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One other thing if you have your search preference on like precise or whatever the really specific preference is you should be matched with people your rank i am level 101 so the lowest rank i should be playing with is 90 and the highest should be 110 i should not have to play with level 20 players who don't have tank or anything to help i mean i know it is not there fault but seriously everyone is right you need tanks or mantises to take down the warden(s) legendary or mythic and when the highest req they have are wraiths and they can't aim which is on that player at that point but still i mean if i wanted to play with level 20's i would just put my preference on expanded but when i put it on specific or whatever it is called you should be matched with people similar to your rank and skill that is what the description says but then it doesn't hold true to it's description then that and the absolutely disgusting respawn times and the -Yoink- that is prometheans warzone firefight is a good mode the difficulty is fine i know that 343i probably won't change the number of enemies or the difficulty so reduce there fire rates because i have no problem dying when there like 15 prometheans next to me that is supposed to happen but when there is a crawler with a suppressor and it fire like 10 shots lightning fast that is not so fun but that is just my solution just turn down the rate of fire and get rid of the ridiculous respawn increase and you have made the perfect mode i mean i still prefer bungie but when you make products like this it is really hard not to like itso great job 343i you did a really good job for this mode
I think the A.I. is very well, the best in the FPS genere. The game growin up goin better day by day
Have you had a chance to play Warzone Firefight? If so, here's your chance to let us know what you think about it! Please use the bullet points below as a guide for topics to discuss.
  • Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?)
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
  • Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
  • Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
  • Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
Lastly, we encourage you to provide any additional feedback that you feel we may have missed in the questions above. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
  • Scoring
    - In my opinion, it feels just about right. If the RP got increased I wouldn't complain.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast?)
    - Very slow at times. Most of the time, by the time we get to round 5, we're barely hitting 6. On good games, I've been able to hit level 9 in the last minutes or so of the round.
  • Objective Rounds
    - In general, yes I like them, but some of them play out pretty bad. Especially guarding Promethean cores that have enemies spawning in 10 feet from it and by the time we're able to get to the objective it's already half-destroyed. A somewhat simple solution for that is have the objective appear during the intermission phase and delay enemies spawning for, I dunno, 10 seconds.
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy?
    - I like them a lot. For bosses, none of them are really too easy, but the grunt mech is way too difficult, even without any support from incineration cannon weilding knights. I also feel as though time should be added when you defeat certain bosses (ex. +30 seconds for killing a 1 of 3 Wardens, +15 seconds for destroying 2 of 6 banshees), because when you take 2.5 minutes to kill one group of bosses, only to have 3 Wardens spawn at the opposite side of the map, you might as well put down the controller and check Facebook or make yourself a sandwich, because you've already lost.
  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
    - The spawns need a lot of work. I understand not wanting to be too close to the objective, but spawning 200+ meters away from an objective is a bit excessive. Even more so when you add a 30 second respawn timer into the mix. Could you also add an extra spawn location to choose from so it could help prevent spawn camping? A Warden had ran into the tunnel not 30 meters from where we were spawning and managed to lock down the entire team.
  • Maps
    - To me, some of the maps are fine, but there are others that are not balanced enough. And the spawning seems a bit odd for the enemies. On some maps, enemies will spawn out of bounds or inside of walls where you can't shoot them or they'll be "confused" about where they want to go so they're essentially stuck "dancing".
  • Intros/Outros
    - Well, they look okay, but 90% of the time, there's no sound or the intro will play at the end of the match.
  • Replayability/Longevity
    - I'll put it this way, if I continue to play Halo 5, I'll basically only play firefight. I think I've put more rounds into firefight than all of the other game modes combined.
  • Favorites
    - Most favorite: testing out REQs that I would otherwise never use (even though I'd usually die and it would despawn before I could retrieve it, but whatevs). Winning (that rarely ever happens).
    - Least favorite: pumping magazine after magazine into enemies only to be killed in maybe 3 or 4 shots that happen instantaneously. The excessively long respawn times. The enemy snipers (Promethean, mostly) that apparently have aimbot accuracy. Nearly all of the enemy vehicles are unboardable (major letdown when you hit a banshee with an EMP shot from a plasma pistol or splinter grenade, but won't let you hijack it). Enemies spawning too frequently. When joining mid-match, I usually have no REQ level and can't accumulate points, those matches were fun (not).
  • Additional feedback:
    - Could you guys place down maybe two power weapons (regular rocket launchers and/or sniper rifles) on maps to give players an extra option to take down foes when they don't have rocket/sniper rifle REQs? I noticed some mongooses (mongeese?) on one map and hoped there would be a weapon on the other side of the map to help us out.
    - I know it's asking a bit much, but could there be forgeable firefight maps? With how the intro is, I could see players remaking previous Halo campaign levels *cough* The Silent Cartographer *cough*.
    - Could there be an ammo station that refills grenades and power weapons (at least human power weapons) once, since a lot of enemies are extra bullet spongey? I watched a group of Promethean soldiers eat a player's The Answer and it barely tickled them.
    - Can Warzone Firefight Turbo be a thing?
Round 5 - Grunt Mech Round - Raid on Apex 7

