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Official Warzone Firefight Feedback Thread

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Just got finished with a match in Warzone Firefight. We lost the game in Round 3, not because we didn't complete the objective (Kill 15 Phaetons), but because there was only 14 Phaetons spawned.

We had destroyed all of them with our Scorpion and Rocket Launchers. The targets marked remaining were all destroyed, but we still hadn't completed the objective.

For the last minute of the round, my team ran around the map (Escape from A.R.C.) looking for any more enemies, but none had spawned.

Now I've wanted to call BS on a bunch of things in-game (mostly in a joking manner), but this was truly terrible. 343, I hope you guys are looking into this bug in the next patch.

I really enjoy the new Firefight, and hope to see it improved in the next patch.
Okay so overall, pretty solid start. I don't think it's TOO hard. It's a pretty good balance most of the time.... having said that:

- Sometimes enemies spawn right at my ankles without any warning... feels a bit cheap
- Protecting the generator sometimes has us a mile away, and enemies already chipping major health off of them. Not too fair.
-When we're on Wave 1 with Req 1s, the last thing we need are 4 hunters, a phaeton and an insane amount of enemies constantly respawning at your location; asking us to kill all 4 hunters before the time limit.

Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it. I like the sound cues, UI, most of the waves, enemies.

Good job 343
So far I'm enjoying Warzone Firefight a lot, I've only played solo so far and I've won quite a few of my games. I feel like the difficulty is fine as it is, it's much better than the Beta but not too hard. My main complaint is the end of match placement. My most recent firefight game (This is also not the only game where I've had the higher score and better stats but placed lower than others) I do not understand how the placements are determined, other than assists I lead in every category and yet I placed 5th? I don't know if this is some sort of glitch or if I just don't understand how the ranking works in Warzone Firefight. I would be happy with an explanation as to what determines placement and or recognition that the placements are currently bugged and will be fixed at a later date. I would also be curious if this has happened to others?
30 seconds countdown to respawn, i think a revive mechanic would be far better.
So I'm really enjoying WZFF like a lot. Possibly the only thing I'll play for the next few months. A lot of my complaints are gone since the beta but there is still some issues. Now some could just say "git gud" but I think that the amount of knights that spawn in some missions is absolutely absurd. Sometimes seven in one given area, when the knights are stationary it's fine cause the team usually teams up and gets rid of them systematically, but when it comes to "defend this area" and they charge it's insane, especially with the spawn timer so high, it leaves some players out numbered and by the time teammates are able to spawn the other players die from being overwhelmed.
Dont get me wrong this mode is fun, and I mean really fun, but when there's an almost impossible objective due to botched spawning/coordinating it gets slightly agrovating.
well reguardless if this is fixed/tweaked or not, the pay off for his mode is great I won a game with no point multipliers and got roughly around 2050 then lost and got 2563. So as long as we get good rewards even for loosing I'll be fine with wacky difficulty spikes lol
its pretty easy to get to level nine reqs but the energy refill is to slow
Zyronin wrote:
So far I'm enjoying Warzone Firefight a lot, I've only played solo so far and I've won quite a few of my games. I feel like the difficulty is fine as it is, it's much better than the Beta but not too hard. My main complaint is the end of match placement. My most recent firefight game (This is also not the only game where I've had the higher score and better stats but placed lower than others) I do not understand how the placements are determined, other than assists I lead in every category and yet I placed 5th? I don't know if this is some sort of glitch or if I just don't understand how the ranking works in Warzone Firefight. I would be happy with an explanation as to what determines placement and or recognition that the placements are currently bugged and will be fixed at a later date. I would also be curious if this has happened to others?
I just had a game where I had the most score, the most kills and the most Boss kills, and guess what, I only came in second. I checked the leader board and he was about 4,000 score behind, I had 9 more AI kills and 2 more boss kills and I was only second. Makes sense right?
I'd say this is fine, I like the system of bosses being worth more.
REQ Leveling and Energy Refill:
I think it's really slow to hit REQ level 5, but from there it's fine.
Objective Rounds:
I like these, gives us a chance to break up the monotonous killing and focus on a defensive playstyle.
Boss Rounds:
I have seen some that were way too easy, others way too difficult. I find we get the toughest bosses on Round Two where almost no one has the firepower to eliminate them. Also, if I were in charge, I would limit the amount of minions that would spawn. I can't kill four Soldier Operatives when 16 Crawlers kill me when I get close, and once I kill the Crawlers, more spawn in. I spend the entire round killing the cannon fodder and not the boss. Because of this, I lose.
A lot of issues here, but all of them are the same ones you're getting over and over.
1: I'm spawning halfway across the map. It takes forever to even get to where I need to be to help my team.
2: Two words: Respawn Time. I can't fight three Mythic Wardens when I die almost instantly and spend half a minute watching my team get decimated.
I don't have a problem with the maps. I love Attack on Sanctum, and I like that you added a lot of new maps.
Still suffering from the bug that cuts out all opening music. I don't have any other issues.
Well, I do like the reward system of Gold Packs for wins. I think it's a good way to reward new players, and I like the REQ points you get, but it's not something I can just play all day without stopping.
Discovering the Blood of Suban's true capabilities in Firefight.
The spawns sometimes have problems.

