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[Locked] Official Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread

OP Forum Team

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I'd like to see more interesting medals that kills mobs such as multikills, sprees and driver, thus the FF should have its own comendations (the campaign would not be a luxury either) like Reach.
Limiting lives would add more challenge indeed, for cons I think there should be a common pot for the lives.
I don't like it when I'm in one point of the map and the next objecive is really far away. Too much walking around. Why don't you show the marker with the location of the next objective at the beginning of the intermission?
The length of five rounds depends, and I think that's great if you want a short game. But I would like to see an Firefight variant that will last longer, and smaller maps (In my opinion, the "mission" of killing 100 Crawlers takes forever, same goes with Grunts and Jackals) and more random spawns for the enemies. The covenant is pretty easy to predict where they will spawn, also make them more active/aggressive, let them Hunt the players, make the bonus skulls visable and announced between rounds or intermissions like in ODST. And bringing back the original announcer would be really cool, because Palmer does not sound very "entertained" in her work. But because this is Warzone, I don't mind Palmer in the intro/outro, but as soon everybody's is jumping out of the pelicans it would be awesome to hear, (example) like in ODST: "Set Start" and "Tough Luck, Catch and Black Eye On".
I've tried several games now. This is not firefight. I'm so disappointed. Luckily I'm gonna go boot up reach on backwards compatibility. Bungie knew how to make good game modes, and didn't hold them back from the community intentionally to keep players coming back.
it would be cool if you had to destroy the core while the covenant or Promethean's defend it.
Can't connect to server. 10/10 would play again. I love playing "trying to connect to the server".
Haha ikr its so intense
Im seeing this issue alot where people cant matchmake for firefight , i must admit so far thats the only problem/bd experience i have had with it , apart from that it a really enjoyable mode.
It needs to have the difficulty increased. If you have a group of 5+ working together its way too easy to do.

Other than that its pretty good. Like the variation in bosses etc.
It would be nice if firefight went back to how it was when first introduced in halo 3 ODST, Or at least the option of Firefight or firefight classic.
Plus choices on difficulties of firefight would be nice instead of shoved on legendary all the time.
Since the update I get booted from the first two games I play (FF or MM, seems to make no odds) consistently. Then after that I am fine. Very annoying getting banned and losing reqs because 343 have an issue their side. Could almost say it's unfair!!
its not hard enough and a survival mode would be awsome
I personally prefer the older firefight. Make it so that the more waves you complete, the more REQ points you get. The time limit sucks for if you have a bad lobby
So far i really liked the WFF but there is also room for improvement.Needs more rounds with unique objectives.Enemy Health should be decreased It should not take a magazine and a half from an assault rifle or more then half of battle rifle magazine to kill one normal Promethean Soldier,Enemy Damage is too much a promethean soldier shouldnt drop more then half of my shiled with a 4 suppressor shoots,Weapon Despawn Time should be increased sure player should take risk by spawning with powerfull weapons however weapons shouldnt just disappear after 12 seconds.If I see my rare rocket launcher or halo 1 pistol despawn when i meters away it encourages players to stop using single-use items.Speaking of power weapons req point per match should be increased.Since you need to spawn power weapons and vehicles more frequently then warzone or warzone assault to beat the bosses and mythic bosses and the final wave cannot be cleared without spawing just one single use items or just increase loadout weapon damage against bosses with the exception of the mythic warden.I also noticed that you encounter forerunners more then the covenant.I think they should be balanced or just add more enemies like brutes.I also like to see medals return like in reach or odst.If you cant do anything at least add a second version of warzone that is more closer to reach or odst firefight.4 player,balanced enemies,no bosses,no single use reqs,skulls,lives.
I'm not gonna bother reading through 90+ pages of stuff, so here are my observations from two matches this morning:

Destroy Enemy Phaetons:
- I now know this means the actual Phaeton, regardless of who pilots it. You could kill the forerunner piloting it, but until the Phaeton itself is destroyed, it doesn't count.
- All was fine until a teammate decided they would commandeer one. We had destroyed all Phaetons except for his (betrayals not allowed in Firefight?).
- Had he not actually ditched it (in spectacular style I might add too) we could have lost the entire game had we timed out.
** GAME DVR:!6633&authkey=!ACrzI3PrZMJkSDc&ithint=video%2cmp4

Inactive Spartans:
- I only noticed in the second game upon seeing they had 0 kills but were still racking up more points than those who actually did stuff (although going back into Theater to grab some DVRs for above I realised this player had been the same in the previous match too).
- They hop off the Pelican, empty all their magazines and continue as if they're firing. For the entire game. They're just stood in the base getting points for surviving rounds and we can't get a new useful teammate join either because they're using that player slot.
- You can't kill them. I've tried. And just one player can really make the difference between whether you all kill the final bosses in Round 5 or not.
- This happened TWICE with this person. They made it through one game, back into the lobby and into the next game just to be dead weight. Do inactive players not get booted from Firefight?
** GAME DVR:!6634&authkey=!AABffAIBLyGQPYY&ithint=video%2cmp4
Two things:

1. One bug/glitch (I'm not sure if that's the proper terminology for this) I've come across is that the Plasma Turret gunners on the side of the Phantoms can be killed by tracking weapons (Needlers and/or I assume Razor's Edge) but, non-tracking weapons cannot kill them, and the bullets appear to simply pass through them. Can anyone else verify this?

2. The round 3 "Defend the Garage" objective... Maybe that needs to be toned down a bit. Maybe decrease the amount of kills required to complete the objective from 100 down to 75. Either that, or bump up the
required kills for the other round 3 objectives.

Aside from that... WZFF is absolutely awesome!
If nothing else FF has been awesome for enemy commendations. I've gone from next to nothing to almost completing most of them in two nights gaming :)
no music in start .one map
For players with a high skill warzone firefight is just a walk in the park and that what lets it down for me. I feel like it should have a life system just to make it a bit harder but not to hard for those players who aren't so good at the game. Also without the traditional wave and set system we have seen in pass firefight modes it lacks the proper feel of firefight and has more of a spartan ops feel to it.
I love how 343 is bringing in all the game modes and is really listening to the community but they're changing too much of it. I hopped into a game of firefight thinking of the countless hours I've played on reach and odst killing horde of enemy's, wave after wave and waiting for that boss round to come. When I played my first game of warzone firefight I was deeply disappointed. The game was way too short, the whole objective base round idea is not compelling enough just keep it simple and make waves of simple units and throw in some hunters or elites every other round, and the time limit to complete the round should just simply not be there. Halo reach's firefight was the definition of perfection. All you need to do is copy and paste and I guarantee that people will be happy with it! I really hope they don't mess up infection!:(
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