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This is my feedback:

- I have used very few power weapons in the many games I've played and have gone with Scorpions and Wraiths most of the time. For the first two rounds, we don't have enough energy to acquire anything worth using and for the next three rounds, the only things powerful enough to win the rounds for you are the heavy vehicles. I think it would be more fun if it were like Warzone Turbo, only you have to gain the REQ levels first, but they regenerate as fast as Turbo. REQ weapons need a MASSIVE buff of some sort.
I have a LOT of power weapons. Like, a LOT. But, there's no point in using them.

- Love the enemies using Pool of Radiances, Void's Tears, Vorpal Talons, etc. Great idea! Wish there was more of this kind of stuff.

- Why is there a Mantis lodged in the garage on Sanctum?

- My Heartseeker or SPNKr Ex is no match for sheer number of minions. I either die due to being swarmed and killed in seconds or I kill off a bunch of them only to have nothing to use for the Round 4 bosses. I think a large part of the appeal of this mode is to be able to waste enemies with our REQs, but I find myself calling no more than a few REQs (of any kind) in a match. Even then, they don't do much more damage than my BR or DMR. I'm saving my power weapons for normal Warzone until they are more effective. Fortunately, I have, and keep on getting, Scorpions and Wraiths.

- Spawning Mythic bosses in places heavy vehicles can't reach (Darkstar) makes it near impossible to win.

- Daily and Weekly Challenges that reward REQs would be cool.

- Survival Round: 5 minutes, unlimited REQs, unlimited energy, only bosses. if you die, you're out.
Some more feedback besides my rant:

  • Scoring The scoring is fine.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill It would be nice if req levels and energy were faster, but I won't complain.
  • Objective Rounds - Yes and no. I like them because it's fun and challenging being on a timer, but I would also like some classic firefight where the objective is simply to survive against increasingly harder odds.
  • Boss Rounds See my rant above. Most of the time it's unbalanced and almost impossible.
  • Spawning 30 seconds is too long and feels like an unfair punishment for either not being good enough, or getting zerg rushed (I like the term zerg rush). Once or twice it's also been annoying to be spawned on the opposite side of the map.
  • Maps I like all the maps. Attack on Sanctum is my favourite. Beautiful visuals.
  • Intros/Outros A bit simple, but okay.
  • Replayability/Longevity – If the overpowered bosses and overwhelming enemy numbers are fixed, it would be one of my favourite game modes.
  • Favorites - Defending positions, and using vehicles, especially the hornet against ground enemies. Feel my wrath!
Scoring Scoring is good.
  • REQ Leveling and Energy Refill It needs to spawn as fast as Warzone Turbo, but you still have to earn the req level.
  • Objective Rounds Some of the early rounds are really hard, defending and killing bosses in round one with your AR and magnum.
  • Boss Rounds Some of the bosses are impossible to beat, Round 3 Banshee Raiders, Round 5 Grunt Goblin plus 2 other bosses, Round 5 2 knights and 3 wardens inside of the home base.
  • Spawning Spawn times on round 4 and five are just way too much Maps The maps are great, Favorite attack on sactum, least favorite, urban
  • Intros/Outros Great
  • Replayability/Longevity Everyday, but needs to be nerfed
  • Favorites using vehicles, least fav, op bosses
Boss Fights: The two Wardens on Apex 7 would be doable if the REQ level accumulation was increased. Currently, it's extremely hard with only 3/4 level REQ's.

The 3 Wardens in the home base...Why!? For starters, good luck getting multiple big vehicles at once in there. You could use lighter vehicles, but then you get killed almost immediately by the Knights. Then you have the mythic Warden in the Spartan drop point which bigger vehicles can't even get to. Who thought this was a good idea!?!
Rechargeable shield while sprinting and enable hijacking vehicle.
Justima wrote:
Rechargeable shield while sprinting and enable hijacking vehicle.
You can recharge your shield whilst sprinting by using one of the armor mods.
To do w/ scoring my team often spawn scorps in on eternal rounds and we take out about ¼ to about a ½ of the health we have have a few randoms in banshees also picking him off but then 1 lost spartan comes and shoots eternal w/ DMR or BR and we dont get credit for it and earlier today i spawned in a hannibal mantis and as i am in the animation of walking out the base (e.g. garage) i got 1shot by a soldier dispite having the mod 'WheelMan' on

the begining seems like a grind from REQ's level 1-4 but 5+ is ok

also on urban when promethians attack the garage there is already about 15-25 enemies already in their we dont stand a chance
I should also point out that I've been noticing a lot of delay and rubber banding when calling in a ground vehicle. The animation where it first appears under the base happens a few times before correcting itself. This happens in games when it's not laggy.
There are way, way too many additional enemies aside from bosses and they are far too resistant to damage.

