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[Locked] Ranking system

OP SilentChillBull

Halo 5 has problem the worst most discouraging ranking system i've ever seen and played.

We are talking about winning 5 to 6 games straight with 0 improvement. Absolutely dominating building k/d ratios, win percentage, and accommodations. On top of that when someone leaves you don't gain CSR even if you win.

And let's not talk to much about its unforgivable servers crashers and issues. With no accident forgiveness on YOUR PART. My rank has to suffer because your crap servers. I thought you had the worse but luckily Apex Legends has some how someone way beat out a 4 year old game that's had so much time to correct its issues it's not even funny.

I have been playing Halo since Halo One on the very first xbox when I was 11. It's been almost 30 DAMN years. The only reason I'm playing H5 is for my undying LOVE for this franchise. You've killed what gave it its shine and glow amongst all other multiplayers, you've damn near destroyed the storyline for some dude who should be Locked up, and you destroyed a ranking system that was already in a good place to begin with.

I'm not sorry that less than 500 people watch this game daily. I'm not sorry that your "champions" are spread out amongst the same people with smurfs accounts. I'm not sorry that even them rage about this bs, it's the only ones you've got with a select few dudes that sincerely love the franchise.

For Gods sake, I pray that Infinite is even remotely decent for how long you are taking you to take in account all these failures. Only recent I've actually haven't been sending my feed back to games because at first I didn't care to much. If the company doesn't care why should I? But it's a new era. One where the ones who have supported you for so damn long finally have more power to say what they need to. AND YOU NEED TO HEAR IT. I'm not putting any of my hard earn money into any company who doesn't give a * about its supporters.
Halo has been going for almost twenty years, not thirty. Also, I would like to point out that 343i does care about its supporters. You only need to look at Halo: The Master Chief Collection to see this. Now, I will agree that dropping CSR when a teammate leaves is a bit disheartening and that the servers could be better, but overall the multiplayer mechanics are the best a Halo game has ever seen (with the obvious exception of ground pound).
Hmm ... 343i show they care by essentially re-rereleasing existing Halo games?

I would also argue that since every Halo MP game has had maps that suited the mechanics of that particular version that each game was the best it could be (with the obvious exception of ground pound ;-))

CSR (though unranked myself) seems as good a way to rank players as any and it continues to provide challenge for the best and most dedicated players to stay on top.
I would argue that *any* ranking system will be open to abuse in some way and there will always be those that take advantage of that. Yes, it is pathetic that some drop out simply because they feel their team isn't good enough, so maybe the punishment for dropping out should be much greater that than that for losing. Having said that, there's also no accounting for a troublesome internet connection.
If you're having issues with ranking, feel free to link up any games you think should be investigated. Post them in the Matchmaking feedback thread that is pinned at the top of the Matchmaking feedback forums