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Runt326 wrote:
  • Objective Rounds - Objectives are fine, just give use enough heads up so we can get there first. Especially with defense of anything (Cores and Locations). They're usually 25% damaged before we even get there on the larger maps because the enemies spawn/drop in right on target while we have to get there by running or REQ-ing vehicles that take too long to load.
  • Boss Rounds - 4 Mantis boss round is a overpowered. Normally your team is not communicating so they don't have the sense to focus on one enemy at a time. The only times I have completed this boss round is ONLY when I have a full fireteam with party chat, often when I'm with my buddies from the 405th. The Mantises recharge their shields way too fast, so you have to have a designated EMP player, and everyone else shooting. This particular boss has appeared twice too early in the firefight, like round 2 and 3, when we just don't have the REQ points to get good enough weapons or vehicles to take them on. 4 Promeathan Phaetons appear too early as well. Anti-Air REQs are too few, especially with newer players that haven't unlocked enough things.
  • Spawning the original firefight on ODST had it where there was limited lives. The whole point of FireFight was survival. Trying your hardest to hold out as long as you could. Although in a team aspect limited lives can be detrimental to good players vs poor players, but this can easily be fixed by limited lives per player. If we can't have limited lives, at least reward players who don't go down often by letting them keep a faster respawn. 1st Death: 5 second respawn. 2nd Death: 8 second respawn. 3rd Death: 10 second respawn. Respawns would get longer the more lives you waste, encouraging the player to stay alive. Ok, so say that last part is not going to happen. At least let us choose where to respawn like in Warzone and Warzone Assault. It really impacts how well your team performs if we all finally get good weapons or vehicles but we are forced to spawn on the opposite side of the map from the defense objective. Finally REQ a tank and you only need one last cannon shot to take down Warden Eternal? Sorry. We're going to put you on Blue Beach instead of Red Beach. By the time you roll over there "30 seconds remaining" is done with and your team loses.
  • Intros/Outros The opening cutscene has Palmer saying "You're the last boots on the ground." ... Why are we dropping in with Pelicans? Shouldn't we already be there?
  • Favorites - Favorite thing: Jacking vehicles away from enemies. Oh wait, I can't... Ok. Assassinating Elites... oh wait. I can't do that either. I have to knock their shields off.
I'm going to address a few things that aren't on the list. I'll put them as simply as I can.

* Waves: The old system was 3 waves per round. 3 Rounds per game. 9 sections with increasing difficulty. The first few was simple. A few grunts, maybe jackals. Easy peasy. Then a few elites arrive. Ok, cool. Then it gets gradually harder from there. Easy, Normal, Heroic, then Legendarily difficult, with wraiths dropping in crack-shotting you from across the map. Warzone FF does not do this. In fact, 4 "rounds" with nearly infinite enemies doesn't make any sense at all... which leads me to this next one.

* Bosses with too many adds. It's one thing to have to fight 4 Mantises that take strategy to take down, especially without party chat with strangers. It's completely another to try and do this while 300 low level enemies are shooting at you. (I'm looking at you, Crawlers). Prometheans have an insanely high defense, and they teleport, so when you finally take down 4 soldiers, 2 Knights and 30 Crawlers so you can shoot at the Boss Mantis freely, within 5 seconds the same number if not more warp in to replace them. So focus on the Mantis or kill the adds? In previous iterations of FF there were always a limited number of enemies to fight in each round. This gave a sense of "if we kill this many, we can make it, we'll be ok!" Not so here.

* Difficulty vs Need for Strategy: Difficulty does not mean endless hordes of over powered enemies. All that does is frustrate and anger players, (the slow respawn only fumes this more). The "fun" only lasts as long as we have a chance at winning or if we know if we play our cards right that we CAN win. Here's to strategy. A game can still be difficult and fun to play. I played the Campaign on Legendary. I fought a single and triple Warden Eternals with a four man fireteam (Blue Team/Osiris were AI's by the way) and although it took me many tries I developed several strategies to defeat him. With an 8 man fireteam on FF, we should be able to do the same thing. However, how can we if we are bombarded by 50+ Knights? That never happened in the Campaign. It seems most of my issues involve the Promethean enemies...