Bosses can already absorb a ton of fire. I can't be expected to fire magazine after magazine on a boss when it takes nearly as much time to kill each of the infinitely spawning dozen+ Promethean Knights. Who also kill in one or two shots.

Seriously, I'm pretty sure those Knights are stronger than the average boss enemy. There's no effective way to deal with them.
I should also point out that I've been noticing a lot of delay and rubber banding when calling in a ground vehicle. The animation where it first appears under the base happens a few times before correcting itself. This happens in games when it's not laggy.
I strongly agree and also the intro is abit choppy
You need do fix so many -Yoinking!- things. first, the bosses when u do the most damage to it you get no points me and my friends light them up and we dont get the points 2 the ai for example there would be someone right in front of them and they shoot the guy further away 3 vehicle spawns the ai pre fire the -Yoinking!- out of u before u spawn in with a vehicle . you guys -Yoinked!- the story don't -Yoinking!- up the multilayer
Sometimes certain bossed spawn too early. On Apex 7 two Wardens can spawn on round three, my fireteam has tried numerous times to defeat this round but it is impossible with all the knights included.
  • Quote:
    Scoring (Would you change any of the score rewards?)
No, they seem fine as they are right now.
  • Quote:
    REQ Leveling and Energy Refill (Is is too hard to hit REQ Level 9? Does your REQ energy refill too slow/fast? )
Getting to REQ level 3 can be a bit difficult in some games, I think a shared progress system similar to how it works in WZ:Assault would be ideal,or just starting players at level 3 exclusively on WZ:Firefight.
  • Quote:
    Objective Rounds - Do you like the objective based rounds in Warzone Firefight? Why or why not?
I enjoy objective rounds on Firefight, but would be nice if there were some more different objectives (escort a NPC rounds?).
  • Quote:
    Boss Rounds (Do you like the Boss gameplay in Warzone Firefight? Which Bosses are too difficult or too easy? (Strength, Locations, etc.)
So far bosses seem to be just about right in difficulty if everyone on the game concentrates fire, otherwise they can be really hard, the one boss that I do feel is extremely hard is the grunt mech in round 2/3, too early to have such a powerful boss, but other than that I think boss rounds are balanced for the most part.
  • Quote:
    Spawning (Do you have any feedback on player respawns?)
I'm not a fan of the increased respawn timer, it is extremely annoying on the last rounds, I think it would be more interesting if you had a score/time barrier that if you pass the spawn timer is shorter, that way if you actually contributed to the objective while you were alive you get rewarded by not having to wait as long, if you didn't you get the penalty of a longer respawn time.
Something else that could benefit the spawns would be perhaps choosing general area where to spawn, like armories,cores or any other sort of base, or just choose a teammate to spawn on, related to this would be nice if while you are dead you could switch between your teammate's perspective to see what they are doing while you wait to re-spawn.
  • Quote:
    Maps (Do you generally like or dislike the maps in Warzone Firefight? What would you change about how they play? Which map is your favorite/least favorite?)
I'm enjoying all the maps and the way the play so far, my favorite probably is Sanctum for FF, don't really have a least favorite, really enjoy them all.
I personally think adding Battle of Noctus and Prospect to the FF rooster while also keeping Urban and Skirmish at Darkstar would be beneficial, since those maps and variants are actually quite different from each other.
  • Quote:
    Intros/Outros (What do you think of the intro and outro cutscenes?)
Intro cutscenes still sometimes loose the music audio, but that's nothing new, something I noticed is that 3 pelicans go down to drop the spartans, but one of them is empty, thought it was kind of funny, doesn't really affect the gameplay at all.
  • Quote:
    Replayability/Longevity – (Do you think you would continue to play Warzone Firefight?)
I definitely will keep playing Firefight and the other gametypes available in Halo 5, something that might add to the longevity of the gametype could be reqs targeted for firefight, like weapons attachments that deal extra damage to Covenant or Forerunners.
  • Quote:
    Favorites - What is your favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight? What is your least favorite thing to do in Warzone Firefight?
Favorite thing is probably sue vehicles in, least favorite is to re-spawn, as it takes a while and usually spawns you far away from the objective.
I think lowering the req level of some vehicles would go a long way to easing some of our problems. Or speed up the reqs in firefight. The waves I have the most trouble with is the phaetons. Not impossible, I have beaten them before, but really hard without high end reqs. I once emptied a spnkr em at one of them and it took out about 10% of their health.
I agree with others that REQs should not only level a bit faster but recharge faster as well. But it will be unhelpful if you are not using heavy vehicles - the enemies are bullet sponges that leave most power weapons useless, i dont bother with them anymore because it is a waste. I mostly use loadouts with kinetic rounds and vehicles - except the wasp, that thing is paper airplane with a glowing target and I'll never use it in Firefight again, leading to my next issue

