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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

OP Forum Team

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After playing some more I though it would be good to be able to choose difficulty like on the campaign. Easy, normal, hard, legendary, and mythic. If you do that might want to change rp and ex to scale with difficulty. On easy you get less, on mythic you get more. That way everybody is happy! :)
I'm enjoying it tbh. I understand it's the beta so a lot of features and maps are not involved but I have some concerns

1. Will current commendations count in firefight when the full thing launches?

2. I'd like to see the bosses actually move and not just stand there.

3. There should be no reason that a round should start b4 an enemy even arrives.

4. Hopefully there will be more variety when the full thing launches.

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks.
Firefight really shows current halos flaws with single player play. The promethens are not as fleshed out as the covinent. They need more vehicles. A few new enemy types. Variety. The covinent needs the most work. Ppl are getting tired of playing them. A few new enemy types. The brutes need to come back. I'd like to see smaller brutes as well. Maybe they would be younger. riding some kind of animal into battle like planet of the apes. Halo has always promised us an animal to ride. But it never made the game. The flying bugs from halo 2 and 3 should return with a little more of a background on they're story. There should also be a second insect creature. Possibly a queen that could make an interesting boss. I'm sure the flood will never return. With halo trying to get that teen rating now having an enemy who's arms fall off when you shoot wouldn't fly. But the flood gave us the opportunity to fight a foe using unsc weaponry. That needs to be worked in cause unsc weaponry is the most fleshed out set of weapons in the game. Finally I'd like to see a human equivulent to the banshee.
Siguan tratando de unirse
Siguan tratando de unirse
1. Too many Promethean waves and not enough covenant, seriously I get like double the prometheans to covies.

2. Don't listen Ito people about difficulty. I have a difficult job and when I play games I just want to veg out. Keep it simple, don't make me have to get serious when I play. Honestly I don't even want to think when I play, it's my down time

3. This game mode is begging for flood waves. So many variants in halo 3 to choose from. Imagine what you could do with bosses. War zone is meant to be a simulation and adding flood waves would be lore friendly. I don't care if you just use the halo 3 models and textures.

4. This game mode burns through reqs like there's no tomorrow. I don't think the credit reward is high enough to justify people playing this game mode over the long term. I think for a full game win players should be rewarded with a silver pack to replenish half the reqs used during gameplay.

5. Covenant bosses. Elites and hunters are cool and all but we need something new. Something fun. I'd even be happy to have a grunt boss just to mix things up. The covenant has drones and brutes. Why not throw them into firefight? Variety is key to success. That's why Spartan ops failed remember?
Thought it was fun, would like to see maybe a solo with personalized waves and so on.
Spawning I would like to see an improvement, like in regular Warzone were I can toggle my spawn location.
REQ's: Maybe dump the cost of some of the REQS or give free warthogs and ghost something so I'm not burning through my REQs.
Too easy. Would like more of a challenge and limit the amount of same vehicles players can call in. There should not be 4 tanks out at once essentially negating any challenge on the final round.
I think you should get teleported to the next waves spawn area during intermission when you use a req station.

It would make easier to regroup between waves and save people running across the map if the object far away.
The enemies are too OP
From My Experience of The Warzone FireFight Beta. I Think That The Should Have A Small Amount of Weapon Damage Because There Strom Rifles Are More Affective Than A Normal Players Storm Rifle and Add Hiher Objective, Like Kill 125 Crawlers Or Something Like That. I Would Also Like To See That if the player is getting to other req levels slowly than the other players, it give the player every five minutes to catch up to the others players req level.
The firefight beta is awesome, I'm really stoked that Halo 5 actually got one. I loved getting my friends to take on the covenant and now the Prometheans, couldn't get better. Only if they can add more enemies or drop it to 5-6 players because otherwise the game ends too quick, due to too many players and a handful of enemies spawning. So that's what I see that firefight needs, but other than that it is pretty freakin fun to play! Now with matchmaking!!!
I love it! You guys nailed firefight warzone! I especially love the objective aspect on top of killing, it brings a fresh take on just killing stuff. Cant wait for the full version.

Many commendations are broken.
- Warden commendation DOES NOT work
- Some Weapon commendations don't work at all - for example Beam Rifle, and some other I don't remember
- Faeton? I'm not sure

- servers, hit points are missed, lag, latency, etc.
Everything was OK, but I guess WF needs his own intro and more RP rewards. Peace out.
the way it should be challenging, fun, and first 5 times i played got req packs every single time

love mythic warden got em 5 times
I've played a few rounds so far and it has been...good, but not great. I agree with sentiments that the map is a little on the large side, and not being able to select spawn location makes getting from place to place slow unless you use a vehicle REQ.

Speaking of REQs, I was really excited to be able to use them in a PvE environment, but I think that this mode is too dependant on them. From what I've seen, the vehicle ones are definitely more valuable, while the weapon REQs don't seem to help as much as they should. I don't like how REQ's are needed to win the game over strategic team play or weapon combo selection. The winning strategy seems to be just spamming as many scorpions or wraiths as you can in the final round. If you don't have access to these tools then you will lose.

On the flip side, there is a lot of potential for this game type, and I'm still excited to see what will be done to refine it post-beta.
Here are some things I'd like to see in the final version.
-Limited lives per person to reward strategic play and discourage recklessness.
-Introducing the revive mechanic from campaign would be a cool compliment to the limited lives factor.
-A mixture of smaller maps, where there are no vehicles present, to focus more on gunplay and weapon REQ's, and larger maps that also include more enemy vehicles of the ground and air variety.
-Give a team one or two retries per match.
-Design some friendly AI REQ's that we can call in, like Marines, ODSTs and Spartans, and allow us to use the order mechanic from campaign to direct them around.
-Introduce some more objective types for the player, such as delivering a bomb and arming it or something like that.
-Introduce more boss types, which would add some variety to the final round.
-Introduce some variants, such as unlimited time matches like classic firefight, or firefight games that scale the team size, to as small as four and as large as 12.
-You could introduce a competitive element where Spartans are grouped into Fireteams of four, and they are competing for the highest score against the other Spartan Fireteam(s).
-There could also be a no-REQ variant where Spartans would have to focus on strategic play without resorting to tanking with powerful REQs.
That's all I can think of for now. I'm hoping to see this mode become great, as I having been looking forward to seeing it happen since before Halo 5 launched.
The defend the garage is too hard because the prometheans can spawn inside.
i have just been banned from losing connection from every WZFF game i was dropped from!!
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