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  • Scoring I feel like the scoring is ok.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill Killing enemies seems to barely increase your REQ while finishing rounds will most of the time shoot you to the next REQ level. I feel like there is a disparity there. Individual enemy kills should give a bit more REQs energy.
  • Objective Rounds - I like the objectives, but I think there is room for more still. Kill a VIP before he reaches a certain point, capture a base controlled by enemies (inverse of defend a base)... there are plenty of ideas that would make good objectives.
  • Boss Rounds Certain boss rounds feel hard, but mostly because things like travel time, respawn time, and spawn intervals delay the time where you can actually do damage. Grunt Goblin is an interesting boss who is dynamic in his movement, has a variety of abilities, and is fun to fight. Warden still feels like a bullet sponge, though occasionally he'll change position, which is cool. But certain boss rounds on certain maps (Wardens in back of bases) are tough because the bosses don't move from those zones and flanking bosses is impossible.
  • Spawning Increasing respawn timer is a lazy way of adding artificial difficulty to later rounds. Disappointed in how that was implemented.
  • Maps Maps are fine. Attack on Sanctum is beautiful and varied.
  • Intros/Outros No opinion.
  • Replayability/Longevity I'll continue to play, but I hope that 343i isn't done tweaking the game type. It still needs work.
  • Other comments AI autoaim is too good. I feel like once an AI targets you, no amount of quick thinking or evasive maneuvering will save you; they just shoot til you're dead and won't be distracted. I also feel like calling in REQs doesn't make you feel powerful; rather, it makes you feel just useful enough. I was surprised that a rocket from a SPNKR EM wasn't able to destroy an unshielded normal Banshee; that would make since with Sword or better Banshees, but a normal one? I want to feel like calling in a REQ will make me able to dish out some real damage, but I don't feel that. Instead it feels like you need REQs to reach the minimal amount of usefulness for killing enemies. And the types of REQs that are useful in WZFF are limited to pretty much vehicles and explosive weapons. Enemies kill too quickly when up close, so shotguns/scattershots/close range REQs are too dangerous to use. Everyone seems to default to tanks/wraiths, banshees/wasps, and rockets. There is such wide variety of REQs; they should all be useful in WZFF.
Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?
  • I didn't see the broadcast of firefight, was there an explanation of the different number of stars and thresholds between the different number?
REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )

  • I think it starts off a little slow. Some round 2 missions are a bit much when you are fighting banshees/phaetons with modded ARs and pistols.

Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?

  • I like them but have similar misgivings about spawns and distance we have to travel vs the AIs. Possible suggestion: have marines spawn with the defendable objective (forerunner core/armory/garage/fortress). That way if we get non-favorable spawns the marine AIs can fight off the opposition to allow for travel time. Award bonuses for marines "saved" during round and or graded awards for the lower number of marine respawns. Meaning the group will get a better bonus of the marines only spawn once during the round.
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
Not fond of three wardens camped out in the base. Vehicles have a very difficult time getting damage on target unless the wardens stand in a very small window. All warden attacks are one shot kills on Spartans. So REQ weapons are wasted trying to get through the mobs protecting the entrance to the base. If we need vehicles REQs to succeed in round five scenarios, we need to be able to use them.

Love the Grunt mech.

Suggestion. Add Brute chieftain as a boss spawn. I want to knock the helmet off the chieftain again! Tarterus???even.

  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
bleh. Spawns are horrible. You have no idea where you are going to spawn. Need the capability to spawn off players and/or preview respawn location. Maybe even the capability of spawn in friendly vehicles (in gunner seats of warthogs/tanks)
  • Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
Variety is the spice of life. ODST had 8 maps and Reach had Ten. Halo 5 just now made it to 6. Ask those community forgers to recreate old maps!!! If we can have weather effects in forge why not add them as a variable for map generation: fog/heavy rain/snow night time. Etc.
  • Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
Definitely like the drop pod intro. But other intros are rehashed. And the math doesn't work. Why should we even have three Pelicans in the first place. Warzone standard has three--4 Spartans per... And on some intros you can see the Pelicans that are generated for the other non-existent team...really?
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
yeah. I like firefight. Liked it ODST...liked in Reach. Gonna keep playing and hope it gets even better. The commendations for firefight were way too easy. It's been out three days and I only have boss kills/wins left. The kill commendation For covenant/forerunner should have been in the the extra req packs for daily play. But after the commendations are done motivation could go down for replay (But I'm still gonna play)
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
play. Fight. Win!

