I consistently cannot beat and it is in round three.

Also vehicle kills to count for commendations for the major bosses in this mode.
Do not make nonconstructive posts.

i think its amazing good work 343
Probably seeing this a lot, but fix the "defend the base" objective. Enemies spawning INSIDE the base is just too much to handle.
Agreed. Getting killed from spawning enemies inside the base while you're accessing the req system isn't cool.
I love the gameplay so far, it's amazing! I love the challenges, and the enemies.

The only think I'd like is for it to be a little more rewarding. I get around 2,000 to 2,200 Req Points, and 4,000 to 5,000 XP each game. I feel like it should almost be 3000 Req Points, and 8 to 9,000 XP. Just for the hard work or whatever we did in the game, and add a boss kill bonus, maybe and extra 500. (It'd only wanna make people play it more, and it'd feel amazing to get that nice reward after every game.)

Now I know the full version of this doesn't come out til I think July, I'd love to have more than 5 rounds.

So far everything is great, and I hope to see some more rounds or better rewards. It's a challenge, and it is something that I've been waiting for. I love the content, and hope to see more stuff added in Warzone Firefight later on! :)
I think it is GREAT!. I have a long way to go to be a good shot, playing with a team, fore a common goal, us against the bad guys. I contribute all I can to win. Working as a team is what it is all about!
WOw you get the final kill and time still runs out! HARSH
I want to start off by saying, i LOVE the Warzone FireFight!!!!! Although i have a few things that i have questions about, for one i think the enemies should pop up red on the radar like the normal enemy Spartans do. It would be very helpful! And second, I am confused about the scoring system, I have had a higher score, more boss take downs, and more legendary boss take downs than other people but yet i was placed under them in the final ranking. I'm not sure if there is a glitch in the scoring system or if its a different system altogether. Another thing that seems to happen a lot is getting a crazy good REQ weapon and dying, of course i'm going to go back and try to grab it but it is always gone! It would be nice if the Weapons on the ground would stay there longer. I do understand that the weapons on the ground go away when the next round comes and that is understandable, but we should be able to go back and grab a weapon. And lastly, i think that you should have to kill every last enemy on the map before the next round starts, i feel like it is being cut short by having the leftover enemies just disappear after the bosses are killed.
If anyone has any answers to my questions please let me know!!!
ooppys wrote:
More end game REQ points. Gameplay is not = to regular WZ. I use more REQ cards in FF compared to normal WZ, so minimum 3000 rp per winning match

Update: Req energy should reset to your max every end round

Update 2: To end a round, you must clean the whole battlefield of enemies. Killing bosses only is too easy

Update 3: "Kill X amount of enemy" spawns should be less predictable. Make us move to areas where maybe we can't spatter them. I can do circles in the main area and easily rack kills.

- Final round boost! Extend time to 10 minutes and throw more enemies! Example for Warden final round..
Start like it has with the 4 mini bosses -> Have the 3 wardens spawn in. Mythic is the back and let the other two roam and challenge players. Have those annoying crawlers/watchers everywhere while adding a few Phaetons. Make the end round go out in a boom!

-Please add kill X amount suicide grunts! :^)

-Hunters aren't that tough in the area they are in, our teams fly by the final round

-let us pick spawn areas instead of being forced into one

-reward teams that have super good rounds. Maybe vehicles or weapons spawn in?

-I'm going to hate myself for saying this but position final bosses better so vehicles can fully sit back and snipe

-Weapon despawn too fast. Haven't been able to run back to my body in time
^This plus increase the max number of rounds or have another matchmaking queue for longer FF games
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