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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

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I really think fire fight should be more than 5 rounds, just seems way too short for my liking, but it is fun.
It needs more mythic bosses instead of warden eternal. If I recall correctly 343 said "you think warden eternal was bad (or something like that) you ain't seen nothing yet" when they released details about firefight. It's funny because that is the only mythic boss I have fought out of all the matches I have played. He is nothing more than a bullet sponge and it screams laziness. Implement adjustable difficulties and score modifiers like skulls and make an option where we can pick how many rounds we want to survive for going from 5 to infinite rounds. I don't understand how it has taken 7 months to implement this when it was in halo 3 ODST! And somehow they have managed to dumb it down and take steps backward. If this is the type of content we are going to receive because it is free so therefore 343 does not want to put effort into it then don't bother at all. Should of just delayed the game instead of rushing it out the door then releasing half -Yoinked!- free dlcs to make up for half of a game. Also the mythic req pack!!? Are you serious? The way reqs get depleted so quickly and the tiny amount of req points you get coupled with the release of a 10$ microtransaction req pack shows blatant greediness. I am a long time halo fan I have been since combat evolved was released but this crap 343 is pulling just blows my mind. How are you guys ok with these practices? I mean after all 343 is a company and their purpose is to generate revenue and make money but that is NOT an excuse for these snake like practices. I have been enjoying halo 5 somewhat up until this firefight beta pissed me by showing the lack of creativity of 343. I mean, you guys already screwed the campaign and SP so don't start half assing the mp.
I've noticed on the rounds where we have to kill 15 phaetons are pretty easy. Cause 8 guys standing around shooting at them seems to simple. Adding in additional enemies could make it more difficult and fun. Have infantry troops like soldiers and crawlers spawning in on the ground attacking you while you attempt to destroy the phaetons. To me, that would make it a better challenge. The same could can go for the banshee round.
Have to say, its not good. It's easy to say,"don't play it, if you don't like it." but I really don't like it.
There are some reason why I feel the game is not good.
  • Too easy: way, WAY too easy, especially for only 5 rounds.
  • Low REQ points: For as long as this game is only getting like 1000 sometimes is just too low.
  • Not random: I was told, this was going to be random, you was not going to see the same thing. Well I have been seeing the same thing all the time. Like kill 100 grunt / 75 Crawler, destroy 15 Phaeton, protect the Garage, or kill the two hunters, and the last one kill Warden Eternal two times and kill the mythic Warden Eternal. Really its just really predictable.
  • new maps: not just Warzone maps, it feels really rehashed.
  • Bring back the old Firefight as an option, the "firefight warzone" you made, does not feel like firefight
There should be a bonus rp round if you get a speed bonus on every round
Found that it was to easy and not long enough. First game I did was done in just over 10 mins.
If it's going to stay like this then there needs to be less than 8 people.
You made it round like it was going to be really hard with these new enemies but like I said it's was to easy and done really quick.
Bring it back to the halo reach or odst style
Was not impressed.
hey just had a bug where we completed the objective but it still failed us (tank master rok)
and the musique bugs out
It only happened in one game but I couldnt buy anything guns wouldn't equipt and I could never spawn in a vechical. It happened in the game that I joined half way through.
Has anyone bought the mythic req pack yet. I was thinking of saving up my req points and getting it. But I'm afraid to because I saved up 80 000 req points on the spartan armoury req pack. And when I finnaly got it I was very dissapointed and I regret getting it. So I was wondering if the mythic pack is worth it
In the middle of a match. I get kicked out for no reason. and there is only the warzone playlist cover. I have to restart the game to let me do anything.
Ton of fun to play with friends. The different objectives and 5 minute limit add a whole new aspect to the game that was missing before. I would really like to have the old type of firefight mode in halo 5 like what was in reach and odst. The new time and objective game type is a whole animal within itself and I'm happy it's been added but nothing can completely replace holding down a position with friends to the death. Also, a bonus round at the end is always a blast especially when it's unlimited grunts. In a nut she'll great job 343.
This Warzone Firefight very entertaining so far; here is what I think should be added in order to improve it...
  • Enemies that use ground vehicles; both UNSC & Covenant
  • Heretic factions like on Reach(enemies that spawn with UNSC Weapons)
  • A bonus round after completing round five before the 1:00 mark(Bonus round enemies can vary)
  • A larger variety of Legendary & Mythic bosses (Maybe some newly implemented ones such as an elite boss)
  • The revive system from the campaign( For people who die alot)
  • Various skulls activated after each round
  • A bit more req points than regular Warzone after each match
  • Warzone assault map variants for this to increase map variety
  • Enemies that wield Mythic and Legendary weapons
  • Active camo enemies
  • Make Elites able to hijack and control your vehicles like in previous Halo games
ZERESEC wrote:
The waves are boring.
Enemies are far too difficult to kill and spawn far too quickly.
Servers are laggy.
Nerf the enemies, knock them down from legendary on steroids to heroic please.
I think the enemies are too easy. It's an automatic win for a descent team. I suggest one or 2 more waves with increasing difficulty.
Played a bunch of games (maybe 10) and so far it's pretty good. There are rounds which are far too easy such as eliminating soldier guards in round 2, but others which are more challenging such as defend the garage. I don't think it's a bad thing that the early rounds are easier to get players into it, but then the mode needs to become longer than 5 waves because going from eliminating soldier guards to defending the garage is a big leap. I also agree with the majority of feedback that the difficulty could be increased a bit and more REQ points for the amount of time.
Played about 10 games so far. Initial thoughts:

1. I've noticed a lot of people complain about this one, and I agree, that it is WAY too easy to complete/win the game (and I was playing solo with scrub teammates the whole time, I might add). The rounds need to be more difficult. When I think of playing firefight mode, I think of it as a near suicide mission. That is not what this is. I want a firefight where it is near impossible to win. There needs to be either A) more rounds than 5, which surpass the difficulty of that last round each time. Maybe 10 rounds total. Or B) make the objectives harder to reach (ie. more enemies). Or C) just completely remove the objectives and make it to where players have to eliminate every single enemy in each round to move on. But you would need to implement some sort of death penalty for that style of play. Which I think a penalty for death is needed in this game type regardless. Right now players can die as much as they want, but hey if you complete the objective you still win the round, good job guys! There should be more than one way to lose the game other than just failing to complete an objective. Like adding a limited amount of spartan respawns per round, as well as per game. Would make it way more difficult to win and force players to play more strategically.

2. This kind of goes hand and hand with my first point, but there need to be more enemies. There are not enough enemies out on the battlefield to decimate for the 8 players out there. At the beginning of each firefight game when they are flying you into the match on Pelicans the spartan voice says "fight off increasing waves of difficulty" (or something to that measure), however... There were many times where I found my self having to sprint around the whole map trying to find enemies to kill well before the objective was reached. The red blips above the enemies heads towards the end definitely helps. But again, when I think of firefight, I want absolute carnage, not killing the first two drop-ships worth of enemies and then sprinting around the whole map to find other enemies to kill for the second half of the objective. That is definitely not fighting off "increasing waves of difficulty" at all when you have to go find enemies to kill. Maybe other people had a different experience than I did here, but that's what I found.

3. I don't get the placings at the end of each firefight game. There were many times where I had the most kills, assists, boss takedowns as well as the "highest score" out of all my teammates, yet I would not be in 1st place at the end of the game, but rather 2nd or 3rd. Not quite sure how you guys decide who gets 1st, 2nd, 3rd...etc because this doesn't make sense to me. It happened multiple times, so I don't think it's a glitch from what I can tell.

4. Maybe you guys have plans to add this when you release the actual Warzone Firefight in the future, but I think there should be an official firefight stats page under warzone stats. Where you can see stats such as your firefight KD, how many kills you have for each kind of enemy (jackals, grunts, elites, soldiers, crawlers, watchers, knights, bosses...etc), most used weapon, most used power weapon...etc

5. I really really really hope this goes without saying, cause I know this is just a beta, but... there obviously needs to be more maps than just Escape from ARC. It would be really cool if you guys created a couple of maps made specifically for firefight. Or had a community forge competition for some new firefight maps.

6. I think it would be awesome if you guys added an offline version of firefight as well, like in Reach. Sometimes it's nice to just lone wolf it.

7. I gotta say I really love the "defend the garage" objective. There need to be more "defend ____ location" objectives. Why is this my favorite? Because it's the only objective where I actually feel like I'm holding off wave after wave of attackers like a real firefight. All the other objectives I had to go find enemies to kill. This objective is, simply put, pure carnage. Which is how I envisioned firefight to start with.

All in all, I feel very positive about this game type. I loved it in Halo Reach, so I'm really glad you guys are bringing it back to life, with the online cooperative aspect added.
One crazy suggestion for something that would truly be chaotic as a side game.... What about 2 teams along with the mass of enemies that drop down. Shooting Spartans and/or AI enemies would just be a blood bath and could be fun.

You will die a lot but you could also rack up some huge kills on Spartans and help get your weapon commendations at the same time.
Have to say I have enjoyed it. Main points as follows:
- Too easy, losing based on time is rare and also would be frustrating--plus it takes away from the feel of "last boots on the ground" where you have to survive against overwhelming odds.
- Really enjoying the large-team firefight experience in a broad area.
- Feels like it's too fast-paced/rushed. I enjoy the fast experience for itself but I really want old-timey firefight options, with a strong feeling of being hunted/left behind/etc.

great so far. here's a few things you can do to change it up and make better:

add a classic version where lives are limited

add a round where you fight rouge marines/Spartans, reminiscence the canon's new colonial alliance

add more objective options like taking getting a weapon before the enemy, or have base cores exposes for us to defend

Use the Warzone Assault maps rather than the regular maps, those maps are huge for just 8 spartans

have a playlist where it's 4 player co-op rather than 8

try and get brutes, engineers and drones/buggers in the enemy list

have big bosses have special attacks like warden does.

put firefight in custom games so that 4-player or more option is possible

bring back firefight voices. I want to sound like blue team and osiris
Not actual gameplay or REQ point rewarding change, but I think the capture progress of the garage needs to be more obvious, it is hardly viewable
Quick issue, the mode is extremely fun, casual, and slightly different each time. I also understand that it will play differently on each warzone map come full release. That being said in order to really ramp up replayability it needs the daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that you guys had back in Reach and 4, literally the only reason I would play spartan ops missions more than once.
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