This guy has WAY too much health. No vehicles can get close because both his weapon attacks destroy vehicles. In the off chance you start to get shots in him, don't expect to survive because the 10 or so Knights that spawn around him will clean you up.

Too many Knights, too much health of the Grunt mech and the Hunter Mythic bosses shouldn't be there, period.
There should really be an option to reduce the difficulty of the firefight. It is a great concept that could be extremely fun; however, I can barely complete a full match because my team is never good enough to complete the third round. All of the enemies pretty much one shot the players and each player starts out with a 10 second respawn timer on the first wave (which even increases every round)! Also, every round gives the players a unbelievably short time to kill the bullet sponge bosses. Being forced to kill the bosses on a short time leaves little time to kill the other ads and enjoy the firefight because the plyers are rushed to put everything into the bosses before they fail due to the lack of time. I also don't like how I cannot really use my primary weapons after the 1st round because all of the ads also become bullet sponges in addition to the 5 invincible bosses that are spawned. Overall, every match is rushed and is way too difficult, especially if your team is filled with inexperienced players like myself. I understand that people enjoy challenging matches, but I just think that an easier difficulty should be offered that gives you less experience and req. points for new players or players that don't enjoy the extremely difficult content. There should be an option to play the firefight with the same amount of enemies; however, the enemies should have a little less health and should do less damage. Furthermore, I think that the respawn timers should be eliminated or reduced and that the round timers need to be increased.
Increase Req level put out plz. Give us access to the other vehicle Garage, because spawning home with a Tank or any other slow vehicle on Sanctum is easily a minute wasted on Round 5. Give us option to switch over any Base and Spawn our vehicles there, same for Regular Warzone.

Plz stop giving us ridiculous spawns away from the Objective when on foot. Also, I know the objectives are random, but allow the system to halt the AI spawn when Spartans are on the Req station, or spawn them else where. It's ridiculous being on a Req station with a power weapon, when 20 crawlers Spawn exactly next to your feet, thus waiting for impending doom.

