Any normal Halo 5 player grinding their way to Champ has to experience certain setback that can get a tab bit annoying. One for example, lagging out of a game and losing 40 CSR. ONLY to gain 12 each match that you win. This has been getting on my nerves for the past few days. Please fix it.
First, 30 is the max CSR you can win or lose in a game.

Second, haven't you experienced getting 1 CSR for winning? That is more worthy of a complaint than 12.
The whole idea of ranking purely on wins is a flawed system even though the amount you go up or Down changes it’s just not accurate enough for solo players which the vast majority are
What causes CSR to drop down? Scoring lower in subsequent matches after your first 10 qualifying rounds? Or only because you're naturally dropping in the league tables as other players with higher scores rise up and push you out of that category, like say Silver 1?
It's based on wins because it's not made for single players, unless you're playing FFA or H2H. Most of them are competitive for teams. In any normal tournament you don't get to move up because you're better than your teammates. If your team loses, so do you.
So you just need to be on the winning team more often then. I've been a pretty crappy player on most nights but sometimes I get my licks in and surprise those who are better than me.