Other Suggestions. ADD BRUTES. It's a simulation we are getting teased with brute weaponry. Put them in the game. It would be cool to see spikers and Brute Chopper/Prowler.
I like a challenge, but this firefight needs to be scaled back. Many bosses have ungodly amounts of health. I've seen wraiths, tanks, and rockets all shooting the same boss and it still takes minutes to kill him. Then you still have 2 or 3 more to kill, but there is no time left. Also enemy damage is a little high, I spend my nice req cards, drive to the battle, get hit once and explode, what a waste. Respawn times are absurd. With only 4:40 to finish each round (most stuff doesn't even spawn right at 5 minutes), sometimes you waste a whole minute waiting on respawn timer and then running or driving to the battle. Especially wave 5 when you want to drive your slow tank to the battle. I have managed one win out of like 12 games. Many I have lost in the second and third round. It just becomes not fun when there isn't even a chance of winning. And I don't mind using req cards (it's the only way to win), but if I have to use like 8-10 per game, the rewards aren't great enough to return that loss. Eventually I will run out of req cards and not be able to play war zone.
In short: Lower enemy health, lower enemy damage output, decrease respawn times. Somewhere to a happy medium of not too easy and not extremely difficult.
  • Scoring:
I really like the on screen score display & how you can chain kills. However, I noticed that my Warden commendation wasn't going up after matches (only enemy commendation I have left). I feel like getting a warden takedown is still an achievement in WZFF, and should probably warrant commendation progress.
    • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill:
My problem with req's isn't the energy, but the validity of what you call in. At level 6, you can call in a scorpion or a sniper; there is only one correct choice. Because boss mobs spawn so frequently & are buffed so considerably, calling in a high level weapon req is almost always a waste. However, I think this issue could be remedied by giving req weapons a significant ammo capacity boost, if not the ability to restock ammo at req stations.

  • Objective Rounds:
I enjoy the objective rounds. However, there a few issues I would like to see addressed. First off, the indicators on elimination rounds need to be more apparent or consistent; we lost a hunter elimination round on stormbreak because our last hunter wandered into the gulley between a base and armory and we didn't find it until the last :30 seconds of the match. Also, there should be like a :15 second heads up that you need to defend a location/objective, so that you can actually arrive there before the enemies spawn on top of it.

    • Boss Rounds:
I love the new bosses. The grunts add some fun variety, the new vehicles really test your standard strategies, and the new hunters loo slick as hell. The main problem I have faced with boss rounds has been the mobs. Should you want to use anything other than a vehicle (your first mistake), you will be forced to burn almost all your ammo on the ruthless mobs that swarm around the bosses in order to even have the oppurtunity to hit them. for 5 seconds. Until another wave spawns and your caught out in the open with 1 rocket nd 7 knights all around you. However, I believe my remedies above would still apply here, especially if the mobs were nerfed back down to standard firefight/legendary difficulty.

    • Spawning:
I think everyone has done a pretty good job so far expressing how absolutely abysmal the spawning is in this mo, so I'll be brief. Honestly, if we could just choose our spawn point I think it would address alot of the spawnkill/marathon runs we're dealing with right now. So far as spawn times are concerned, waiting :30 kinda blows, especially when you're the only one using power req's so nothing get done in your absence. I agree the the spoken opinion in this thread about utilizing the campaign revive mechanic. However, I know this will take more voice acting/$$ so maybe a good alternative would be to increase spawn timers based on # of deaths instead of round number,

    • Maps:
I really enjoy the new map, and agree with the choice of using urban over noctus, considering how l9ong of hikes we're already making.

    • Intros/Outros:
Audio bug's still there. Besides that, they seem fine. Maybe have some musical variety to spice up each match?

    • Replayability/Longevity:
I have always loved firefight, and this installation has not swayed my views. The factor I see as most threatening to the longevity of this mode is the Warzone aspect; with how long it takes to acquire rare req's/weather the silver grind, pulling out a power weapon is simply not rewarding enough as the system stands. Those of us around 100 have an ample supply of scorpions to burn but I imagine lower level players are really cornered into a pay-to-win system if they want to contribute in any meaningful way to a round. Once again, I think the best way to extend longevity is to allow all guns to reload at req station, so that we can really get our money's worth out of req's, and or nerf the mobs so we can use them on meaningful targets.