Tone down the reflexes on some AI. It's hilariously absurd how Hunters or Knights can completely 180 smack you or shoot you within an Instant. One last thing is that Leaderboards are not clear on how you get 1st place, they look janked. People with higher personal scores or maybe higher kills don't get 1st place, even with high boss kills. Sometimes they do, it seems random, or at least unclear.
“Soon Halo’s reclamation will begin, but when it does, the weight of your denial will stay your feet, and you shall be left behind ”
Have played a bunch, and overall it feels too hard. Not for any one reason though. Its a mix of things. The random waves sound great on paper, but in practice I've seen 2 Warden Eternals spawn on the beach (behind cover) on Wave 2 when the REQ level is 3-4 too many times. If the design goal was to ramp up the crazy, then the waves need to reflect the REQ level. Also why does everything have to kill us so fast? Is the objective of Firefight to kill the player over and over with Crawler spawns that happen right on top of them, or for players to have fun blowing up AI enemies on Warzone maps? Maybe you need 2 playlists, one regular and then a weekend Hard mode that rewards more XP/RP?
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill - Takes too long to get the REQ level up, and energy recharges too slow. The other side of the REQ problem is that the bullet sponge nature of even grunt enemies means that pulling out a power weapon feels unsatisfactory, even wasteful. You don't feel like a bad -Yoink- when a solider promethean soaks up multiple sniper rounds.
  • Objective Rounds - Love them. Solves the problem of the AI wandering off and making it hard to kill. However, some of them are straight up BS thanks to spawn. When the AI starts at the objective and gets some hits/capture in before we even get there? That's BS.
  • Spawning - Choose one of the following: Spawn players 20 seconds from the action or respawn timers that get longer each round. You can't have both. Also, STOP spawning bosses in the back of bases, or hidden in corners. They're surrounded by incinerator cannon wielding knights and you can't use vehicles against them. It's also unclear when bosses have unlimited respawning grunts and when they don't. So sometimes you're supposed to just focus on the boss, and other times you can clear out the grunts? Power weapons feel nerfed against the high hitpoints you've given EVERYTHING in Firefight, so the only way to make a dent on bosses (within the time limit) is to use vehicles... which you can't do if they're inside a base or on a beach behind rocks.
  • Weapons - If you don't lower the health of the AI then you need to spawn players with more ammo, and/or put more REQ stations on the maps. I'm running out of ammo too often. Shouldn't have to waste my Spartan armor ability on the extra ammo perk.
  • Maps - Spawn locations on some maps is so broken that it makes the map unfun. Otherwise love the use of Warzone maps.
  • Replayability/Longevity - If its not tuned to be easier/fairer then no. The current difficulty level feels designed to burn through REQ cards (at least when you have energy/levels to spend, see above), but the RP payout doesn't match it. Firefight also exacerbates the Yoinking! REQ UI issues. When you only have a few mins each round, having to stop and fiddle with a 100 -Yoinking!- loadout variation weapons is a giant pain. Why for the love of all that is Halo can't we set an automatic REQ Level = X, then spawn with Y? If I just automatically spawned with a DMR when the REQ level hit 6 that would be so helpful.
  • Favorites - I love winning, and hate losing (doubly so to cheap wave conditions ie Kill 2 Knight Bosses who've hidden themselves in the back of a base surrounded by soldiers with lightrifles who have perfect accuracy.
I love it. Shouldn't have to use 300 reqs just to kill a boss. And I feel like gaining req level is a major -Yoink- as of now. But overall it's great
Req level is a little slow and recharge for req is very slow for how fast you can die and lose said req. boss wave needs to match req power of players. I.E TWO wardens on round 2 with knights and all you have at best is req three .
Over all slam bang job on firefight two thumbs up . IMO!
  • Scoring Scoring honestly seems fine the way it is. My only issue, is the final score at the end is screwed up sometimes. I've placed 1st and been listed 4th on the final scoreboard.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill REQ level is perfectly fine. I think the energy refill needs to be either twice or three times as fast though. The current energy refill speed actually discourages spawning power weapons. Why spend 7 REQs on a power weapon, only to have it run out of ammo, when I can spend 7 on a vehicle and have infinite ammo? Another suggestion would be to allow REQ stations to restock ammo for power weapons. This should only be for WZFF, not regular WZ.
  • Objective Rounds - All of the rounds are pretty good, with the exception of 3 Wardens spawning inside a home base. Anyone that spawned a vehicle is basically screwed, and because of the aforementioned slow energy refill, you don't have time to spawn a power weapon, and kill all the wardens.
  • Boss Rounds See above comment about Wardens inside home bases, other than that, i think bosses are pretty well balanced. The Grunt Goblin is amazing by the way. Please continue to create new bosses for warzone. I love all of his attack mechanics. Definitely the most challenging boss there is.
  • Spawning Spawn times are fine. However, please give us the option to choose where to respawn/spawn a vehicle. Choosing to spawn a tank to deal with round 5 bosses located at red base, only to spawn at blue base, means you aren't going to get any points with a good team.
  • Maps I really enjoy all the maps. I would really like if you guys would add Noctus. I think that would be a really fun map for WZFF.
  • Intros/Outros They're fine.
  • Replayability/Longevity – I will primarily be playing WZFF from here on out. Just keep pumping out new REQs, maps and bosses.
  • Favorites - My favorite thing to do is spawn a ghost ASAP, and watch as my kills climb to 40+ while everyone else is still under 20. I had one game where I had 80 kills and 1 death. My least favorite thing is that if you want to be on top of the scoreboard, you HAVE to spawn vehicles. See above comment about REQ energy refill.
Perfect 343! you guys really restored some lost faith after Grifball. I love WZFF. Aside from the slow REQ energy refill, it's all I imagined and more. Though I wouldn't complain about custom version where we could set rounds/time limit like ODST/Reach.
From what I've read so far it seems like everyone else has the same criticisms/issues that I do. The only question I have at this point is did anyone at 343 actually play test this before release? And if you did, was it with a req list of a human who works 40 hours a week who has very little in high req cards or was it with a req list where you have 9999 of each and every card? Just curious.
Hello Fourm team.

Thanks for releasing firefight, its a blast so far, while its fun there are also problems, some stuff that makes it feel, boggled down.
In my own words, the difficulty feels, artificial, in that its not a challenge to overcome but rather, we lose because of design and sheer numbers. Not by x amount of enemies, but because of a few factors, large numbers of enemies is a purpose of the challenge, but the real issue is, just it feels like the numbers regarding their attributes are just too demanding for a variety of factors.