*Day 2 harder than Day 1 Warzone FF.: I'm not the only one who noticed this. I haven't won a single match since Day 1. Most matches end at Round 2. There is something obviously wrong here. Speaking as a veteran player since Halo 1 and has done every campaign on Legendary Solo, I'm not saying this lightly. At least in Warzone and Warzone assault we had a 50% chance of winning. Now we're lucky with we have a 50% chance of getting past Round 2? Sigh.

This all being said, I love Halo. I'll still keep playing. Right now though, it needs a bit of love.
I think the prometheans are just a bad designed enemy it lacks any fun that most people get from fighting covenant enemy its just a cheap frustrating way of increasing "dificulty" but all they do is just teleport 20 crawlers soldiers and knights behind you to get insta killed XD fun game...NOT!
Firefight is awesome!

But please remove the ability to kill teammates!! I've been run over with ghost and other vehicles, so they can take my power weapon
Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?)
No issues here!
REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
Personally I think it goes too slowly. Especially in the beginning of a match. You have to fight huge amounts of difficult enemies sometimes without having access to a BR. I think you either ramp up the speed or let us start or REQ level 2 or 3 from the start of the game.
Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?
They are fun! The only issue I have is with the defend those Forerunner Portal objectives. You don't know beforehand where these will spawn and the enemy spawns right next to them. Sometimes, their health is down to 75 % by the time anyone is close enough to do anything about it. I'd say give us a waypoint in the intermission where the next objective will spawn that way we can prepare accordingly.
Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
The 3 Warden Eternal round is impossible. I don't think it's a very balanced round. We've come close, but it never works out in the end. I LOVE the Grunt Goblin and most other bosses. The Phantom was a great boss! I loved that surprise the first time I had to fight that one. But that one round with the 3 Warden Eternals needs some nerfing.
Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
The new system is BAD! I'm sorry, but making your players wait 30 seconds is just dooming them to lose. I agree that it shouldn't be easy, but the new system of respawning needs to go! At the very least make it half as long. It's just not a fun player experience to have to wait 30 seconds in a 4 minute round. Once 2 players die, it's basically over. There's nothing that can be done after that. I think 15 seconds in the last round would be way better. Gives you a fighting chance!
Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
No issues here!
Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
Love them!
Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
I think it will be replayable for quite some time. Some updates with new bosses might be necessary though.
Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
I don't like how much these normal units are bullet sponges. A grunt or crawler should not take as long to kill as they do sometimes.
I do have a suggestion for the Wasp. its a level three req. i find it pretty good, but maybe allow it to have a longer time to fire before the machine guns overheat, or let it have APHE Rounds to deal more damage, as in its current state, taking three cooldown cyclines to deal with soliders is irritating. and also make the rockets do a little more damage, or give them a larger blast radius. firing two volleys of rockets at crawlers is irritating as hell. and could the armour be buffed a bit or let it have some ability to avoid fire. the banshee and phaeton can avoid fire... the wasp cant. i think there could be turrets put on the maps so if a player had no req energy in later rounds the turrets could be use as a back up.
Warzone firefight is cool and fun, but I feel like you don't have nearly enough time for rounds 4 and 5. Its extremely hard to complete them in under 5 minutes even if you don't die, which makes it even worse considering it takes you like 30 seconds to get back where you died.

But finally, the last thing I have to say is that if soldiers do not get nerfed, I will probably not play firefight. I can't say how many times I've been spawn killed and team killed by like 8 soldiers. They're stupid light rifles are like as powerful as nornfangs.