Aim and is really rediculous and i've heard that statement echoed many times already. The damage should be at least a little lower, but that's not even the main issue - it's the enemy aim is outrageous. They almost NEVER miss it is infuriating. The other issues are annoying, but this one really ruins it for me. I should not be getting sniped by storm rifles and suppressors from the other side of the map, that doesn't even make sense being that those are medium range weapons at best, their effective range should make them veer quite a bit like it does for us when we go to use them. Even in controlled bursts or single shots my storm rifle bolts always veer at a certain distance, but not these AI. Most if not nearly all of them have a accuracy that must be close to 95-99 percent, when combined with the massive damage they deal, that's not challenging, it's down right obnoxious. As I mentioned earlier, the wasp is useless in firefight primarily because of this. I spawned one on round three with wheelman for some extra armor, but the moment I spawned I was immediately hammered from every direction on the map by soldiers and crawlers, alot of it from all the way accross the map. Im still amazed I made it behind a distant building alive.

The spawning is also annoying, and not just the spartans I mean the AI. It's one thing to get ambushed here and there, understandable. But they are CONSTANTLY spawning right on top of me, and not a few, usually 7 - 14 or more. It's impossible to survive that and get away. We were playing Apex yesterday and we had the two wardens on round three. I used a wraith and we were finally making progress, untill 3 knights with incinerators spawned 2 feet to my right and immediately blasted me, I died instantly. I was in a Sword Wraith with Wheelman for extra armor... It felt more like I was in a gungoose getting blasted by those cannons. And I agree with some that some of the bosses constantly spawn minions in a way you can never win, because your too busy fighting for your life against 6 incinerator cannon wielding knights and dozens of soldiers/crawlers/watchers. Or it's the covenant equivalent of that in other cases. As for spartan spawns, 30 seconds on the final round is really a bit much guys. I mean come one, someone suggested maybe 20, that would be alot better at least.

To summarize, my main issues in order are: Accuracy is too high on AI, Damage is a bit too high, Most AI's are bullet sponges making power weapons useless, Spawns for both AI and spartans are rediculous
P.S - I still manage to have moments I can enjoy, as im sure many do - but for the most part the issues make a good amount of the gameplay just plain frustrating. Im somewhere between casual gamer and non-casual gamer and it can be a pain at time, but man I feel for those casual players right now
There are a lot of. Complaints my friends and I have with warzone firefight. The 1st and 2nd rounds of many of the maps are WAY to hard at the Req level of one or 2, for example. Round two on urban, how are we supposed to shoot down 3 Phaeton bosses AMD kill a Knight boss with only level 2, MAYBE 3 reqs??? The timers for these waves is WAY to short. Make a timer that accounts for the type of boss or object we have to kill or accomplish. 5 minutes is NOT ENOUGH 343. For example. Raid on apex, it's hard enough to kill the new Grunt mech boss. Let alone have him spawn first in a round of 3 bosses with 5 maybe 6 req level unlocked.
Req levels take way to damn long to achieve for the type of boss we have to fight by round 3. Recharge rate is fine. And finally. The same bull crap "recharging data" crap where at the end of a match and no one gets the their REQ points. I highly doubt any of this will be fixed cause it doesn't seem like 343 gives to poops in a hat about veteran halo players anymore.
Yeah... So those promeathean mantis bosses on Santum need an overhaul. I hate the fact that one of 'em spawns in the armory... Making it almost-wait- Completly impossible to kill... Once you kill the others, you basically have 1 minute to get inside the base (impossible with most vehicles) and destroy it with basically loadout weapons because everyone's already used their req points for the other 3 Mantis.

also please get rid of the increased spawn timer... It's hard enough when the enemies do so much damage and have precision accuracy. And possibly add a way to spectate others when you're dead... Because it's even more frustrating when you have to wait 30 seconds for a respawn, but on top of that you can't even see the action.

i would ask for a slight AI damage nerf also but I think my other points will suffice
just wasted an oni scorpion cuz you guys won't let no enemies spawn look into it #runbyidiots
It's hard to hit the first few req levels usually and you barely even reach req level 9, unless you're the top 2 players of the round and even that doesn't guarantee you can spawn a Helios for last round if you have one. However, even if a bit unbalanced at some spots and the need for a few jump pads/ ramps for the new map, it's like doing campaing with 7 other people and it's awesome fun. :) I love WZFF and was looking forward to this update for a long time.
But please, please... add the assassination medal for assassinating AIs. Pleeeeease!
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