Anyways, here is my response to each issue regarding this concern:

  • Scoring - I'm the kind of guy to say, score really really doesn't matter, but its fine.
  • REQ charge speed and gain - Maybe a bit faster, usually a gain is fine for the target merited, the issue isn't the foe we seek, its that when we have other players trying to gain more and they encounter even one foe, usually the forerunner soldiers, its an effort to take down even a low ranking one. We cannot gain REQ power because enemies are too bulky (more on this later)
  • Objective Rounds - Oh boy.. this is the center of the concern.. not that all arounds are hard, some are easy, but some have very mixed results and can be, borderline insane.
If there were any way to simplify this, it would be under these issues:

The timer- We only have 5 minutes for each objective, so why not actually start it when the objective is around or the moment the targets we need to kill arrive? Its just a cheap blow when we have to kill 3 wardens and we only get 4 1/2 instead of 5. Its just, frustrating when we have to wait and bide our time on an already tight time frame. This is the least of the problems when this other junk comes

Spawning- oh dear lord.. unless we have a quick response vehicle, none of us wants a 10 mile hike back to the objective, even worse, remember how no one wanted to defend the base with the enemies spawning inside? Just moving them 5 meters out to bum rush the objective is not a good substitute at all. Spawning is just, absurd, we cannot choose where to go, get ganked by a random mob, wait again to spawn, all the while we can see, say, 7 knights, spawn in front of the objective we have to protect. Now how exactly are we supposed to handle this junk? Even as Spartans, we have only so much ammo.. Hell another issue while we are at it, we have an objective to complete, unless we need the time to run out (for defense objectives) really, limit the spawns, we cannot handle just doing tanks one moment on the boss, the next we get swarmed by a fresh batch of explosive packing soldiers. Even the covie dropships, those auto turrets have hammered down more tanks fresh from spawn, in the worst ways. Maybe just tone those dropship weapons back a bit.

Enemy composition- Past firefights in ODST and Reach, they worked because of the gradual climb with usually starting with grunts and jackals, worked their way up to elites, hunters, etc. This one does none of that. Instead, unless its a boss for the sake of being a boss and this is where I make the expection, like 2 knights, we get swarmed with the higher tier elites, promethean soldiers, and knights, regular rank and file ones. Why are we facing knights so early? Knights are a pain because, unless you have at least a rank 4-5 power weapon, taking any on alone, is sucide. The enemy composition in some goals is beyond crazy. 6-7 knights later on due to tanks being present, okay. But for an internal defend the house objective, no. It doesn't help when you give those guys, cannons instead of shotguns inside. How are we supposed to handle that? All I can say is, maybe start small and work up because that's what happened in the past.

Enemy life and power relative to their numbers- This is my biggest gripe of all, going into a mode like this, one would expect it to be, quality (us) vs quanitity (the AI) but it feels like hardly any of that on our end. One of the biggest factors of grief is that, unless we can get headshots, even using a weapon like the basic AR on a crawler, takes far too long. Its not that they should go down effortlessly, but still quicker than most, the enemies are given life beyond normal that the majority of weapons, loadout and even power based, have little to no use in this open mode. No one is even going to use a shotgun or sword when the enemy can just shrug it off. Rather to be more direct, headshots work, yes its the best means to eliminate them, but this is tuned more on the promethians rather than the covies, the covenant, they are almost in a sweet spot for life and rounds endured but the promethians, they are far far too durable, even the lower tier soldiers, they take a good effort to bring down alone. Knights more than anything else.

Power is another issue, they are far too strong even one on one, this is why it seems more like us as junk compared to them (fully decked out) even their range, seems absurd, how is it that a grunt can shoot me far out of its plasma pistol range? If its a shotgun or explosive or sniper, that's fine. But in terms of power, even one crawler guns you down less than a second, at full life? That's a bit too far. Its not the same as being mowed down by a mob of weaker guys making a larger collective of damage vs one bulked out foe that got you.

As I said before, one of the issues was sheer numbers, take the buffed up life of most of these foes, their power, and their absurd spawning, this is the recipe for frustration and disaster.

This is not a good means of challenge, its an artificial difficulty, and as long as this remains in place, to some, it will fee like we cannot do anything no matter how hard we try. To some players, it may even be helpless beyond just bringing up a warthog and use the turret because that's the best they got.

Even if bosses were kept the same from this, that would be fine, the problem is, the enemies we have to get around are the bigger threat and far too strong with endurance, range, power, and no limit to spawning.

All I can envision is, there has to be a middle ground, lower life, lower power, something. Maybe just set them at a range between normal and heroic, but with their numbers, their overall power per individual unit should be around normal. If one player dies by a mob of weaker guys compared to a mob of the same doing much more damage, there is a difference between mistake and honest lost just due to inherit stats on the enemies.