But besides that I love warzone firefight! I just feel like those things could make firefight more enjoyable and less on the extremely hard side.
Please bring reviving to firefight. It incorporates more team based play and a better alternative to staring at a respawn counter for 30 seconds.
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Here's a game that was a first round blowout with randoms

Please bring reviving to firefight. It incorporates more team based play and a better alternative to staring at a respawn counter for 30 seconds.
Considering the gamemode, PLEASE!!!! Why is it not in??? :D
There is a lot I see wrong but don't get me wrong I love warzone firefight. Starting withe the fact if you die on round 5 you lose a lot of time especially when you have to kill 3 wardens. The elite and other covenant snipers are really really accurate I can never manage to step out to shot them before hey one shot kill me. Small problem but it sucked I was on the new map for warzone firefight the one on the elite home world and I was shot through the wall by a binary rifle. I spawned a basic banshee and was attacking tank master rok and before I got over to the boss a banshee killed me instantly. While I'm on the topic of banshees when you have to kill the banshee raider's I was in a warthog driving and he killed me with one shot. Another issue is weopan and vehicle despawn timer. I'm afraid to pull out my good req weopans because if I die the disappear in like 5 seconds. One other thing I'm not a fan of the spawns some times in air vehicles mainly in the wasp because it's really weak to small arms fire I spawn over the Prometheuns and the seem that never miss with there light rifles. This is it I just remembered I completed a warzone firefight commendation and I go 5 gold req packs I started to open one and the screen whent black and the app closed I opened it a d I only had 4 packs. I'm loving the new req weopan and vehicles keep up the good work!!! O e other things I'm sorry but this sucks on the map with the walls of water and the rocket ships when you have to defend the forerunners core the enemy spawn on it and drops it health to 75% before we can get over there
Nerf the grunt mech
Overall impression is that I like it a lot and I'm glad it's here. The variety of bosses is great and I love the new Grunt Goblin!

Below I will try and post some constructive feedback to help improve the gamemode. They're posted in no particular order. I've also posted this in the feedback thread but can no longer find it to add to it.

1. Shields not recharging when you sprint - remember Firefight should be fun, not ultra competitive. Several times I've fallen back from an engagement with my shields down, sprinted all the way to a req station to replenish ammo, and sprinted back to the action only to find my shields are still down (15+ seconds later).

2. Dying with 29 seconds remaining in Round 5 - you have a 30 second timer and can't do anything - this is pretty frustrating. Not sure if something can be done about this but you should be aware it's a source of great frustration (remember, you don't want a gamemode to frustrate players)

3. Tough Enemy/Boss battles in early rounds when people don't have high enough reqs to counter them or enemies/bosses that spawn in unsuitable locations:
a. Raid on Apex 7 - Two Warden Eternals on the beach surrounded by Knights with incineration Cannons (Round Two) - people don't have high enough reqs.
b. Urban - Three Warden Eternals (2 Legendary, 1 Mythic) as the second wave on Round 5. They're inside the building and protected by knights. It's very difficult to get the heavy vehicle fire on them due to their location.
c. Attack on Sanctum - 4 Mantises (Round 3). One of the Mantises spawns inside a building meaning the heavy vehicle fire can not get him and he's protected by swarms of soldiers.
d. Escape from A.R.C. - Defend the Garage (Round 3) - we should spawn inside the garage and defend against attackers coming from the outside. Instead, we spawn on the outside and the Promethean enemies are spawning inside the garage!
e. Urban - Defeat 4 Banshee Raiders (Temple Banshees) (Round 3) - Not only are these defended by several regular Banshees, but in round 3 people are at req level 3/4 and can not counter these aerial threats. Also, the Raider bosses kill in around 0.5 seconds when shooting with regular plasma weapons and there's a 20 second respawn timer in round 3. Needless to say this scenario has ended in defeat several times.