    • Favorites:
Favorite: close finishes on wave 5 with the trickier (read: not tank accessible) bosses, when everyone is coordinating and focusing fire with ultra-rare/ legendary weapons.
Least Favorite: trying to use a power weapon with OP mobs of promtheans who can pull you out of the game for :40+ seconds with one knee of justice move.
Scoring makes no sense. Why is it that I can have the highest score, the highest boss kills, and the highest kills on the team and be in 3rd place on the team? Makes no sense.

Enemies are still "stupid difficult" - well, there's a promethean soldier - 3 magazines of a battle rifle later, he's dead. Knight? Well, better go refill my ammo entirely. Or, hey: it's really only beatable if you mass-spawn scorpion tanks.
I like Warzone Firefight but these maps are huge. I loved playing Firefight Arcade on Reach.. this is quite different. I wish we had something similar to Reach's Firefight Arcade on Halo 5. Spawning with heavy artillery too.. without having to empty your Req collection. When you could spawn with a Fuel Rod gun each time.. or Rockets..or Snipers.. that was epic. I miss that.

What about a Firefighter Fiesta mode with random weapon respawns? That would be so much fun.
  • Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?)
Not so much, the scoring seems fine.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
A tad bit faster recharge would make it more enjoyable
  • Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?
These are fine for the most part. I'd much rather play these than the boss rounds.
  • Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
The bosses definitely need a nerf. Both in the damage they take and in the damage they dish out. I shouldn't be able to be one shotted in a tank when I'm behind cover. 15-20 percent health reduction and damage reduction would be welcome and please lower the tracking on the Goblin's needles.
  • Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
The spawning is awful. I'm either under fire or far enough away that I have to cross half the map to get back in the fight. I can either spawn, get taken about incineration cannon because I was surrounded by Knights and then spawn in the exact same place thirty seconds later or I can spawn far enough away that it takes me 10-20 seconds to get back to the battle. This combined with the ridiculously long respawn times is probably the biggest problems I have with this version of firefight.
  • Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
I still haven't pulled urban in the rotation, but all in all I don't have any problems in this regard. The maps are fine for firefight.
  • Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
They are kind of unnecessary, but I honestly don't care either way.
  • Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
With some changes it would be a great addition to the game. Right now, I'm not sure how many more rounds of it I'll play as its far too frustrating. Perhaps having two difficulty settings one for most people and one for the people who enjoy the frustration?
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
My favorite version of firefight was ODST. I loved to throw on some music and just hold out as long as I could. Sometimes on different maps, sometimes with my friends.
  • Misc: A Firefight Turbo: Might make a good weekend playlist.
  • Time limits. Making round 4 7 minutes and 5 8 or 9 might help with the difficulty as well.
My biggest criticism is how bullet sponges the enemies are, especially the prometheans.
it gets so boring playing firefight because I was hoping that it would be relatively casual. That's why I want to fight ai. A lone Spartan should be able to kill at least 3 soldiers or elites but they have so much health that me and everybody on my team has to team up to take down the elites and soldiers.