Warzone firefight, it has the right heart and ideas but the execution for now, its just unhinged and makes victory far less rewarding when you know you are contending with just, frustrating design. We wont always be able nor willing to spend a tank when some AI design choices make it even more unlikely we will be able to use a tank even if we tried to just get out of the gradge.

I'll keep playing, but I want to see this mode succeed, I really do.

Its just, in my view, tone the enemies back a bit, this will make it so we can also get more use for our other weapons like shotguns, snipers, swords. I want to use it but cannot because it would just be a waste in the current setting. Look into enemy composition, tone back their damage and life, make the numbers be their power, not weapon power itself. Give us time, let us actually defend and not face bum rushing assaults just 5 meters out.

We want to be rewarded for skill, not just out doing overdesigned foes and goals.
Been playing it nonstop since it came out whenever I can, there are a lot of things I love about it and a lot of things I hate too. Here's my own two cents;

  • Scoring - Scoring is fine. I would increase the bonus for survival in a round and give more points to those that chip away at the bosses.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill - Both of these are way too slow. While having every player have their own REQ leveling is good determining on their progress, it doesn't really help much. On the opposite end, having a universal REQ leveling would just have some players not really putting forth an effort while having access to their higher tiered cards. So I think it's a good idea to keep the individual leveling, but the progression needs to be faster. It's kind of stupid when we have to face two Wardens at round 3 with only REQ level 3 or 4. Also worth noting is ammo capacity for power weapons is the same as regular WZ. Spending 6 points on a rocket launcher with a couple extra rounds can go a long way and potentially save the game.
  • Objective Rounds - I really like how it adds teamwork into the mix that you have to protect a core/generator. They're also quite durable which is a blessing since they won't lose a third of their health when stuck by a plasma grenade. My only complaint is that you usually have to spawn fairly far away and all the enemies get to walk two steps and attack the objective. Personally, I think it should be switched so that on occasion, we can catch a breather before the action comes back.
  • Boss Rounds - I've been a longtime player of GoW's Horde mode and the bosses on there are usually a lot of fun to fight. If there's one thing cooperative players hate, it's bosses that soak up damage while effortlessly shrugging off whatever we throw at it. I enjoy that they are challenging and it may take some time to weaken them enough to bring them down, but when you're constantly pounding the Mythic Knight with a Scorpion and having only taken a quarter of its health away in a full two minutes, that's definitely something I wouldn't be pleased about. The amount of lesser troops should also be reduced; particularly the Goblin boss on Apex 7. It's definitely irritating that it gets a constant stream of Knight Commanders with Incineration Cannons to burn through our vehicles when the Goblin itself is already threatening enough. Both times I've encountered it and you can't get within sight without being blasted by the knights. There should be minions, enough that they will need to be dealt with, but also so that you don't waste both time and REQs having to deal with them before turning attention to the boss itself.
  • Spawning - This is probably my least favorite thing about WZFF. Given how fragile we are, with even Promethean Crawlers able to take down our shields in two Boltshot bursts, the spawning is something I would hope gets changed. While the increased timer does well in encouraging players to not make rash decisions, it's irritating that we spawn a significant distance from the action consumes EVEN MORE time. So instead of waiting 30s to jump back into the action in round 5, it feels more like 45s or a minute since we have to hoof it back over with more firepower. There's been plenty of occasions where we've only had 2 or 3 of us having to battle the Mythic Bosses while the rest of us are waiting to come back in. By the time we arrive, it's too late to win; even if we hose them with whatever we have. One idea I have is that you can use respawn tokens to reduce the penalty. These can be earned by killing bosses, surviving rounds, kill combos, etc and it resets to zero to prevent hoarding. This way you can have the option of sitting out the whole time or you can use one to jump right back into the action. It's a risk/reward thing.
  • Maps - Going off of my spawning feedback, the maps are good. I also believe we should also be able to choose where we spawn instead of being placed somewhere by default, similar to WZ. It would make for more strategic plays for example; the Knight Bannermans that occupy the armory on MoS. You could spawn close to the armory, but since there are many enemies inside; it's a risky move. You could also choose to spawn a vehicle in the garage or fortress. This way you don't have to run all the way over to the fight if you have a shotgun or sword but still have the option of staying back with a sniper rifle to pick the enemies off.
  • Intros/Outro - They seem fine, but there's no music and the announcements are erratic, not at a set time.
  • Replayability/Longevity - I love how there are REQ pack rewards at the ends of the match, it really gives incentive on both keeping your stocks from being depleted and prompting you to come back and play some more. It does give off very nice compensation and making all of that challenging work very sweet in the end. I myself will be playing this for a while. Now others may decide not to come back, especially if they constantly lose.
  • Favorites - My personal favorite is the large scale battles and the fact that the mode requires a degree of teamwork to succeed. My least favorite is the spawning and the bullet sponge bosses. With both those in hand, we end of wasting REQs and waiting while it doesn't even make a dent in the boss.
Overall it's a very fun mode, but it's also difficult and the fact that all the enemies feel like they're on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic and Thunderstorm skulls means you're going to die quickly and burn through another minute of time trying to respawn and get back to the fight.
Overall, I enjoy Warzone Firefight, but there are some major issues keeping it back.
  • Scoring- Scoring is fine
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill- Compared to the enemies we have to fight, we don't get the appropriate weapons quick enough, we can't fight Banshees and Phaetons with REQ level 2 weapons.
  • Objective Rounds - Yes they are my favorite type of round, in concept. Defend the armory/garage/etc is for the most part fine, but once Knights come its extremely difficult to stay in the base, and then extremely difficult in get into the base. As or the defend the foreunner whatever objective I think that there should be a timer of about 10 seconds that tell you where the objective will spawn so we can get to the objective before the enemies spawn, and also once you die it is difficult to get into a position where you can defend the objective,finally I think there should always be at least two of them.
  • Boss Rounds- They are alright, although some encounters are way to difficult, to name a few, the 2 Wardens that spawn on the beach on Apex 7, Soldier Commandos then 2 Legend Wardens and a Mythic Warden behind the core in Urban, 4 Mantises with one in the garage on Attack on Sanctum, 2 Legend Knights, then 2 Legend Wardens, and Mythic Warden. I think the more bosses there are in the round the less health they should have. Increase the round timer. Change up where some spawn.
  • Spawning- This is my largest gripe, I think 30 seconds is way too much, I think there should be a few changes. First off, make the respawn timer scale to 15 by round 5 in increments of 3 seconds. Secondly, allow us to respawn on teammates a la Reach.
  • Maps- I think the maps themselves are great, however I think the places some bosses spawn should be changed. My favorite map is Attack on Sanctum because I love how spread out and varied it is, and 'cause it is new. As for my least favorite, I'd say March on Stormbreak.
  • Intros/Outros- They are cool
  • Replayability/Longevity – If the issues are acknowledged, and changes proposed, yes I will continue playing it.
  • Favorites - My favorite thing to do is mess around with my friends while still completing the objectives, something very difficult to do now, unfortunately. My least favorite thing is dying to a boss, waiting 30 seconds to respawn, respawn on the other side of the map, run to the fight for 45 seconds, dying again instantly. Repeat.
Lastly, we encourage you to provide any additional feedback that you feel we may have missed in the questions above. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
  • Additional Feedback- I think the player count should increase to at least 12, maybe 16 with the current spawning. Decrease the frequency at which minions spawn for boss encounters. Make Knights slightly easier to kill. And I think it would be cool if enemies in higher rounds had a chance to spawn with Tier 1 req weapons, like some grunts in Round 5 might carry a spitfire, or some elites with a fury.
Have you had a chance to play Warzone Firefight? If so, here's your chance to let us know what you think about it! Please use the bullet points below as a guide for topics to discuss.
  • Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?)
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
  • Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
  • Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
  • Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
Lastly, we encourage you to provide any additional feedback that you feel we may have missed in the questions above. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
Scoring: Scoring seems fine, with additional points given for multi-kills is great.

