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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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I still want Firefight Arcade back. Unlimited ammo, but you have to scavenge better weapons off stronger enemies? Yes please. Unfortunately, that mode doesn't work with the REQ microtransaction model, so we'll never see it.
Fun, way better then war zone turbo. It needs to be progressively harder, an organized squad can smash it in no time.
#Apophis fireteam #taste the rainbow
War zone firefight is the BEST gamemode I've ever seen!! BUT, it can get better. 5 rounds and 8 players will make this gamemode too overpowered to farm RP and XP, even if the players are decant or not that great, the game will still last like 10 minutes cuz the player count per lobby is too much. If the player count per lobby was maybe say 6 or 5 then the game would last a little bit longer compared to having 8 players in a lobby farming through rounds. For example, say you and your friends make a fire team of 8 and you head into a game of firefight, if all your friends are decant or okay at the game, it would just be a constant grind of RP and XP which I feel is way too overpowered. Yes I don't realize it is only a beta but I can't get the full firefight experience when everyone is taking your kills and farming through rounds not knowing what's going on. So if the player count per lobby was smaller that would make the gamemode better OR, maybe have more rounds or more difficult rounds so the game doesn't go by so fast. I hope those who reads this understand and thank you for listening to my feedback. Beside all of the downsides I talked about, it's a perfect gamemode. 343 did a great job!

The best mode I ever play,only problem is the server OVERCHARGED
the firefight is too short and easy
First off, I thought this game mode was super fun! But you can tell it's still a little half baked.

I agree with most people here that there needs to be more rounds and they need to get much more difficult. I do like the diversity of the rounds between air, defense, ground wars, etc. and I am looking forward to seeing this on more maps. But like most firefight modes in other games, the final rounds should be extremely difficult where only the best teams can beat them and then you get rewarded accordingly.

I don't know how I feel about having a time set for the rounds vs. perhaps a life count or if all players die at once its over kind of objectives. The challenge should be even whether or not you can finish a round without getting wiped out. By timing it, it kills all elements of team strategy and forces everybody just to scramble to the enemies. I think it would be better if there could be more reasons to have a team strategy. Things like power units that heal others, or a banshee that is just ridiculously powerful and needs to be prioritized. Things of that nature.

Then there were little things like:
- Scoring system seems vague and unrewarding
- Boosts didn't seem to work for me
- K/D should probably be separate in this mode
- Enemies being bullet sponges vs actually trying to kill you.

All in all, I am so glad to be seeing a game mode like this coming to Halo! Keep up the good work!
i'd like a slighty faster recharge of the REQ Points.
Not much, just maybe a few percent!
Fighting 3 wardens with my casual loadout is always a bit difficult
I played a game of firefight and I honestly think that it's a great mode, but I had a sound problem, when I flew in to the map in a pelican i could hear the woman telling me what to do but I could not hear the pelican sounds or anything else, but this could just be me having this problem.
I enjoyed firefight! It is currently my favorite warzone game type ! The only thing that I would have to complain about(I am shade blind ) is on the map chosen to do the beta the crawlers are hard to see they blend in a little too well into the surroundings. My only suggestion on my end would maybe make them have a slight glow or a little different color palette. Otherwise this is a great game type and I hope to see it become an official game type
Very fun way to experience more of what Halo 5 has to offer. Definitely could be harder, or at least longer, but regardless it is so great to be able to play firefight again.
Give us waves as in the classic firefight, 5 waves in each round. A round will take place at a different capture point (2 core, 2 armories, 1 garage) starting at one core and working your way around. Make the 5th wave the objective wave.
I think during the intermission your Req energy should recharge faster.
Ok so letsa go:
1. 5 rounds is waayyyyyy to short, that's not firefight. Firefight is supposed to last a really long time so add sets like ODST.
2. Other people have mentioned different modes like Reach and I definetly agree, skulls, different weapons, set abilities, lives, etc. Anything to make it more fun and also more hardcore for the people who want lots of RP.
3. I defiantly like the different objectives, such as hunt jackals, but all together those 5 rounds are way too easy, if you add sets then make sure the enemies get harder or there are more. And if adding sets consider LIVES and then take away the timer.
4. More RP needs to be given for spending 25 minutes or more on a multiplayer mode.
5. Have different enemies together, have prometheans and coveneant, even in later rounds as that will make the game difficult for 8 players and force us to work together
6. Consdier using more maps of course for firefight.

Good things:
1. Eight players is awesome
2. Modes so far are great
It's too easy in my Opinion, but Defending the Garage is hard, Maybe lower the enemy spawning there just a tad bit, or lower their difficulty.
Best thing about it though is that everyone works together, maybe because of set objectives.
Anyways 8 outta 10, Gr8 gamemode.
Okay I enjoyed Firefight so here are three ideas to improve it:

1. A life system that gives players 5 lives per person at the start.

2. Completing the objective isn't required to continue, but doing it nets you and the team more lives.

3. The game can go on forever or until you lose all your lives.
I like it. I had fun playing it. I like how there is a new warzone mode. I see other suggestions on having the "original firefight" and I think that would be a nice addition too.
I feel like the game is a bit uneven. Sometimes it's too hard when it should be easy, and it's too easy when it should be almost impossible. I also wouldn't mind seeing the comeback of 5 waves across 4 rounds (20 total). It was much more rewarding this way.
For some reason, all my teammates were acting oddly around me. They kept stopping and staring, occasionally three at a time during intermissions. I went back in theater, and apparently I was a ghost. Remember that old phenomenon from Halo 3, where a Spartan would not be on the team's roster, and would slip and slide around rather than walking? I was one of those.

Really spooky. Too spooky for me. I thought this was an FPS, not a survival horror game.
The gamemode seems to easy until round 5. I'd recommend upping the rounds to 10 rather than 5 and add more creative mythic bosses rather than just a Warden Eternal. Maybe you could add a classic boss like Tartarus from Halo 2 just for fun. He could have the Tartarus' Gavel. THAT WOULD BE LEGIT! I would love to see some random Brutes into the mix of the havoc that is Warzone!
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