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[Locked] Playing Halo makes me want to shoot myself.

OP killer manV07

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First things first. You should stop playing when you get angry. Your performance will only get worse if you don't know how to funnel your anger into something useful. Come back to it later with a fresh mind. Remember to stay hydrated as well.

From there you have a few options. Learn the maps and read up on strategies (aka 'gitting gud') or play less competitively.
You shouldn't be playing then. It has nothing to do with your skill level. If you are getting very stress out over the game then there is no reason for you to be playing. The whole point of a video game is for entertainment. If it's pissing you off that much to the point that you are losing your voice and getting headaches and no one is paying you to play then there is no reason to play.
Yes H5 can be very frustrating. But I agree with the two players above. If you ate getting that angry stop playing. Try some MCC. Don't worry so much about winning and losing. At the end of the day it's just a game. Maybe just play some heroic warzone firefight. That is almost all I play now. It's probably the most chill mode and has good xp and rp payouts. When it comes to regular warzone I will only play warzone turbo and for me it's not about winning or losing it's about my performance or stealing bosses, or stacking reqs like speed boost and running around like a mad man with a sword. Also why take customs so serious? Customs can be a cool chill mode, custom games don't count for anything. But if you are getting that mad at H5 take a break. It's really not good for your health to get that upset.
Have you tried taking a break from Halo? When I started getting too frustrated on a daily basis, that's what I did and it really helped.
Have to agree with OP, the game is generally stressful, not a fan of the changes but for me the best way to relax is to put some music, plug in with headset into mobile or something since helps to calm down when the game get's too stressful.