4. Very little indication of where regular (non-boss) Promethean reinforcements will spawn in - several times I've had a nice power weapon but suddenly gotten stuck in the middle of 5 crawlers and 3 soldiers who randomly spawn in - it's impossible to survive their attacks - it's a guaranteed death through no fault of my own. Have a longer indicator - the blue flashing cloud that accompanies the spawn lasts less than a second - not long enough - make it last 4-5 seconds perhaps?

5. It's frustrating to clear a round and have a 20 second intermission but have no idea what enemies you will face or where. Let us have the indication of the enemy type and location at the start of the intermission. That way we can get suitable power weapons/vehicles and get to the location in good time. As it stands at the moment I have to wait next to a req station until the intermission is over so that I know what I'm going to face in order to select a suitable req and then I have to get to the location which can take another 20 seconds or so. It also leads to situations like 'Defend the core' appearing together with enemies already spawning next to them causing heavy damage whilst spartans are on the opposite side of the map because there was no indication of what the round would involve or where. We sometimes reach the cores when they're already down to 75%.

6. Have spawns around the map that aren't static, i.e. they change depending upon where the action is. It's frustrating to spawn no where near the action and then have to sprint for 15-20 seconds just to get back to the enemies, especially if there's very little time left on the clock.
a. Raid on Apex 7 - Covenant Phantom and Mythic Wraith bosses (Round 5) - These bosses appear on the opposite side of the map to the vehicle spawn yet there's a base much closer to the action. It took over a minute to drive my Scorpion to the action - boring and frustrating and also harming the chances of a win due to the loss of time.

7. Glitches/bugs:
a. In one game a Promethean soldier jumped out of a Mantis boss vehicle - they were invisible though and running around with the full mantis shields and health. Example
b. The music intro often does not play (seems to be a bug with Warzone in general though)
c. Several times now myself or my son have ended up with the highest score in the game only to be placed 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th behind players with lower score. There seems to be a bug with the placement of players.

8. Sometimes I'm driving around a map in a Ghost for a minute (have been checking the clock for the purpose of this feedback thread) looking for enemies. There is no indication of where they are at all. Suggestion: If a player has not seen an enemy on their screen for a period of 10 seconds show the red arrow highlight like the ones that appear towards the end of a wave showing the final few enemies. The highlight can disappear once you engage the enemies.

9. Something seems to be up with the enemy persistence and firing range. If I engage an enemy and then fall back and other spartans, much closer, are damaging them, they continue to shoot at me and only me. They seem too focused on a certain opponent. They also continue to fire (insanely accurately) well beyond what should be their effective range. One example was when driving well past the enemy in my Ghost I was killed by them continuing to fire their Light Rifle at me over and over despite there being other spartans much closer.

10. Something needs to be done about ammo management. Suggestion: add the infinite ammo crates around the maps like there are in campaign. I often find myself sprinting away from the action to finds a req station to replenish ammo for my loadout weapons, and then having to sprint all the way back - this sometimes takes up 30+ seconds of a round. If ammo crates were dotted around it would help alot. They could possibly be signposted (when ammo is low) by the icon that Team Osiris sees when they use the sensor sweep in campaign.

11. req stations need to be signposted from a bigger range, I sometimes can't see them on my screen even when they're in the building next to me.

12. Our vehicles and power weapons are despawning too fast after we die. Especially considering the long respawn timers and the spawn locations making it a long journey to get back to where we died. If we're unlucky enough to be shot out of our Ghost Ultra it's frustrating to (finally) get back to the location only to find it's despawned. I can understand needing to despawn the enemy weapons, e.g. countless suppressors/boltshots/plasma pistols/storm rifles quite quickly as they would clutter the map and cause frame rate issues but spartans' vehicles and power weapons should not despawn for quite a while.

