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Question regarding Warzone

OP APsychoGoddess

If it takes 3 req points to get a random vehicle and my team has 2 points, and we’re 100 points ahead of the other team and have 2 of 3 bases, how is it possible that the other team has a wasp when we can’t even get a random vehicle yet?
I assume you are talking about the points that build at the bottom of the screen right? The ones you use to get weapons and vehicles as you describe? Those are unique to each player, not universal for the team. People on the enemy team may have saved up points to get these wasps. If you used your points, you would need to get kills or take objectives to gain more again to get above 2 points.
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Your req points that are used to get stuff is unique to you, and based on a combination of objective based plays, kills, and experience earned in the field.

The player that had a wasp racked up more points, kills, experience, whatever and earned a wasp faster than you did, that's all. The req points are unique to each player though, and each player may be a different "req level" which determines the maximum req points you can attain at your level.