what I really need is just anything that isn't a boss to have much less health. Like half elites/soldiers/knights health. Either that or double Spartan health when in warzone firefight. Because honestly I'm just playing wz firefight for the 10 reqs now, it's already gotten boring, it is so repetitive just ducking behind cover every 1-2 seconds because the enemies have so much health, probably more than a spartan, and so it takes forever to kill them
Objective Rounds - Having to defend the garage in the 1st round is impossible to do. This happened to me twice in Urban. It would be nice to have markers for all objectives. Happened several times that we were supposed to kill grunts or something like that but my teammates and I were all wandering around because we didn't know where to go and the timer was running.
Spawning - Respawn time during the last round is way too long. Also, would be nice to be able to select the respawn location like in regular Warzone. I played a match last night where all 8 players decided to call Scorpions the last round, we all respawned on the opposite side of the map and took an eternity to get back into the action. Another downside of the really long respawn is the fact that when you take out a high REQ card, if you die then there is no way of getting back in time to pick up your weapon.
Favorites - I haven't had too much time to play more because of work but overall I'm happy with this new mode. I hope the free gold/silver REQ pack is permanent thing because otherwise people will stop using REQs and start hoarding again or they will stop playing Firefight in general because it forces you to use many REQs in the last rounds.
  • Scoring should give req point bounses and basic vehicals should spawn per round
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (it is in only 5 rounds too hard to hit REQ Level 9 your REQ energy refill too slow )
  • Objective Rounds - i like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight but needs more variety like capturing and escort slow heavy armerd vehiecals like the mamoth
  • Boss Rounds covenant bosses need to have more health
  • Spawning players should be able to choose what base to spawn. spawn time should be lower or round time higher
  • Maps maps are fine need more interactive pieces buttons that do thing and such
  • Intros/Outros outros should better represent victory and lose
  • Replayability/Longevity – needs more variety a classic four player version and a custom version would be nice
  • Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
Lastly, we encourage you to provide any additional feedback that you feel we may have missed in the questions above. We look forward to hearing your feedback!
no one wants to wast good req cards provide alternatives.
round times should be removed i don't see the reason games should be played in sets like before with the option for player to quit between sets with no penalty and all rewards intact and players should be able to play through multiple sets without the game ending if they so choose
1. I seem to be earning about the same rate that I'm spending, but that's including the Daily & Win-based reward packs, which are apparently temporary.
2. Recommend making the daily login permanent, and something like "one or two golds for every five WZFF wins" (after the first ten) a permanent program. I realize that this is ultimately a revenue-generating service, but encouraging high player counts long-term needs to be balanced in there too.

REQ Leveling and Energy Refill:
1. MIGHT NEED WORK: I think I've only hit 8 two rounds, both in the last wave. I normally hit 8+ in most normal WZ matches. Not sure if this is because there aren't enough points to go around, or if it's a matter of adapting to the mode.

Objective Rounds:
1. I *LOVE* the objectives/missions in general, as do my friends.
2. NEEDS WORK: HP on the (wide-open) "Defend the Forerunner Artifact" defense structures need to come WAY up. The enemies drop so quickly after the defense points are even placed that the team couldn't even get to the "right" one in time. It was destroyed gradually during/after some fighting, but the other one was destroyed in fewer seconds than the announcer could make her 5 announcements ("under attack", "75%", "50%", "25%", "destroyed"). I.e., I ran over there, killed ~5 enemies with a Hailstorm, was killed by the ~7 or so enemies swarming it, and then the artifact/gateway-thingy itself was destroyed in about 3 seconds after that -- but the sequence of 5 destruction announcements queued up had to play for the next ~10 seconds while we were flown out. Long story short: Those things are exposed wide open, but a team of 8 can't cover that space quickly enough. Thus doubling their HP would likely balance this mission out.

Boss Rounds:
1. NEEDS WORK: The Banshee Raiders need to be straight-up "Nerf'ed", at least at waves 2 and 3. The tools available at those REQ levels are so weak that I've literally never seen a single Banshee Raider killed. I've whittled one down to ~15-20% many times, usually with 1-2 other players helping per Banshee. Calling for "better teamwork" is frankly unrealistic in this era, plus their flight patterns don't contribute to coordination well like a ground target. The Banshee Raiders need a massive reduction in HP (like ~50% -- no, really), then you can start counting the W/L rate on those matches and tune accordingly. Their small yet rapid shield seems spot-on.

1. NEEDS WORK: Spawn point on "Urban", when the two Serpent Hunters are the targets, is just a bit too far away. This is what I call the "walk a million miles just to get shot" problem that faces a lot of MP games historically. (Two of my team members were literally calling that out, hence it being on this list.) Since spawn points are actually spread over an "area", just trim the tail end of that range or bring it forward a bit. I like that there's plenty of cover and a good number of other targets forming a wall, though.
2. MIGHT NEED WORK: Check out the wave 1 W/L data on ARC when the first objective is "Defend" -- this spawn seems kind of far, and I heard a couple of complaints the first time we played it, but not the 2nd.

