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Ooooh Somethig Nice :)

OP Subject KGB

So I really like how the tribute Emblem, that everyone got to remember the death of those two girls, is sort of animated. So good job with that. Anywho, thought the animated idea was cool and would like to see more of that style. Animated/Pulsing emblems would be a great addition to the Req Packs? Yeah or nah? Or even have the option to toggle an animation for each emblem on/off (this would mean update all the current ones)

Just a thought :)
Interesting idea.
I just sure hope I don't see any nausea inducing emblem animations.
Can you imagine how annoying it'd be if there was a spinning emblem (like if mine were to rotate?)

A twinkle here and there would be nice though.
Nauseating like trying to forge on the Torque map? haha
that sounds good