13. Being spawn killed - On one map there were Mantis bosses in front of the vehicle spawn ramp so as soon as I spawned in in my Ghost it was wrecked. There should be alternative vehicle spawn locations - possibly have vehicles dropped off by Pelicans rather than having to use the default bases if the bases are unsafe (or far away from the action).
Hola de que se trata esto soy nuevo y aún no le agarró. La onda a esto

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and why in all things unhalo do prometheans spawn with unsc weapons? they consider humanity inferior, so why would they use our in their mechanical eyes primative weapons?
Hola amigos que las a parecido el nuevo juego en zona de guerra en lo personal es ta chido eso es lo que estaba esperando espero que lo dejen más tiempo

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  • Scoring: it's fine
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill: I don't really care about that, I just need to be lvl 4 so I can spawn a ghost ultra
  • Objective Rounds - I like them but I would like to see a classic ff mode
  • Boss Rounds some of them are ok but others like the halbringers are too op
  • Spawning it's ok but sometimes you spawn far from the objective and in difficult objectives it's hard to accomplish them, for example in urban defending the artifact
  • Maps they are perfect, I love attack on sanctum
  • Intros/Outros- you didn't even take effort on changing them right?
  • Replayability/Longevity – it's by far the funniest game mode, I love destroying the phantom and the grunt goblin
  • Favorites - up
Some of the objectives are way too hard at such low REQ levels. Like taking down OP mantis with only assult rifles and low reqs. And to add to it ones inside the dam garage. Where you can't get any vehicles in to take it down :/
Definitely need the campaign's team revival mechanic added. The risk-reward of pushing/holding is positively reinforced.

Now, Quick Respawns vs Spam-Delayed Respawns. Something along the ideal of understanding spamming respawns can lead to unimaginative/stagnate gameplay but allowing players to feel empowered by the travel.
If the respawn timer increments stayed as is, but there was a form of Quick Respawn Lives where players could more strategically use a life as a resource (cause, they ARE :) I know I'll take a death at centre arena if it means I'll spawn behind the opponent and draw attention from my team), then some frustrations might disappear.
If players use up their Quick Lives per-round, they are under the thumb of the timer.
(though, spawning a vehicle on some maps is already punishment in round 4 or 5, vehicle-teleporters :)

Would recommend having;
2 Quick Lives per round. To carry over 1 of those 2 lives to the next round, not only must you not die, you must accomplish a score or kill objective to earn the 2nd one.
But no worries, don't die but don't score much, still get +1up.
Must take into account driver/gunner combos.
My biggest question is, why can't we hijack!? The enemies can!!! I know it's because you don't want us to have 'overpower' vehicles, but we're spartans. Not people cosplaying as spartans. I should feel more powerful than I am right now.
It's unbalanced.
I apologizes in advance if this just sounds like a needy post. I'm happy with how the game has turned out and I am not overly concerned on if any changes are made or not. Here are some of my ideas and thoughts on the following topics:
  • Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not? The objective rounds are great. It would be awesome to see more variants for example a invasion type objective or deliver the bomb not rely sure how they would work just suggesting some ideas.
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.) i like the idea and the challenge it poses at times. However I think boss take downs should be granted to those who put a certain amount of damage on the boss as apposed to the most recent shots.
  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?) I would prefer if the AI didn't all spawn in a cluster or spread themselves out more so the players could draw them out, so we don't have to verse 4+ knights at a time. The AI also sit very close to the bosses which can get frustrating, it would be good to see the bosses or normal units stray a little further then their initial spawn. I would also like to see more variants of AI spawn with certain rounds. It occurs a little bit in warzone firefight but would be amazing to see more of it.
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?) I want to keep playing unfortunately it feels like one is required to have reqs for this game and without them it can severely hurt how well you and your team dose. which is also Why i would love a casual less team focused warzone with less rewards and easier difficult (maybe lives instead of a timer).
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? I love those times when the team work in warzone firefight shines. it's great when everyone is looking out for each.I love all the features that have been added. however, I feel it can get very competitive and would love another variant of firefight that rewards less but allows for more casual play and perhaps emphasizes a little less on team work, allowing the solo players to be able to go head to head with some boss.
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