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Anyone taken a lengthy period away and come back? How long did it take to get back into the flow?

Never high-tier to begin with, but i anticipate a lot of rust. Just want to play a bit in advance of Infinite.
It really only takes a few matches. Play some Firefight, then maybe switch over to a social playlist before jumping into ranked.
few to several games
I took about a year and a half off. I’m nowhere near where my skill level was due to only playing a weekend a month now, but I have gotten some of my skill back. It took me a few days of playing to get where I felt somewhat competent again, but I was only playing a few matches a day when I started back. I suggest skipping firefight and going straight to pvp if you want to hone your skills. Firefight doesn’t really offer the challenge needed to sharpen skills. At best it can help you relearn the controls, but no more so than just jumping in pvp
I've played off and on throughout the games life. Anytime I've taken a break it was hard to get back into the game. If you got some old friends you've played with, some customs really help. if you need help with your shot, strafe, movement all that stuff...sometimes people in customs help. Not the type of losers that leave their sniper reticle at the perfect position to just repeatedly spawn kill you in a predictable spawn during an octagon "warm up" because somehow.....that serves a purpose to that player haha. Some players are real chill and willing to offer advice if you ask and they feel they can help.

I like to warm up my shot in an octagon or special octagon (if 1 player keeps spawning in too far ahead on the others screen the warm up is not good, and it becomes beneficial to put a map with slight cover off of spawn) if you ever want some practice bro feel free to hmu. Or anyone reading this for that matter. Halo is much more enjoyable with friends or team mates. Playing this game alone was the reason I uninstalled it many times, and no longer playing it alone ( if I'm lucky and friends are on) is the reason I'm active now.

Glad to have ya back. We need more players.
I reached SR16 the week the game came out. Just redownloaded it last nigh. so I've been away for six years. Though I do play MCC on my PC.