REQ Leveling and Energy Refill: Since leveling up REQs seems tied to how many points you generate, you either end the game with a high req level or really low req level, as its hard to get multi-kills with 8 people firing at the same mobs, I find that whoever gets to be in a Wraith or Scorpion first, will kill an entire mob before the rest can get to them, allowing them to progress further than the rest of the team.

I think REQ level should be constant between the team, as larger firepower is needed for later bosses, and that way if you see a teammate using a BR on the final warden, you know whether or not its because he isn't using his REQs or if he just doesn't have a high enough level, if you have enough to buy a tank, so does he. How you decide to level up as a team is up to the design team.

As for Energy Refill, I think it can be a tad faster, but if it stayed the same I wouldn't mind.

Objective Rounds: All Objectives seem to be fine, other issues in the game mode make them seem worse than they are. Reasoning below.

Boss Rounds: The only bosses that comes to mind that are almost always game killers are the 2 wardens that spawn on Array, in the back at the beach way too early for anyone to do any damage to them. The others are any bosses that spawn in the core base, as most bosses have a weakspot at the back, you can't do max DPS to them since no one can aggro them from the opposite direction, making it seem impossible to kill. The only in-base bosses I've seen defeated are the hunter elders, because splash damage tends to hit their crits better than any other bosses.

