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Pick three weapons...

OP JackGilb

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Whispered truth
Blissful slumber
Arrow of time
1. The answer
2. SPNKR prime
3. archlight

i love this -Yoink-**g weapons
Nornfang- I love sniping with oni bullets
Void'so tear- vehicles and Spartans beware
Blaze of glory- *click click* BANG!!!
The Answer
Prophet's Bane
Dying Star - My fav weapon
Prophet's Bane - For active camo
Selene's Lance for taking out vehicles and non shielded Spartans
Selene's lance, arclight and spnkr ex
1. Nornfang (srsly it's the best gun in the game if you can snipe)
2. The Answer (I unlocked damage boost, gg)
3. Dying Star
- The Answer

- Tartarus Gravel

- Arrow of Time
1. Blood of Suban
2. High-Five
3. Corpsemaker

I chose mine based on what I find most fun, not necessarily the best.
mine would be the nornfang,the answer & selenes lance any one of these can take out a legendary boss or heavy artillery.
Needler, Boltshit, and plasma pistol
1. Nornfang.
2. The Answer.
3. Selenes Lance.
  1. Brute Plasma rifle
  2. Brute plasma rifle
  3. The red plasma rifle thing
While I for the most part dislike Covenant and Promethean weapons, I am a sucker for the needle weapons.
1: Blood of Suban.
2: Needler.
3: Needle Hog... What? It is a weapon! You just have to REALLY want to see it as a weapon =P

Yeah, so, sorry UNSC, I love you, but I love needles more.
To keep it simple,
  1. Whiplash
  2. The Answer
  3. Blaze of Glory
For special.
  1. Whispered Truth
  2. Selene's Lance
  3. Ad Victoriam
Blaze of Glory and Blood of Suban would be all I'd need.

EDIT 04/08/2016 - Endgame too <3
Prophet's Bane, The Answer, and Selene's Lance.
Blaze of Glory, Endgame, The Answer. I love those weapons.
Void's Tear
Blissful Slumber, SPNKr Prime, or Void's Tear.
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