sometimes I respawn on a base full of enemies.
-First off, the round objectives seem out of whack. Example: Defend the Garage in Urban against Prometheans. On Round 1. Needless to say we lost that one. Second, enemy placement in some rounds is also out of whack and quite frankly stupid. Final Promethean boss set on March on Stormbreak requires you to fight three Wardens inside of a base, when everybody's likely spawned vehicles like Scorpions or Banshees to contend with other threats. That's not enjoyable.

-Prometheans are ridiculous damage sponges. A Soldier shouldn't be able to take that much punishment and Knights are ridiculous.

-High amounts of enemy health means a large portion of REQ weapons, like the basic Railgun, Chaingun, or SAW, are mostly useless. This also means that CQC and melee weapons (Shotgun, Energy Sword, etc.) are double-useless. I stabbed a Knight 5 times with an Energy Sword. It didn't even faze him. Went up to a different Knight and three shots with the Lawgiver didn't do jack.

Ensure that the first two rounds are reasonable for players to take on if they're REQ level 1-4. Lower total enemy health. Improve enemy placement. Do something like make Promethenas take increased damage from Kinetic Bolts. Add time extensions for successfully eliminating targets, a God-send in boss rounds and vehicle-elimination rounds.

That's pretty much all I got. I wish WZFF was a respectable challenge rather than an exercise in frustration.
Banshee bosses have glitched in rock walls on Stormbreak making it impossible to kill seen here
My gamer tag is h4unt3d sn1p3r just for reference
I want to start by saying that I appreciate 343 going about and continuing to release content for halo 5. It keeps me coming back as I am a 20 something year old whose played halo since the beginning I think your guy's support is amazing.
I've taken the time to actually come to your guy's forum and post my first reply due to the EXTREME BS that's going on with the new firefight. I've always decided to just play through the bugs and problems for nothing is perfect and I understand that.
THIS Reply is not to bash you guys or halo. I want to start by saying the first thing I've done when I got halo 5 was to beat the campaign by myself on legendary. So I dont mind a challenge. And I'm no noob when it comes to competition .
FIRST I want to talk about the overall difficulty of the new firefight, it is WAY TOO HARD and UNBALANCED, the OBJECTIVES are ridiculous hardly giving a good team of 8 people the time to spawn and get to the PROTECT objectives before the LEGENDARY NUMEROUS ENEMIES have destroyed it. I've now played 15 games of firefight and almost everyone has ended with a protect EASILY being destroyed by the enemies.
SECOND the number of enemies is ridiculous, I love a good wave of enemies to go flying into , but when 4 praetons have spawned with ghosts and a good 30 enemies alike when we hardly have LEVEL 3 reqs, it's obvious that firefight has been made to purposely fail more often than you succeed. Which is okay.
HOWEVER i would be fine with this if most of them failed on the 4th or 5th round however due to the random objective spawn most of the time you hardly make it to round 3.
I am a veteran halo player and I have no problem with a challenge as I said but it's obvious that made firefight to be a low success rate. ESPECIALLY if even HALF of the team is filled with people who refuse to use reqs or who just don't have the experience yet to help out.
I'm not here to tell you guys that the game is trash or that you guys are trash, I love the new game and your guy's continued support. However in the next update it would be nice to have a more realistic firefight. Im talking even a 40% success rate is okay with me. Or a rebalancing of when certain objectives spawn, or a higher health limit for defenses.
A troubled gamer
It's quality
I really enjoy Warzone Firefight and will probably be playing for a long time. My only suggestion is that we don't know where the enemies of the next round will spawn. It kinda sucks when you have such a short time limit and you suddenly have to run across the entirety of this giant map without vehicle access. It really takes a toll an how much time you have left to actually complete the objecive. And it especially sucks when the objective is to protect something, because most often a large majority of what you're protecting is already destroyed by the time you and your teammates even get there.

