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Quick question for all you Spartans !

OP Closh242

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Whats your favourite Multiplayer mode in Halo 5 at the moment currently i am loving Snipers am having so much fun playing it !
I mostly play Super Fiesta, Action Sack and Castle Wars (when they are around), Warzone, Firefight, or WZ Assault (when its around).
Action sack when it’s around. Warzone and Firefight
currently war zone
My favorite is team arena, but no one i know really plays much of it. They all like slayer, So I usually just hang out in slayer whenever I'm on.
Closh242 wrote:
Whats your favourite Multiplayer mode in Halo 5 at the moment currently i am loving Snipers am having so much fun playing it !
Infection, that is my favorite, ever!!.
Fiesta is incredibly fun with the req varients

I will never forget the time when i first found out in this mode that you can spawn with the CE Magnum
Been playing nothing but MWFF for my 152 grind but I hate it. Really love Oddball and SWAT personally!
fire fight
Triple team whenever it’s available! With friends I usually queue super fiesta, warzone or we host our own customs
strongholds and CPF, i believe requires a great understanding of the maps and strategic play
I mostly play slayer for social, swat for ranked and mythic firefight for warzone.
Husky Raid is the funniest, but Warzone Firefight because of the 152 grind
Swat or Warzone (any mode). Hoorah gentlemen
I find most of Halo 5 just way too competitive at the minute. I honestly have the most fun in Husky Raid now.
It’s easily the most causal and fun experience available in that game for me at the moment.

I do like Halo 5’s multiplayer a lot but having to play at 100% capacity, 24/7, just to have a chance of winning got old real fast for me.
While I have agree... H5 has gotten waaaaaay too sweaty in the waning months of it's life... The game is 6 years old, and most players are treating it like it came out last month... Just trying to get my daily arena win has become a chore. What used to take a match or two, now takes 2-3... most matches I lose by no less than 14... and if by some miracle I win, it's by no more than 3-4...

Luckily the easiest way to 152 in through warzone firefight... not only is it a perfect game type for me as a not that great player... but occasionally I'll get matches with pretty cool players. Even that's few and far between now though... It's getting more toxic by the day...
big team super fiesta is the best
Swat or infection for the arena.
Mythic Warzone Firefight takes first medal for me.
It literally pays off.
Action sack used to be amazing. Now it’s got a lot of games I couldn’t care less about. I loved action sack when it first came out, it was perfect!

now I primarily play CE anniversary, Castle Wars, and Turbo.
Warzone Firefight and Team arena.
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