1. Like them all thus far.
2. I'm enjoying the new maps specificlaly.

1. Seem about right.

1. As long as the REQs-spent-vs-REQs-earned ratio encourages a high player count (but you guys are still earning a bit too), then I'm in for the long haul.
2. The core gameplay loop is spot-on excellent, once some of the spawn points and boss HP/defend HP are balanced out.

1. This mode encourages a form of "emergent MP gameplay" that's rarely found in non-MMO MP games. It's not quite at the creative chaos level of a GTA Online, nor does it need to be. But much like BF4 or normal WZ itself, it's easy to try wacky things & buddy-up to try a crazy risk-vs-reward approach to a particularly challenging section. Well done, folks.
Skulls also need to implemented for replayabilty

Iron - Cannot revive/be revived
Black Eye - Shields do not recharge until you melee enemies
Tough Luck - Enemies berserk, always dive, and never flee
Catch - Enemies are grenade happy
Fog - Motion sensor is disabled
Famine - Weapons drop less ammo
Thunderstorm - Enemy abilities upgraded
IWHBYD - Rare combat dialog becomes more common
Grunt Birthday Party - Head shot a grunt for a surprise
Cowbell - Acceleration from explosions increased
Blind - HUD and first-person arms/weapon hidden
Mythic - Increased enemy health
Tilt - Enemy resistances/weaknesses enhanced

just brainstorming.
I have played about 60 FF games so far, and I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you 343i for adding it, and I hope its success will guarantee its inclusion in Halo 6.
  • Scoring: Scoring seems fine to me. Survival bonus is appreciated.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill: Leveling is fine. No need to change it.
  • Objective Rounds: I do like these rounds. In fact I wish there was more variety with this. I am thinking of Mass Effect 3 and the "escort" levels that they had. Those were always a good challenge.
  • Boss Rounds: Bosses are good. My only issue is the constant respawn of the other enemies we have to get through to get to the bosses. We clear them out, proceed to the boss, only to have his cronies spawn behind me! Phew, that's exciting! Oh and why can't we board the enemy vehicles?
  • Spawning: I am not going to say that the timers are too long. Those are appropriate for the level of difficulty, in my opinion, what I will say is, "Holy crap! Why did I spawn so far away?!" The added timer wouldn't be that big of a deal if I spawned in a better location.
  • Maps: Right now Sanctum is my favorite, but that could be since it's new. I am not really good at critiquing the maps other than it is difficult to find the enemy sometimes since these maps are so massive. However, over time, after playing these maps and game mode a bit more it won't be a big deal.
  • Intros/Outros: Maybe I am not very observant, but these seems identical to the other Warzone intros/outros.
  • Replayability/Longevity: Oh heck yeah! It's going to be difficult to go back to Arena now.
  • Favorites - Oh my goodness! I love fighting the Goblin. He is so adorable and badass at the same time. Least favorite is Warden Eternal both mythic and legendary
Please, oh please, do not lessen the difficulty of this. It is good the way you have it, and needs nothing changed in terms of difficulty. My biggest frustration is only how far I will respawn from the objective or boss.