Maybe each round could start with a countdown saying the Covenant or Prometheans or whatever will be spawning here in 20 seconds. That way you actually have some time to get there before the enemies spawn in. And then the actual timer could start.
I think the biggest issue right now is in weird difficulty spikes. A huge part of the problem is the Promethean Knights have way too much health. It shouldn't take two or three rockets to kill a single lowest level knight. It makes it basically impossible to defend objectives when a wave of 10 knights descends on you all at once. Specifically, any round that requires defending an area or protecting cores is made almost impossible due to how much health knights have. The amount of damage they do to you feels fairly balanced though. In comparison, mostly Covenant rounds feel very balanced.
The other issue of difficulty spikes comes from spawns. The spawn timer increasing makes sense, but it feels awful when after all that time waiting, you still need to sprint halfway across the map to make it to the objective. While this makes boss rounds harder, it is even worse for defending zones or protecting cores because you can't even be relevant until you are nearby. Another huge issue with those types of rounds and spawns are at the start of the round enemies spawn directly next to the objective (particularly bad with Prometheans since they warp in instantly instead of taking time with a ship) while most of the time your entire firefight team is halfway across the map. Usually by the time you make it to the objective they already have captured or destroyed the objective 25% which just doesn't seem fair.

Besides these issues, Firefight plays well. I often find that I need to work together with my team effectively if we want to succeed. Flanking and picking good reqs feel super important. Req levels accumulate at a good rate, although occasionally flying enemies make things hard in earlier rounds when fewer reqs are effective.
  • Scoring - Scoring seems okay to me, Don't have anything major to complain about.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill - REQ leveling is easy, I feel the energy refill is too slow though. Needs to be a bit faster especially when you're on a boss fight.
  • Objective Rounds - The "defending objectives" round are fun but can be too difficult if you don't have the required REQ levels and I find that the NPC's are spawning too frequent which can also make it too difficult. Think there should be some kind of a cap in game to only spawn more NPC's once they start dying at a fast rate by other players.
  • Boss Rounds - ABSOLUTELY NOT! The bosses are bullet sponges, You could be in a game with 3 tanks, 2 banshees and a wasp all raining hell down towards the boss and he'd barely have a scratch on him. The bosses minions are also major bullet sponges. One game I was in we had to fight the mecha grunt and he had a few knights. We couldn't get close to him just because the knights were taking too much of our time on just trying to kill them to even get close. Boss + minions need some serious tweaking.
  • Spawning - We should be given options on where to spawn, It's not fun being allocated to one spawn and having to spend half a minute to get back into action. I also think 30 seconds is too long.
  • Maps Favourite, The new one. Great for vehicles! Least, Escape from ARC just because of the defending round being too difficult.
  • Intros/Outros The drop pod are cool but I've only seen it once, The drop ship cut scene just feels recycled and lazy. Sarah's voice is so boring, Get the original MP/FF announcer to do the intros.
  • Replayability/Longevity – Yep once the major tweaks has been applied
  • Favorites - Getting to use the reqs that I finally want to use, Least favourite, Boss fights. Repetitive and boring.
  • Scoring No Comment
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill I Think hitting the Req's isn't too slow in a general sense, round 3 one time I hit req 9 easy. However I think a little more sharing on Req assists might help the situation instead of straight increases for the kill. I know some situations there are assists but maybe give it a slight buff. There have been times that i was getting out classed on kills and began falling behind in the early game causing me to suffer a little later on, just from players getting the last shot on kills i was working on. As for the energy refil maybe a slight buff would be nice especially at the higher reqs, when you spawn an expensive req and die round five our so you are back to maybe lvl 4 or 5 and those weapons aren't quite enough to help the situation. A req LVL 6-7 is usually when we get the heavy hitters or can really combo power ups with weapons.
  • Objective Rounds - Yes I think this is a very fun part of the game. I like the tense defense of artifacts and trying to defend a base from strong enemies or just pure swarms. Now if we could get a little leeway to actually get to the objective before the begin capping it or damaging it that would be great. Even if we get there at the same time then them is better then the enemy taking the point or dmging the artifact a quarter of the way. It doesnt really feel good seeing that happen as we run there and then have to fight our way in to stop it. A little dmg or caping to make it tense ya, but a quarter of the objective? As for killing a certain number of enemies, if its grunts can you spawn more of them please? I wanna go on a murder spree XD
  • Boss Rounds The wraith boss' on the final round is way to easy. Either find a better way to buff the or make it a better multi part. A general or two on the outside areas, A few snipers at the ready, plenty to fight through with the wraiths raining hell from way back. In a sense make this more a well defended army you need to fight throught to get at the final objective. Enemy positioning and such should be taken into acount to make it more difficult.