Bosses tend to have too much health, as Mythic Wardens (which I know are supposed to be difficult) have to have multiple power vehicles to do a good amount of damage to him. Regular Warzone has a potential of 24 players doing dps to him, but in WZ:FF its a potential max of 8 players, which is just too low to reliably beat him. I'm not saying he has to be able to be beaten every time, but anything in this game should fall to multiple scorpions, banshees, and power weapons, not laugh in the face of them.

Shielded Bosses are on steroids, the Mantises are the biggest offender, because if they haven't been shot in 2 seconds (I think) their shields fully recharge, plasma pistol charged shots work against non-named elites, but not named ones, as they only tend to take down half of their shields, which makes no sense, it works or it doesn't, not half way.

Spawning: Here is the biggest problem with the game mode. Above I stated that the objectives were fine, but other problems make them seem worse than they are, this is the biggest offender.

Defending the forerunner cores is the worst objective in the game mode right now, as by the time the objective is stated, and the team is moving towards the objective, enemies are already spawning, especially Prometheans, which spawn almost instantly, at least covenant have to drop in, giving time to avoid the dropships cannons, but Prometheans are instantly there, firing near pinpoint accuracy at you as you try to get to cover to defend. If even one person dies, the round is pretty much a loss, especially in later rounds, as the respawn timer doesn't allow for any help for another 15-30 seconds, which is elongated by the fact that the game can spawn you across the map.

Spawning seems to have no rhyme or reason, especially when spawning vehicles. Stormbreak is notorious (at least to me) for spawning tanks at the other end of the map.

You have a spawn select system in place for normal warzone matches, I suggest allowing us to spawn at any of the 5 locations however we want, even if the objective is IN the base, chances are spawning in the mobs isn't going to be the best thing, and people will rather run the 5-10 seconds to the objective, than spawn in and take maybe a single enemy with them, and then stare at the respawn timer again.

Maps: Some maps (only Urban comes to mind) have been altered to hinder the player as much as possible for vehicles. Round 5 sometimes spawns knights at the back of the garage, which can only be fired upon in a single spot for tanks, which if there is more than one tank, creates this pileup. This is because there are huge shipping containers blocking the other path to the back of the garage. I suggest keeping the maps the same, as we know how they operate.

Best map for me is A.R.C in the modes current state, as its small enough to be traversed quickly by both land, air, and foot, with no large obstructions to hinder movement. My only complaint about A.R.C is that when we have to defend the garage vs. Prometheans, they spawn almost in the base, other than that, a solid A+.

Intros/Outros: These are fine.

Replayability/Longevity: Replayability right now is great, but after the free packs stop rolling in, I see alot of people not playing this, as it requires a ton of power reqs to do well. It isn't the same problem as WZ: Turbo, where you can do well with loadout weapons, but decide to use power weapons/vehicles because they're fun to use. WZ:FF is forcing you to use your power reqs to win, as Loadout weapons are near useless in Round 4/5.

Skulls added replayability to FF in ODST, you could implement both beneficial skulls and non-beneficial skulls to the rounds, to further increase the uniqueness of each round.

Favorites: Bosses are pretty great in these, except for a few outliers. I would enjoy if enemies had the chance to spawn with REQ variants of weapons they carry, just to add to the chaos.
One thing that would be nice was if he had a heads up what things we're going to have to defend or protect. It feels a little unfair when then enemies spawn right next to the object you have to defend and its already half way destroyed/captured by the time your team is able to reach it.