Thank you for finally getting this game mode added. It has breathed new life into my Halo day.
  • Scoring: No comment.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill: Seems to work great, EXCEPT in one very notable situation... my eight-man fire-team were playing WZ Firefight on Raid on Apex 7... when we got to Round 3, we were tasked with killing not one, but TWO Warden's on the beach, with little cover and an entire army of Knights protecting them. That's way too early to face Warden's as none of us had anything beyond REQ level 3 or 4 I believe... kind of impossible to take them out using Ghosts within five minutes and with homing incinerator cannons destroying you! Warden's should be saved for later levels, otherwise, perhaps the fix would be starting us at level 9 for our first spawn and letting us use our REQs wisely in the event something like this happens!
  • Objective Rounds - Love them. It's more fun trying to protect a core or a base then just killing large crowds of enemies (though that's a lot of fun too). There is one problem here as well though. Multiple times last night when we were playing, a round would start, saying "defend the base." The only problem is, enemies would SPAWN in the base, when our fire-team was elsewhere on the map altogether, which meant they were capping it the moment a round started as opposed to trying to take it from us. Something should be done to fix that. Either spawn them outside of a base so they have to get there first too, or else give the fire-team a 30 seconds or so to get back to base prior to the waves coming in on them. One time it was even so bad that we were clear on the opposite end of the snow map, and the Prometheans had over a 50% cap on the base prior to us even being able to get there on foot. We beat them still, but lesser coordinated teams may have lost as a direct result of that.
  • Boss Rounds - I kind of covered this on the REQ leveling section. I love the boss rounds (have yet to find the Grunt boss though sadly!), and definitely think it's a welcome addition to Firefight. The only problem I have here again comes down to Wardens. Twice last night we failed on the fifth round because three Wardens (including one Mythic!) spawned INSIDE of the base, on the Urban map I believe, or the snow one. What sucks about that is Wardens are tough enough to take down as is... inside a base, our vehicles are damn near useless, because even after fighting through the Knight waves or whatever stands in our way, we're sitting ducks for the Wardens to kill us in a narrow space. Banshees become useless, Ghosts can't really hit them, tanks have a space issue and no angle to shoot them from afar, and Mantises work ok but run into the same problem (to a lesser degree) as the tanks do. Three Wardens is fine, bring it on! But they should be out in the open so that vehicles are actually relevant. It's basically impossible to take down three Wardens, one Mythic, using rockets and shotguns inside of a base in under five minutes.
  • Spawning - I'm good with it. I've seen some complaints about the time to respawn, but to me, that's great... it actually punishes you for dying and depending on the situation, that could be detrimental to your team's success in a round. Keep it as is!
  • Maps - Really like the maps... the snow one is probably my favorite. Least favorite is maybe the Urban one? Just difficult to get back to base to defend it with out in the open with so many enemies shooting you en route to it. Not a problem though, just a challenge, all of the maps are fun!
  • Intros/Outros- ... there were intro and outro cutscenes? Perhaps I was just too hyped on adrenaline to notice them!
  • Replayability/Longevity – Here's the thing - I definitely would keep playing because of the commendations and Gold pack incentive. But both of those theoretically will go by pretty quick with a few dedicated nights with my Spartan Company. So what will keep me playing then? Perhaps the thing I was the most excited about while playing yesterday... I have NEVER since Halo 5's release received so many REQ points and so many REQ packs so quickly. Getting Silver packs for completing commendations and just playing the game, plus the 2,000 or whatever RP each time a match finishes, is AWESOME!! I probably opened 7 Gold packs and even more Silver than that last night, which is crazy, because in a normal two-hour night of playing Halo 5, perhaps I'd have one Gold pack, two at most (I tend to stick to Arena). If you keep the incentive there, I'll be in this playlist for a long time to come! Otherwise, I may get tired of it in favor of playing against other players again.
  • Favorites - My favorite thing to do has to be taking out a tank or some other heavy vehicle and destroying enemy vehicles or tougher Promethean / Covenant enemies. In the regular Warzone this grind would have taken FOREEEEVVVEEERRR... in WZ Firefight I'm almost guaranteed to make real progress on my vehicle and enemy REQs. I had killed only a handful of Knights prior to last night in Halo 5 since release, I believe I finished the Knight Slaying Commendation last night in three hours time. Same goes for Phaetons... I had killed precisely one in all of my playtime prior to last night, and after last night, I'm on level three of destroying them (thank you Wasp, you're a great addition to Firefight!
Awesome job guys, really having a blast with this!
I truly think you need to make a firefight playlist with at least two different difficulty settings.

Now some players want challenge and lots of it, they are probably very good at the game and perhaps play with co-ordinated + mic using teams so I expect this mode is fine for them.

However not all players are this good and want to enjoy firefight so why shouldn't they have an easier version they can play.

I would suggest...

1) Taking out the warden eternal's as bosses or severely nerfing them in this mode and be careful where they spawn, eg not in a place where vehicles can't get to.
2) Reduce the re-spawn timer even in the later rounds, I think 15 seconds max.
3) Have the enemies overall at about normal difficulty setting, including bosses.

You could also reduce the XP earned and REQ points earned so people don't just farm this mode. I don't see an issue of giving people a reason to play the harder version and some rewards for doing so, eg more XP earned + REQ points but make it optional.

