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Remember when players Fought for the warthog

OP Nofunnyideas

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I agree OP.

BTB overall in Halo 5 is a huge joke! They really three BTB and Doubles to the curb in Halo 5. Doubles isn't too bad now, but too little too late I think.

It would help if all the vehicles in BTB were the next class up like you said. At the very least the ghost and hogs should be (maybe not the guess hog though) All these REQs ruins BTB because of all the different levels now. Before you just had say a Ghost.. Now you have a weak, normal, strong and over power versions of a ghost. BTB getting the weak versions of all of them. I honesty feel like REQs have ruins vehicle play in Halo

I really hope BTB and Doubles (not to mention a few other playlist that aren't even here...looking at your Team Objective) gets the love they deserve in Halo 6 and are in AT LAUNCH!
I still fear Warthogs and Ghosts. I never challenge them, specially ONI and Sword Needler hogs and Ultra/Temple ghosts. I think the damage they deal is fine.
But I agree, gunner seat needs more protection.
meh, if there's ever someone destroying my team with a hog, i simply plasma pistol it, steal it, then drive off the cliff, say bye bye to your precious hog. you wanna switch seats and melee me? fine, i'll beat you at your lame game of musical chairs inside the hog lmao.

as for halo 2 and 3, there was no sprint, which is why hogs made such a huge difference. you don't really need to use a vehicle in BTB in halo 5 due to sprint, thrust, and ground slide... plus, some of the maps in halo 5 are awful... you have no idea how many times i've gotten a warthog stuck; don't even get me started on the scorpion tank getting stuck inside the garage (on stormbreak)
I still fear Warthogs and Ghosts. I never challenge them, specially ONI and Sword Needler hogs and Ultra/Temple ghosts. I think the damage they deal is fine.
But I agree, gunner seat needs more protection.
A oni or sword hog should not replace the regular hog in btb. I'm talking about the tundra corp etc. The hog with the extra armor. Or the sword ghost with the extra armor.

Ghost ultra . oni hog etc will require further balancing if added to the game. I don't want op hogs. I just want them relevant again.

Also im speaking stricktly btb. Not warzone. That's a whole other animal.
Scanbrvx wrote:
Because you can easily get BR'd out of the warthog.
Or magnum-ed out of it. There is no point in getting it even in Warzone.
I get them out at the start of matches. They're a good team boost at the start of the match. After that, well, you guys know the rest.
In warzone I find the hogs very good.

Last game I played where I was responsible for driving on the hog team we had set up I had 64 wheelmen in 1 game.

The req system allows for the hog team to keep up with the snowball.
Level 2- upgraded gun hog (tundra etc)
level 3- oni hog
level 4 - rocket hog
level 5 - oni rocket/vespin hog
Level 6 - gauss
level 7 - oni gauss.

If you have a couple players working together reqing the right hogs at the right level a hog team can be a thorn in the side of the enemy the whole game. Gunner and driver have to be talking. I Find it very difficult to drive for a random gunner without a mic.

Also a basic gun hog when everyone else is at level 6 just won't be effective. Gotta play the right one at the right time in the game.

Hogs in warzone are fantastic iMO. Theyre close to useless in btb.
People in BTB still fights for sniper rifles and Rocket launchers... Remember Reach's Hemorrhage? Yes. Fighting for the sniper is still a thing in Halo 5... :l
*slow clap*

Vehicles use to be a thing, now most of them are death traps or bullet magnets. They just need to be a little tougher, nothing extreme and easy fix.
Driving home from work today I saw a 60 year old guy driving a truck with a bumper sticker reading,
"My Other Car Is A Warthog"

I haven't played much BTB as I just love slayer and FFA, but it's a shame that the vehicles are just death traps now.
I remember Halo 3 custom games back in the day. That is what I remember.
The turrets on the Hog or Scorpian could use a boost cause their dps sucks.
1. Problem: 343 wants to replace BTB with Warzone (launched long after the game was out, only forge maps, almost no vehicles, low map count and the list goes on...)

2. Problem: The warthog has 0 cover for the gunner and unless you have an incredible driver you're guaranteed to be shot of in a matter of seconds.

3. Problem: Small arms wreck vehicles. Seriously one of the dumbest decisions in Halos history. Ever tried firing with a small arms weapon at a tank? It scratches the paintjob, nothing more.

4. Problem: 343 has a problem with vehicles. This was even a thing in Halo 4 as even the heaviest vehicles could be killed with no problems. That's not the way vehicles are meant to play, don't try balancing them because their only purpose is to be OP otherwise no one would get into one (what you could experience in BTB, at least with the Warthog).

5. Problem: The maps are to clustered with an incredible amount of small caves, rocks and other hideouts people could use. So with 0 open areas I'll refuse to call in a heavy vehicle or get into one as it takes no skill at all to highjack/destroy these in Halo 5.
Better vehicles would be good you're right on one btb there's a gauss Warthog and it's very good in my opinion. Imagine there would be ultra ghosts on the maps than the fight for them would be real :D
I think it is down to the map design. Most maps now in BTB are community made, and people just don't know them well enough to be useful in a Warthog.

Plus many BTB maps have so many choke areas that you can't get a vehicle into - so many people don't bother.
I guess removing hit scan for BTB can help this. IDK how much of a problem this is.
Halo 4 had pretty good maps and the one I think, is Exile. The colors, the design, the caves, the structures....

And of course, the Gauss Hog in the middle. I loved the fight over that. A remake of Exile would be very much welcome to me!
Drivers don't get assist points so that's probably why. They need to implement an assist for every time a gunner gets a kill.
Hey man, using an ONI hog in Warzone with both driver and gunner having Wheelman on is a force to be reckoned with. Haven't touched the hogs in BTB enough to really have an opinion, but over all the gunner needs some more protection
Halo 4 BTB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Halo 5 BTB
From my speculation
I remember BTB Heavies. LOVED that mode. So much vehicular warfare. So much fun. Didn't have to worry about "Do I have that req?"
Remember when the scorpion was a weapon of pure power and terror.
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