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OP MaxXimus K573

So about 10 mimutes ago I was waiting for a WZ match to start and applied a Legendary Gambit:AI Kills Boost and after about 4-5 minutes i found a lobby and then right at deploying THE GAME CRASHED! AND AFTER I LOADED BACK UP THE BOOST WAS WASTED. Needless to say, I want my boost back, it is BS to have to wait forever for a match, just to hear an idiot moaning into the the mic, NOT be able to play because it crashed, have THAT potentially count against me as a leave for a ban, AND THEN LOSE THE HIGHEST REWARD XP BOOST POSSIBLE.
Wow nvm, after i played another game it came back 😳
I've lost countless of boosts in the same fashion. You're lucky yours came back.
You always get the boost back in a JIP game.
There's a mute all button in the search lobby if you don't want to hear someone.
Boosts of any kind are returned to you if you don’t finish a match for whatever reason (eg., quitting, disconnecting, or conditions not being met if you use a Gambit). Usually, they’ll be back after one match or a restart, but it might take slightly longer sometimes. The only time a boost won’t show up in your list again is if a match ends and you meet the requirements to get the XP/RP reward and then receive said reward.
Wow nvm, after i played another game it came back 😳
Yeah if you don't met the criteria then the boosts get returned after a few games, glad you were able to get your boost back!