I don't see problem having at least a couple of versions as this way you can cater to players of all skill levels. Keep the harder one hard for players who want a challenge and have a more casual one for players who aren't as good and won't enjoy getting killed every 5 seconds.
To address all your questions.
  • Scoring: Seems fine
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill: It is too hard to get started in my opinion since some enemies we can't get assists on it is every man for himself to get to Req level 3 so we can get decent weapons and vehicles. I think you should implement the Warzone Assault method of a universal leveling up when someone gets a kill but at a lower rate unless you get the kill. The refill rate I think should be bumped up about 10%.
  • Objective Rounds: I like the objective rounds but we need to get some grace period to actually get to the objectives, maybe 30s. On escape from ARC the forerunner generator defense in the tunnel is difficult only because we don't know where to go next until it is time to go there and the prometheans spawn at the objective and are already firing on the thing. So we have to grind through all of them to just get to the objective. Now we have no ammo, and respawns are 15-20s long and we spawn back at the garage just to repeat the cycle. MULTIPLE times on Urban we get 1st wave defend the garage where, once again, the prometheans spawn at the garage and we are already losing the objective right off the spawn. Also knights at level 1 should not be a thing with their current health and weapon levels. It is close to impossible to focus them down while 20-30+ other small guys are all around and in the garage (really that's a problem with all bosses). I have yet to win an Urban match despite my team having multiple tanks and air vehicles on the last wave. Also we need to know where enemies spawn at when it is a kill all the grunts, soldiers, crawlers type round because my team spent a good 30s just sitting around because we legit didn't even know the enemy were on the map yet.
  • Boss rounds: Please decrease the number of minions that spawn with bosses. We spend so much time killing them and barely have time to kill the bosses. Doing that would solve a bunch of boss fights failing to be completed solely because we ran out of time. We can't bum rush through the minions at any level because they shred every and anything. Also the mantis bosses need to get a nerf so they can regen shields but not actual health. I can't reload fast enough before their shields come back and all their HP. Also they should not be aloud to spawn at lower than wave 3. We got them wave two on Darkstar and the entire team was shooting one mantis for a good 45s before we killed it. Needless to say we did not kill all four.
  • Spawning: Give us 5-10s respawn at all times. On the last 2 waves dying is pretty inevitable and losing 20-30s on those waves to super bosses killing everyone is bad because our strength greatly diminishes while those people are down and we can't wait to fight because so many bosses have a way of regenerating all of their HP. I constantly check the scoreboard just to see if people quit out because there is 3-5 people there while the others are sitting in a 30 timeout. Or let us revive our teammates.
  • Maps: Throw a lot of work in to fix urban or remove it because it does not work well at all as a warzone firefight map. Reasons stated above. All the other ones are fine in my opinion.
  • Intros/Outro: All the maps need intro and outro music. Maybe its my game but none of my matches have it. Darkstar also shows all 6 pelicans coming in as if it was a regular warzone match. I imagine someone got kinda lazy but i think it cripples the framerate during the intro.
  • Replayability: Replayability seems okay to me but currently with the game mode being so horribly unbalanced it is hard to keep going back to lose over and over and over.
  • Favorites: Fly in a Helios Phaeton raining death down on my enemy.
  • EXTRA: Overall enemy HP needs to be reduced slightly. Down to something like Legendary campaign difficulty HP. Right now it feels like you have it on Mythic with Thunderstorm. It shouldn't take 4-5 barrages from a Hannibal Mantis to kill the lowest level knights. That is crazy.
If you'd like me to elaborate on any of these things contact me because there are more but I tried to give the most general feedback as i could while being specific.
I completely agree with this. Warzone Firefight is extremely difficult to finish because base level units take too many shots to kill while we are getting killed with only a few rounds from a plasma pistol or a suppressor. Soldiers and crawlers should not be that strong if they are going to come in waves of 30-50. Especially since I have played many games where we lost the 1st or 2nd round to Promethians while people are still below Req level 3.

Here's my recommendation:

Promethian Rounds - reduce Promethian health, but not damage, to allow the mode to be challenging instead of it being a chore. This helps players understand to take cover, but know that the enemy can be killed in time to ward off its allies.
Reduce the amount of Knights that show up in the first 3 rounds if Promethians are in play. This makes it so that protecting a zone doesn't feel impossible. My team and I lose 80% of the time because we end up being flooded by knights that cannot be killed fast enough and, in turn, kill us very quickly.

