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[Locked] Ranked Mismatches


Can you tell me when my friend is onyx and im diamond 4 go into slayer on focused and end up with 2 platinum 1 players everytime in slayer? Why are they matching platinum 1 and 2s with high diamond and onyx? I get frustrated cause now we have to carry 2 platinums instead of matching up with fellow diamonds and onyxs....
Anybody help me out with this one? why are they doing these matchups? Platinum shoudl not be matching with onyx and diamond....
I have no idea why this happens? Maybe there are a lack of players in specific game modes at that given time. Or on that specific server?

P.S I'm writing this after I have just completed the ODST Deja vu achievement. And my was it frustrating. We had 3 players so we needed one more. Easy right? You would be dead wrong. The first person who joined had a bad internet connection so lagged the whole game out. The second was Mexican, who couldn't join as he didn't have a hard drive. (like how does one game without a hard drive?) The third said to me he had the game. He loaded it up only to tell me had had sold it the month prior. So In the end I made a new xbox account, had to pay for xbox gold, because it seemed to use my 1 month free xbox code without giving me the gold. So overall it took about 2 hours finding someone who ended up being myself on another controller. And about 30 minutes playing the game. Oh and i made numerous frantic posts on xbox clubs. Funny thing was when people like a comment asking for help you assume they want you to pick them. Nope. Seems like people like anything. They didn't even own the game for pity sake.

Thank you for reading my little story.
youre diamond 4, that's not even a full tier from platinum, seriously though there are people (myself included) have had WAY worse matches h=than this. I don't even think this is worth complaining about tbh...
You'll want to go to the MM section and read the MM feedback archive threads.