So ranked Doubles, a very popular game mode loved by many, is now called 2 V 2 competition?! Also, my rank has been removed for exactly the same game mode! Why?! I was diamond 6 almost onyx and now I'm starting from scratch... It's also not because it's a new season because I still have all my other ranks, it's just because "doubles" is now called "2v2" which sounds much much much worse!
Its HCS Doubles. only good maps and no Radar.
Okay thanks but I still prefer the old one, yes playing on the normal maps is better but why make it HCS. I enjoy HCS but I still want to use my assault rifle sometimes even tho I am good with a pistol. Team arena is purely HCS and now it's happened to doubles?! Why?! Team arena should definitely have HCS in its rotation (especially for slayer, tho we shouldn't get it too often) but not for every game. I hope this change isn't forever! Especially not in halo infinite.
Sonic, it's most likely a temporary adjustment. there's tournaments going on for H5 comp doubles in the near future that people can practice for. By July I'd expect it to go back to OG doubles- Side note: I prefer HCS doubles.
"2v2 Competitive" is what Doubles should be all the time.