Also, if there was a way to turn on grunt birthday party in WZFF, that would be awesome.
Some of the bosses are just too hard. For example, the malevian armsmen on sanctum, there are too many and they regenerate health and shields too fast. I have never beaten that stage in the several games I've played in sanctum. I would be more ok with it if it was a round five thing, but for round three? Ridiculous. If I wanted to beat it, I would need a heavily organized team with good communication, but with randoms from matchmaking, it's an absolutely absurd round.
  • Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?)
  • No problem with the scoring. Add Jeff back in, add those numerical kills back in, there is a joy hearing, "double kill, triple kill, overkill!" "Sunburst!"
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
  • Far too slow, didn't hit level 8 until the last 20 seconds of the match.
  • Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?
  • Get rid of it, I just want to fight.
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
  • Bosses should be tough. Thats why they are bosses.
  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
  • I can't even begin to say how much I hate the extended spawn time. Everyone has a different approach. If I want to throw myself at enemies, LIKE A SUPER SOLDIER!! I should be able to.
  • Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
  • Maps are too big, having to search out the enemy is frustrating. Maps should have been edited down to force combat. Think about Corvette, Holdout, and Overlook.
  • Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
  • Whatever, these are just lame anyways.
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
  • Add different modes. Arcade fight, Survival, Fiestafight. You please a good amount of people by doing this.
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
  • Its firefight and I am happy to able to play it again. I don't get why you tried to blend ODST and Reach together. Its like trying to breed a pig and a bear.
  • It should be a four person fire team, Then the amount of enemies would be correct. Too many chiefs ruin the firefight.....
Firefight has been fun so far, a few minor things that I have found to bug me.
  • Boss Rounds- 5 minutes each round, but in some rounds the enemy doesn't drop or spawn until 15-20 seconds in. With how many times a round has gone down to the wire those 15-20 seconds could be vital. If we are given 5 minutes for the round, I would like to actually have the full 5 minutes to win the round with the enemy present.
  • Spawning- I like the varying spawn time upon death, but feel there are a some tweaks that should be made. I almost feel you should be punished with a longer spawn time in the early rounds for dying against the easier foe than in the later rounds against the harder ones. I survive without death most round 1's and a large amount of round 2's, but then am hit with a 15 second spawn time the first time I die. 2 different ways I feel this could be changed, either increase spawn time with each death, 2 seconds added in rounds 1-3 and 1 second added in rounds 4-5 with the timer starting at about 3 seconds with the first death. The other way would be with more of a bell curve, higher spawn time to start decreasing till round 3 then increasing again in the last 2 rounds, 10-8-5-10-15 respectively. Right now with a 30 second timer the final round and a 5-10 second run to where the bosses I have to put a speed boost on just to hope to make it back into play, either need a shorter spawn time equal to run in time or closer spawn locations.
  • Req Levels- I feel like it should be closer to regular Warzone. I find it taking sometimes into round 2 before I am up to level 3 Req's which is a problem. I would like it to be a pretty quick rise to 3, slower but still somewhat fast to 5 and then the current pace past that. I feel that there are some bosses in round 3 that it is impossible to beat without at least level 5 req's for most of your team. I have had times where I am top ranked in the team and I haven't even hit level 4 by round 3, which creates a problem with getting past difficult bosses.
  • Replayability- Adding more new commendations and achievements will definitely make me continue to play it more and longer. You use so many different req's for one match so it is nice to get so many gold and silver packs right now, would be great if that could continue, even if they were new packs that didn't give unlockables and certifications, only weapons to use.
  • Favorites- I love getting in a scout rally warthog and going through to splatter all the crawlers. So much fun in round 1 or 2 when we have to kill 100 and i just splatter a pack of them in my weaponless vehicle. Lease favorite is having the grunt goblins red seeking needler find me around corners and under cover to kill me. This is a very cool weapon for him to have, but I feel like it might be too good since I have seen it kill 3-4 players under cover at the same time and then we wait 20 seconds to have it happen again. Grunt goblin is pretty freaking awesome overall, I just feel like this weapon should either be more focused and only be able to target 1-2 players since he can fire his normal needler at the same time or it should not be as accurate and perfectly seeking with all of the needles.
Overall I have been very satisfied with Firefight and so glad it was not as easy at the Beta. That was fun to get some wins and free Req points, but so mindless because it was way too easy. Thanks guys.
Building off of Lore091's suggestions...
Here are my suggestions:
  • Decrease respawn timers. Round 5 should have no more than a 15 second respawn timer.
  • Enemies are way too accurate. If you find yourself caught amongst even a couple grunts, they can easily take you out. Decrease enemy accuracy slightly
  • Spawn locations are usually pretty far away from where the action is happening. Move the spawn locations closer to your teammates and closer to the fight. As it stands right now, a 30 second respawn timer plus a nice jog across the map after a death is not much fun.
  • During a round, enemy placement needs to be shown as a waypoint. I've seen teammates just wander around looking for the enemy because there's no location specified. It's a big map; they could be anywhere. Please point us in the right direction, especially if we're on the clock.
Here are my suggestions:
  • Limit the number of enemy spawns with bosses. My team and I spend more time killing them than the actual bosses themselves.
  • Instead of spawning in a random location, implement a feature were we can select our spawn location (Armory, Garage, etc.) that way we can spawn closer to the action instead of having to take the long way there.
  • REQ Leveling and Refresh Energy needs to be sped up a bit.
  • Make Firefight a little more immersive. Include FF Voices for us to unlock, either through an exclusive REQ Pack, with Silver/Gold REQ packs, or standalone purchases with REQ points.
More will be added later.
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