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[Locked] Pro Players: Helljumper or Button Jumper?

OP AAAncient

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Green Thumbs
I was a Bumper Jumper convert for Halo Reach - a few good mates persueded me to try it and I"ve never looked back.

Yes it stuffs a fair few of your games up until you get used to it, but stick with it and you'll be thankfull in a few weeks time.

I used to use Firefight in Halo Reach as my practice to avoid stuffing up too badly in MP. I'd still recommend it TBH.
You can alter the settings in Reach Firefight to make the Elites increased in numbers and difficulty and strength, I used it to not only perfect Bumper Jumper, it also helped me get my aim etc before a night of MP.
Cerrone wrote:
I'm using an Elite controller so Jump is on ring finger
I'm thinking of getting one! How is it? I'm on bumper jumper but don't like melee on rb so maybe have it on a paddle. Is the controller lighter aswell? I have weak hands for boring reasons due to mine weird bones
Modified Controllers. Adapt like everyone else has to :)
I have tried Bumper Jumper and cant do eeeeet. It screwed my game up for a couple days, so I went back to default. The problem with the default is that it makes it hard to jump and aim.
Eventually your hand will adapt and the pointer finger will hit jump while you aim. :D

Science, o wait
Bumper Jumper - can't imagine jumping without being able to aim properly now.
nekrulz wrote:
Aquilapath wrote:
I normally play default inverted, I wish that you could map your own layout but I don't think that's going to happen.
I'm genuinely impressed on how people can play with an inverted control scheme
I'll do you one better/weirder. I play inverted as well and my thumbstick layout is legacy. Instead of aiming with one stick and moving with the other, both actions are split between the two. I strafe left - right and look up - down with the right thumb, I turn left - right and move forward - back with the left thumbstick.

I know it's weird, but I've been playing shooters since golden eye and perfect dark for the nintendo 64. The settings I described is what was used for those games. I was never able adjust after those games. I've tried to train myself to use default (since I think it's more beneficial) but to no avail. My brain just doesn't work that way with shooters lol.
AAAncient wrote:
Title says it all.
Which one do you believe is best and why?
Little personal input to this from myself:
I've always (since Halo 3) used Bumper Jumper for Halo. I perfected every aspect of it. But skills centered around using the right stick to zoom in battles for accuracy have been lost in games like Destiny. We're L2 is favored for ADS.
So I've naturally gravitated towards Helljumper. But feel that Melee on the right stick is limiting, even maybe putting myself at a disadvantage.
I'd also like thoughts on Melee heavy players about using the right stick over RB. Thanks for any input!
I've used Bumper Jumper for a while now but tried out Helljumper for a bit because I wanted ease of use of the smart link. But since I use melee so much, I didn't feel comfortable or accurate when it was on the stick. So for me..melee on RB was definitely better.
How is everyone liking the elite controller?
Vulture255 wrote:
Any love for Recon? No? just me...
I use Bumper Jumper.
The best layout is simply the one that works best for you
agreed, i use green thumb
I use fishstick. I would like to make an external melee button though. Preferably a foot switch integrated into a bass drum pedal. BOOM! Yeah I know you didn't ask haha.
I've used green thumb since halo 3.
Always worked fine for me, I prefer meele on the stick.
Elite controller for pros!
Vulture255 wrote:
Any love for Recon? No? just me...
With Recon you cannot effectively use ground pound
Boxer is pretty legendary for me
I play on Fishsticks cuz i loooove me some fishsticks.
i use default halo 5 with my back padles on the elite controller set as jump and thrust. never any need to take hands off the thumbstick other than reloading
Same here. Jump on left paddle and thruster on right paddle.
yeah thats the sides mine are one too, took the other two paddles off, no need for all 4
I went with the Halo 4 scheme and mapped the four face buttons to the four paddles. The only time I have to take a thumb off of a stick is to swap grenades. However, I think having zoom on the left trigger may be better than on the right stick. So I may change things up soon. I just have to figure out how I want to change things. I think you are correct with having reload as the odd input out. The only time we push that button is when we aren't in combat. What do you think is better, grenade swap or crouch on the right stick?
Vulture255 wrote:
Any love for Recon? No? just me...
With Recon you cannot effectively use ground pound
^This. Used recon since Reach. Found ground pound to be unwieldy. That and removing my thumb to melee was costing me in some engagements. Switched to hell jumper since aiming with LT was natural after playing destiny so much.
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