Covenant Round
Lower Elite HP by a little bit to make them feel like Legendary units and turn the challenge from a "dammit" kind of chore to a fun and tactical challenge.

But what this guy says above should be followed mostly, if anything.

P.S: please don't be like Bungie and say "we listened to the players and made these changes" and post an update fixing anything but what the players have mentioned. Listen to the critical thinkers and Firefight can become a fun, difficult, and challenging game mode than the 80% loss rate chore that it currently is. (Honestly, I have won fully covenant based games than games that involved mostly Promethians.)
Harvesting AI kills to vastly shoot up their KDAs making KDA and Warzone k/ds meaningless. Please separate FF and normal Warzone/Assault stats.
Here's an example of how impossible Warzone can get because of the ridiculous amount of HP per unit.
Round 3 vs the Deacon Pipap, who are its support units? 15 Promethean Knights all armed with incineration cannons. We couldn't even get the mechs health down past half. Not one could even get near. That's unbalanced.
I think that the enemies dish out wayy too much damage and its hell when they're coupled with such high accuracy. I'd be ok with that, except for the fact that on a boss level, there are FAR TOO MANY other AI. How do you expect us to even get a shot on the grunt goblin when at least 3 groups of 20 knights keep spawning around him? And don't tell me to get a power card, because no matter how many cards I spend, I immediately get killed or my vehicle destroyed because there's just 1) way too many enemies 2) that do high damage with 3) perfect accuracy. When you have those 3 qualities together, it's a giant clusterrape. It's ridiculous. We wanted firefight fun AND challenging, not impossible.
PMDC wrote:
As I posted in another thread difficulty isn't the problem. It's why it's difficult. It's difficult because it is extremely unbalanced. The AI difficulty and the respawn timers suck and could be debated either way but they don't bother me. What bothers me is 30 second respawn only to spawn on the other side of the map. Also it's unbalanced when vehicles banshees or phaetons spawn in level 2 or 3 as almost no weapons are capable of bringing them down until req level 3 or 4. It's just really unbalanced and needs some tuning. I will say that I'm not sure how I feel about the "difficulty" of a tundra mantis boss spawning on the second floor of a base with 10 knights with legendary incineration canons surrounding him. Seems a bit excessive considering no vehicles can get there, you spawn with a nice weapon and almost assuredly die only to have a 30 sec respawn across the map with no ability to spawn a req. That isn't learn to play and get better difficulty, that's overwhelm because screw you difficulty.
I've played a load of firefights today and this is what too many objectives are like. We are so overwhelmed and zerg rushed that it's more or less impossible. You can rush in and die instantly, or you can slowly attempt to fight your way through (this either takes too long leaving you with little time left on the clock, or the enemies just endlessly respawn making it impossible to break through their defenses. Using reqs is almost always pointless since most times you can't get close enough to use them effectively before dying. Going back to reclaim any weapons is not possible.

Here are some of the most ridiculous scenarios I've had to face, I can't remember all the wave numbers accurately:

      • Wave 5 - Two Warden Eternals on the beach behind rock formations, surrounded by swarms of crawlers and knights. Req weapons get lost almost instantly, vehicles get EMPed by WE, then you are shot to death. 30 second respawn.
      • Wave 3 - Four Phaeton bosses with aim-bot like accuracy and one knight. How the hell do you expect us to kill all of them in five minutes with very basic weapons?
      • Wave 2 - Two hunters on one end of the map, surrounded by covenant who can flank you wherever you are. Die, respawn on the other side of the map.
      • Wave 2 - Two knights in an armoury, with prometheans crawling all over it who respawn constantly. Can't get close and the knights won't come out and have an obnoxious amount of health.
      • Wave 2 - Defend a base. Zerg rushed.
      • Wave 1 - Eliminate two knights. Sure, no problem. Let's get in the base, fight through these guys and... we get surrounded by enemies who spawned behind us on the route we just came on, killing us.
  • Wave 5 - Two legendary knights surrounded by other enemies in easily defensible positions. Takes us three very intense minutes to kill them both. Whew! Wave comple... oh wait! There are three Warden Eternals back at base! Two minutes left, what's taking so long, Spartan?
So, yes, please do something about the zerg rushes, high level bosses spawning at early waves, and unbreakable defenses. Overall, I like it, but this is what is breaking it for me.
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