    Sometimes the boss's like the mythic goblin will move into spaces where only one or two people cant efficently get at him as seeing how much of a bullet sponger he is and that he can just about one hit them it makes the fight a little harder then i think it needs to be.

    The final thing I noticed was the insane fight against warden rounds. I thought the one mythic with a bunch of enemies was cool but we were utterly defeated. I wanna try that again and see if i can complete it. Three wardens on the snow map is a little insane and my friends and I have yet to beat that one just due to the fact its so hard to reach the wardens with our powerful gear. If maybe the top of the base opened up a bit more to allow flying vehicals i think that would help alot.

    Banshee swarm boss is alot of fun. Best air fight I have had in a while
  • Spawning 30's kinda makes it stop being so immersive, especially if you are just staring at a base the whole time. Make us be able to spectate people while we wait as a minimum please. As for the time.. maybe reduce the final round by 10's. I understand slowing down the spawn so that they dont just swarm the AI but half a minute is a bit much i think. Also fixing the distance we need to travel to get to an objective. Sometime you are right there ready for the fight, other times you are runningg from one of the main bases. Bout had an anurisim when i spawned at blue base and the boss was close to red base. The distance we need to run plus the spawn time makes our time out of combat even more so then you might of wanted. It is for us.
  • Maps I don't really have a comment for this.
  • Intros/Outros The intro is still has a slight studder to it and sometimes there is no music. A scene so we can see our spartans would be nice also. Maybe give Palmer a few different lines for the intro. Another thing that would be nice is maybe different characters speak sometimes? For example have arbiter speak for sanghelios? Hearing governor saloan would be kinda cool for that one mining map.

    As for the outro, its cool to see our spartans back but sometimes its hard to tell who is who or how good they actually look from the back. So maybe you see their backs as normal then it cuts to a front view as the pelicans fly away from the camera.
  • Replayability/Longevity – Ya i think i could for sure keep playing this game type with friends or by myself. With how you guys have been updating the game I am expecting it to keep evolving and adding new things and surprises. The goblin was such a fun addition I can't wait to see what else there is.
  • Favorites - Working hard to eliminate swarms of enemies, especially if they are well structured around an area.
    Least is just focusing on one thing that is a pure bullet sponge while taking popshots at things that spawn randomly. Or being over whelemed with minions and not being able to reach the boss because of it.
Trying to kill 4 Banshee Raiders when the team is at REQ Level 3 or lower is almost impossible... they instakill you so fast, it's not even funny. I don't think I ever cleared that round (it shows up on Urban). Plus, they can one-shot brand new Corp Scorpions or Sword Banshees... something needs to be done about their power and accuracy
They need to tone down the difficulty. I don't have eight friends all playing halo, so I'd prefer that my teammates aren't utter garbage. For instance, a group of phaetons will spawn on round two, which is too hard to deal with anyway, but when it's higher than round two, I'd prefer if my teammates weren't shooting at phaetons with assault rifles.
Warzone firefight is a wonderful thing. Would like to see an arena variant more like ODST or Reach though.
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